CHFI | When Your Song Comes On

How cool is this! In December, after dancing to Taylor Swift in my audition, I booked a gig with Rogers/CHFI for an upcoming campaign. I had one day on set to film a TV commercial and one day in the Rogers studio for print images. It was so fun!

I thought it wasn’t going to be live until later this year but much to my surprise, it is! I got a DM on January 2nd that someone saw me in a CHFI Instagram ad, the next day someone saw the TV commercial, and on Friday I got a text that I was on billboards. What a cool start to the year! 🤗

Tap here to for behind the scenes!

I Can See Clearly Now

This month started with the Solar Eclipse in Aries, right in the middle of Mercury Retrograde. I booked an astrology reading for the Aries Full and my fav astrologist, Kait Fowlie, gave me some things to think about and reminders that I’m on the right track.

Toronto only had a partial eclipse but it was so wild to watch it happen! The sky went dark like nighttime but it was the middle of the day. I was outside for the whole event and did a cold plunge on the roof during the minutes of darkness.

I’ve been focussed on my workouts lately, my weeks have been filled with yoga, pilates, running, weight training, and lots of long walks. I even started a tap class! I am very out of practise as it’s been 20+ years but it’s a super fun way to burn calories. I love it!

My fav season (Taurus!) is just around the corner and my birthday is in a couple weeks. Here’s to seeing clearly and making my dreams come true!

Sailing in Bahamas 2024

I went sailing in Bahamas! Earlier this month I flew south to spend a week with mum on their boat in the Exuma, Bahamas. It was so beautiful! From the moment I saw that blue water I knew I was somewhere special!

I flew from TO to Atlanta then landed at the Exuma airport on a sunny Friday afternoon. My driver was there waiting to deliver me to the parents in George Town, Bahamas. They picked me up and we took the. little dinghy over to their sailboat.

The next day we sailed 4 hours to Lee Stocking Island to spend a few days in this stunning + remote location. It was stunning! We went to an island with iguanas and then to another island where we had the beach all to ourselves!

Grateful for my friend Danica, designer of Bathing Belle swimsuits for hooking mum and I up with these GORGEOUS swimsuits. Every suit I wore on this trip was by Bathing Belle, her shop is is in Roncesvalles, Toronto and you should totally check it out.

She’s got tons of prints & styles, you can get a custom suit, or have your suit adjusted to be the perfect fit. Highly recommend! I’ve posted about Bathing Belle before here.

see more photos!!

Spring Isn’t Far Now!

In just a few days the sun will set at 7pm, and we’ll be one hour ahead. I can’t wait. Have been loving the sunshine and warmer temps lately. Spring isn’t far!

Here’s a few things I’m Enjoying:

  • This tiny portable tripod has been so useful! Fits in your bag, is sturdy and you can pop it up easily for photos. Who needs a photographer!
  • If you’re looking for a little something to boost your mood every single day, check out the Smiley BB ring by Santa Isla. I met the founder when I was a speaker in her college class, we stayed friends, now she has this amazing company. I wear my smiley almost every day!
  • I used to spend $$$ on my gym each month and discovered I could do the same classes, plus yoga + more with ClassPass. I’ve been using it for about 6 months now and seriously love it. If you wanna join me for a class sometime. Sign up here for a free month + 20 credits!
  • While I’m here sharing the goods, if you’re shopping online and don’t have Rakuten, what are you doing? Sign up here and get cash back on purchases. It adds up!

The Flowers Will Bloom, and So Will You

It feels like spring feels like it’s playing hide and seek, last week we had double digits temps and today we’re under a blanket of snow. There’s only 3 weeks before the time change and we’ll have brighter days. Good things come to those who wait, right?

My workouts have become my go-to therapy. There’s nothing like a good sweat sesh to boost those endorphins and kick winter SAD to the curb. I’ve been hitting the gym, yoga & pilates classes, and lots of long walks outside. These moments of movement are like a burst of sunshine on a cloudy day.

As I’m here hustling through the last stretch of winter, I’m to sending good vibes your way. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, know that warmer days are just around the corner. Spring might be playing hard to get, but we’re not backing down.

