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  • Day 209: Start A Creative Project

    Day 209: Start A Creative Project
  • Day 205: Jacket Season, She Ready

    Day 205: Jacket Season, She Ready
  • Day 187: Toronto Hippie Market!

    Day 187: Toronto Hippie Market!
  • Day 186: Mellow Yellow

    Day 186: Mellow Yellow
  • Day 185: Mum’s Birthday!

    Day 185: Mum’s Birthday!
  • Day 169: Cute New Masks from Considerate Goods!

    Day 169: Cute New Masks from Considerate Goods!
  • Day 124: The Playsuit by Biddell

    Day 124: The Playsuit by Biddell
  • DAY 66: Living for Leisure

    DAY 66: Living for Leisure
  • Day 63: A Slice of Summer | Hayley Elsaesser x Coors Slice

    Day 63: A Slice of Summer | Hayley Elsaesser x Coors Slice
  • Day 62: Put It on Ice

    Day 62: Put It on Ice

Day 214: Mini & Me

I looked at myself in the mirror before I left and thought, ‘wow I’ve clearly been watching Gossip Girl!‘. Halfway through S2 and I love this show. I put on my new fav Stuart Wiseman boots, a sweater with some fur, and hopped in my ride.

Mini Toronto sent a driver to pick me up and I’m borrowing a car for a few days. I absolutely love the freedom that comes with a car! After spending so long up north, I’m stoked to boot around the city for the next week.

I’m driving the new MINI Countryman ALL4 and look forward to testing out some of the features including all-wheel drive, Apple Carplay, parallel parking assist, fuel-efficiency.

Next time, I’m hoping to test drive the All-Electric MINI Cooper SE 3 Door. How cute is it?!

Time to hit the road, vroom, vroom!

Day 213: You OK?

Some days are harder than others. It’s important we check on each other, a simple, ‘you ok?’ might just be what your friend needs to hear. Reach out to me anytime. Yes, I’m your friend on the internet but also a real human typing these words.

Today was the first day back after the long weekend and I had planned to do more work over the weekend than I did. So, I’m starting a short week a day late and behind. I really tried to catch up as much as I could today but I also felt overwhelmed and tired. When I get like this, it’s hard to concentrate. I find myself staring at my screen, knowing what needs to be done but I just can’t seem to connect my brain to the fingers and make it happen.

I decided to start watching The Bachelorette at night as a way to distract me from everything going on in the world, then my iPad died. I went back to trusty Gossip Girl and made it into the second season.

Tomorrow we are going back to the city and I’m borrowing a car from Mini Canada in the afternoon. I’m looking forward to having my own vehicle for a week, taking scenic drives, and maybe going to visit mum. I could really use a hug from her today.

Sending love through the internet. We’ll get through this. It’s gonna be ok. We’re gonna be ok.

This gif of me is actually Taylor Swift from the Reface App! 😇

Day 212: More Support Next Time

If you only knew then what you know now, right? If I only knew that one of these nicely stacked woodpiles would topple over in <24 hours, we might have stacked it differently. C’est la vie!

I love stacking wood. It’s a great workout and you can do a lot in a short time if you hustle. I listened to Mariah Carey’s new book The Meaning of Mariah Carey on Audible, read by her! I love it. I’m 3.5 hours in with 7 to go. I like to listen to books for long drives, running, walks, or doing stuff around the house.

Some of my fav audiobooks so far:

In other news, last week I started watching Gossip Girl from the very beginning, for the first time. I love it, was searching for something with a dramatic/stylish vibe to zone out to after watching Emily in Paris. I’m almost done S1 and have 5 more seasons to go, should take me right through to December.

Day 211: Thanksgiving 2020 by the Lake

For the last few years, Sean and I have spent Thanksgiving at the cottage. We’ve been getting the Swiss Chalet ‘festive special’ for about four years now. This year we couldn’t dine-in so we got takeout and went down to Muskoka Beach Road to watch the sunset. Thanksgiving 2020 ftw.

This year I’m thankful for Sean and my family, how close we’ve all gotten the last few months through the pandemic.

I’ve also really become close with a bunch of friends and somehow, even though we’ve not seen each other much in person, we talk more than ever.

I am also very thankful for the internet, for keeping us all connected. To the internet for hosting my blog diary that’s helped me build a career and document my memories.

I can’t imagine trying to remember everything I’ve done over the last week, 6 months, or 15 years without having it written down.

33 Power Words That Make People Buy Immediately (and why)

Around this time last year, I decided to make a change in my life and start working out. I’m grateful that I stuck with it, that I didn’t give up, that I changed my eating habits, and learned to love myself more.

I remember seeing this Nike ad years ago, the message stuck with me. Why put off until tomorrow something you could check off your list today?

If you want to make a change in your life, start now. Start today. By tomorrow, you’ll already be on day 2.

Sending you love, hope you had a nice wekeend.

Day 210: Sisters in the Woods

Woke up and ran 4km in the morning then stacked some wood from this HUGE pile we had delivered. My sister and her bf arrived just after lunch and it was so nice to hang out. It’s been ages since they came to visit up up here.

It was an absolutely beautiful day! We stopped by our cottage neighbours place so she could meet the friends I’ve been telling her about the last few months.

So grateful to have some friends on the lake after years of not really knowing anyone. We are planning to spend more time up here this winter. The cottage isn’t fully winterized but with the base board heaters and heaps of wood, we’ll be nice and warm.

Day 209: Start A Creative Project

After years of THINKING about using my sewing machine, I finally busted it out last month. It feels so good to get into a creative project! I’ve been fantasizing about sewing for years. My goal is to make a whole outfit by the end of the year. I’ve got heaps of old vintage patterns from mum and I’m dying to tackle at least one of them. Since I was a kid, I’ve dreamt of making clothes. I used to make them with mum while I was a little. I love fun outfits and creating my own style.

I started w/ scrunchies as I’m a little rusty! It’s been A WHILE. 😁 I posted this video on Instagram today and a bunch of people said they would love yo have one. I’m doing this as a hobby for now while I hone my skills, but who knows where it will take me. Last month, I wrote a post titled You Don’t Have To Monetize Every Hobby (Day 183), I think it’s important to create for the sake of creating without the pressure to make money doing it.

This weekend we’ll be up at the cottage, my sister is visiting, and I have a bit of work to catch up on. I’m planning to make a few more scrunchies from old clothes to give to friends. I’m excited!

Love to know what you are working on! Share anytime! This long weekend is the perfect time to start something!

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