A Break From All The Hustle and Bustle

Took the train to Kitchener recently to spend a weekend with dad & family. Was nice to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, have a nice slow weekend.

I didn’t realize I could catch a train to KW from the Bloor Up station right near our house. It was a nice ride! Up until about a week before I don’t think I’d taken the Go Train, ever! The train goes out near the airport, past Brampton, Guelph, and into downtown Kitchener. I had a window seat and watched the sun go down the whole ride.

Dad and I got up early on Saturday and went to St. Jacobs Market. I hadn’t been there in a *very* long time, it was just as I remembered it (even though dad said it’s changed a lot).

Took a nap on Saturday afternoon and noticed this cutie grabbing a snack outside the window. I watched quietly and admired her beauty.

Went for a 7km walk w/ dad on Sunday morning, it was perfect. The greatest gift is spending time together hanging out. It was quite cold but energizing. We looked at houses in the neighborhood, walked through a park beside the grand river, and tackled a few hills.

She Does The City: Taking The Plunge

Over the holidays I was interviewed by Jen McNeely, founder of She Does The City about cold water therapy. If you’ve been here a while, or follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I’ve been dipping myself into cold water for the last couple of years. It started at the cottage just before the pandemic and when we lived up there in 2020, I really got into it. Check out my interview here


I’ve got my galvanized stock tank set up on the roof at home and go in it 3-4 times a week, usually after my run and before a shower. I need to get some new lights set up for night dips.

If you’re interested in taking a guided dip, check out Unbounded Well or Othership. See my past posts on cold water therapy here.

Use this link for a $10 credit at Unbounded in the Stackt Market. Their outdoor experience has cold plunge wells, Scandinavian saunas, a geodesic breathwork studio, and bonfire lounges. It’s great!

I’ll be there in the evening on January 18th if you want to join. 😁

HELLO 2023, IT’S ME!

After a nice relaxing winter break, I’m relaxed, recharged, and ready for a new year. You can’t deny the fresh feeling of January, it’s like a reset. My theme for this year is TRYING NEW THINGS. I’m applying it in a few different areas and have no doubt it will bring me closer to my goals.

I started the year not hungover and went for a nice run through High Park.😁 Sean and I stayed in for NYE, watched a show on Apple TV (Tehran), and went to bed around 12:15. It was glorious!

cold hands / shop Titika – code CASIE20

Today was my first 2023 workout at the gym & I’ve joined a 6-week challenge. I’m dedicated to making some serious gains by the end of it. I love working out, it really helped me get through some hard stuff last year.

Last week I tried my first Lyra Class at a studio in my neighborhood. It was fun but hard! Working out the past year definitely helped, upper body strength is key.

In other news, tomorrow I’m starting a weekly pottery course that will take me into the spring. It’s a dream come true! Have wanted to try pottery since watching Ghost as a kid haha. I’ve got a few things I’d like to make and look forward to learning a new skill.

Here’s to a New Year & trying new things!

TITIKA’S 100 Fit Women – Casie Stewart!

I guess my workouts have paid off in more ways than one! I’ve been chosen as one of Titika Active’s 100 Fit Women. The image below is from their November newsletter that went out to their entire database! That same day I attended an event they were sponsoring and was totally caught off guard when someone from their team said “hey I recognize you“. 😁

Titika 2023 Ambassador

I picked out a whole bunch of my fav items from the website that you can see here. As an ambassador, I have been given a discount code ‘CASIE20’ that works sitewide, even on sale items. I’ve been wearing Titika to the gym and running for the past two months. I love how stylish their collections are and the buttery soft leggings.

Check out my picks from Titika & use code CASIE20

Titika is a female-founded, Canadian company, started by Eileen Zhang, a George Browm College grad. In 2015, she was highlighted as a change maker in the fashion industry by the BBC, and in 2016, she designed sportswear for Madonna’s Hard Candy gym in Toronto. There’s a great feature on Eileen here on Style Canada (2021).

I look forward to sharing more activewear with you soon! I did a photoshoot with my gym recently so will hopefully be able to share some images of me actually working out.

In the words of Hal Johnson & Joanne Mcleod, keep fit & have fun!