Day 261: Monday Funday

I woke up this morning excited for work. I have talked about my love for Monday before. Monday is a day full of opportunity, who knows what emails you’ll get, how a call will change a plan, or who might pop into your day and brighten it up. I’ve worked freelance for years but before that, I’d been in full-time jobs where I dreaded Monday morning. If you think about it, Monday doesn’t suck, you just hate your job.

I baked some cookies during our all-staff meeting today, then dropped some to our lovely neighbour and my favourite postal lady, Judy, at Kilworthy Post Office. I rang Mum and we talked about little gifts we’ve made/are making for people and let me tell you, nothing like a handmade gift.

I loved sewing this weekend and I can’t wait to make more things. It’s taken some time to get familiar with my machine but I’m getting it. Each of my one-of-a-kind scrunchies has its own imperfections, making it unique. It gave me so much joy to make and style each one. A few people have asked how to get them, I’m thinking about making a shop and donating some of the proceeds. Tbh, kinda wanna keep and wear them all but I have enough scraps/ones that turned out bad ( 🤣) to have a piece of each floofy scrunch.

Doing things that don’t involve a phone or computer will inspire you in ways you don’t even know. I highly recommend it.

The agency I’ve been working with for the last few months is called FUNDAY. I love the people, the work, the hours, and it generally makes me happy to be on the team. If you are interested to learn more, check out

Ran 2.2 km this morning and I’m still listening to Greenlights by Matthew McConahey.

260: Use What You Got pt. 2

I spent hours this weekend sewing at the kitchen table making big floofy scrunchies. Each one is 100% unique and handmade with recycled fabric from my personal wardrobe.

I had planned to donate items at the start of the year, then lockdown happened. Instead of buying new fabric, I decided to make them into new things. Since I didn’t buy new fabric, I could work my way through learning to sew again after 20 years, without worrying about fucking up.

At the start of quarantine I shared my theme of ‘use what you got‘, I think that’s really carried through the rest of the year. Each tag on my floofy scrunchies says ‘Handmade by Casie w/ recycled fabric.‘ and has a little background story on the original item.

Today picked up some clear plastic packaging and thread (and glitter thread!) from Dollerama and I can’t wait to put everything together.

Put my wreath up on the front of the cottage. First time making one since I was a kid!

In other news…

Use What You Got pt. 1 was Day 34!

Day 255: The Magic of The Universe

Well hello there! Spent the whole day inside, did not run today. Curled my hair with vintage hot rollers and I looked like a cherub. Decided to pop on a nice yellow jumper to brighten the day.

Tomorrow I’m meeting Talia in the morning for a socially distanced coffee date. I really miss seeing friends!

Usually, at this time of the year, I would be getting ready for a week away in New Orleans with some of my best friends. Seeing Facebook memories pop up makes me really miss travel. Seven years ago during this time, I was in Thailand with Contiki and 20 YouTubers. Such a great trip.

Today I was dreaming about going on vacation and the first place I would go back to is Costa Rica. If I was going to move to a tropical climate, I would love to live in CR.

In other news, remember how I mentioned wanting a treadmill? Well, ladies & gentlemen, the magic of the universe has shined its light in my direction! Sean’s dad emailed him to say they have one in their garage. AHHH! I am so thankful! It’s amazing how you can manifest great things in your life if you put positive messages out there.

Keith, if you are reading this I am sending you my love!!

Day 254: Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up

My marketing professor in college used to say this to us. Each day we had her class, she expected us all to dress like we were going to work. I have always loved a good outfit and dressing nice for school was something I took pride in.

Even though I’m not going anywhere or seeing anyone, I like to dress up on Monday to start the week feeling good. Today I did my hair, put on makeup, and a dress. Each time I popped downstairs my dress fluttered around like I was flying. A simple pleasure. I felt great all day and had a wonderful burst of creativity in the afternoon before my last meeting.

I don’t dress up every day but in my experience, putting on a great outfit is usually a great way to make yourself feel better. By Friday, I’m usually in a cozy outfit with messy hair and no makeup, but it’s the end of the week. 😁

I finally looked up the quote! Turns out, the full text is “no matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up, and never give up.” It’s by NYT best-selling author Regina Brett and I am now following her on Twitter.

Isn’t the Internet great?!

Day 253: Find Me In The Woods or Jungle

I’m glad I spent some time outside on Friday because we got snow today! Yesterday I spent almost the entire day in my room watching shows, napping, and reading. We all need a day of rest sometimes.

We’re heading back to the city shortly and spending the week there as Emily has school. I’m really looking forward to being back at the house. I’ve been in the woods for 3-weeks, except for 2 short 24-hour trips to the city and back.

All of my plants have been fertilized and boxed up for the trip back home. They’ve all done so well during the pandemic and I’ve really enjoyed having them at the cottage. I hope they’re happy too! I’m sure they will enjoy the warmth of our house for the winter. My room is going to be a jungle and I can’t wait.

Day 251: Synchronicity. Greenlight.

Sean went to the city after sunrise for a meeting. I spent the morning working until lunchtime. It was so lovely outside I decided to put on my gloves and get to work. 13 degrees in November, I’ll take it! I’m sure we’ll have snow in no time, so I wanted to make the most of the warm air.

I started stacking all the wood that had fallen down from our first attempt a couple of weeks ago. I put away most of the patio furniture for winter, got the shutters on the front of the cottage, and a few of the big ones on the windows facing the lake. I was listening to Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey on Audible and it was great motivation. I really love this book and I’m thinking about getting a hardcover copy of it so I can look back on his notes, poems, and quotes.

Ok, this is kinda crazy. I looked it up on Amazon and found this page. That quote about style on the right is from a daily quote calendar from the ’90s (maybe ’80s?). I know this because we had the same one at our house. Mum still has one of the pages in her fridge today. I know I have a photo of it somewhere but I will ask her to send a photo so I can update this post. I think it’s a sign I should get the hardcopy, who knows what else I’ll find in there.

In life, I like to think small similarities like this are a sign I’m on the right track. Synchronicity. I am certain mum is going to ring me when she reads this because you won’t believe what happened next. The following page I looked up has a poem on it, look at the date. It was written on May 8th, my birthday.

The world we’re living in is full of things to stress us out but it’s little moments like this that give me inspiration. Have faith that everything will be ok.

Look for synchronicity in your life, your day, you might find it in the most unlikely place.

You never know what light will shine on you when you are open to receiving it.