Stay warm, stay active, and remember – the flowers will bloom, and so will you. 🌷✨💖

Chill Pill: Embrace Winter at Canada’s Cold Camp

I recently spent a weekend with Unbounded at Canada’s Cold Camp, and if peace & tranquility had a home, it would be right there on that secluded peninsula by Oak Lake. It was awesome. For more photos & info follow @stayunbounded on Instagram & scroll down for a discount to book your own experience.

Unbounded’s motto is all about embracing winter and immersing yourself in nature, and trust me, they deliver on that promise. The setting was pure magic – a private spot that offers the perfect blend of serenity and comfort, far removed from the city chaos. Very chill vibes. 😎

The experience encourages you to step out of your comfort zones with cold exposure, but in the most laid-back way possible. Imagine frozen lake ice pools, a cedar barrel sauna, and a cliffside cedar barrel hot tub – all against the backdrop of nature. Winter at its best.

Throughout the weekend, Sean and walked in the woods, did yoga, breath work, and cycled thought cold dips in the lake, hot sauna sessions, or relaxing in the hot tub. Sean even got out for a cross country ski on the frozen lake.

Activities at Cold Camp are thoughtfully curated for relaxation and are low-key yet invigorating. Each moment was an opportunity to unwind and connect with nature in a way that left us feeling rejuvenated. We stated in a private chalet on the property that had a queen size bed and smaller room with a couch that folds out to a bed. I used the smaller room as my closet because I packed 100 outfits.

Unbounded gives you the option to bring your groceries or you can pre-order meals, snacks, and juices from their partner, Nook Kitchen. We packed our own food because cooking at a cabin in the woods reminded us of being at the cottage. 💙 I loved making our meals in our full kitchen equipped with everything you might need including a fridge and small appliances.

Cold Camp with Unbounded is a must-try if you wanna break out of the winter blues. It’s an experience that challenges without being overwhelming, rejuvenates without pushing too hard, and leaves you with a sense of tranquility. I hope my experience will shift your perspective on winter retreats. 🤗

Winter, you’ve never looked so good!

Winterviews presented by RendezViews 

Imagine a retreat that’s part cottage escape, part Winter Wonderland, and right downtown, let me introduce you to Winterviews, presented by RendezViews. A unique experience that brings the best of Canadian winter traditions to the heart of our vibrant city.

We stopped by to check it out and it’s so fun! You only have a couple more weeks to get in all the winter activities so scroll down for more info or tap the link to book.

This one-of-a-kind destination boasts 10 private dining cabins, a snug communal lodge, and a synthetic skating rink that’s set to be the largest Glice® Eco™ Rink in Toronto this season. Thanks to the support of the Toronto Downtown West BIA, this eco-friendly marvel works in all weather conditions, using zero water, requiring no energy, and emitting no CO2. 👍

But that’s not all – the culinary delights from the talented team at Selva (amazing food!) take this experience to a whole new level. Picture yourself sipping on specialized hot drinks and indulging in a full spread of mouthwatering food while surrounded by a magical winter landscape.

Booking Details for Winterviews

You can book these cozy cabins online for up to 9 people. The packages are as enticing as the experience – there’s one that includes a feast of food, drinks, and even s’mores (just $75 per person + gratuity & tax). If you’re in the mood for a more casual get-together with friends or a date, there’s a package with a $50 fee and a $200 minimum spend for the group, + gratuity & tax. All the booking details are right here, so you can plan your perfect winter escape hassle-free. Winterviews is open Wednesday-Saturday 5pm +.

Can you guess which hand is mine? Sean’s?!

Hold on to your toques, there’s more…they now have a karaoke cabin! Follow @rendezviewstofor other announcements and updates. (I gave them a few ideas for random cabin parties! 🤗)

Whether you’re a winter sports enthusiast, a foodie looking for a unique dining experience, or just someone who wants to enjoy the season with friends, stop by and check it out.

Embrace the magic of winter, you only have a couple weeks left!

Cheers to the Winterviews team, thank you for having us!

Art Basel Miami

I spent a week in Miami with the Weaver & Loom team to attend Design Miami, Art Basel, and host two lunches for interior designers at the 1 Hotel. Scroll down for a gallery of my favs from Art Basel. I love Miami!

I really enjoyed Design Miami, great event with so many cool boots. Each day was really busy so I didn’t hit up much of the nightlife.

I went to the beach in the mornings before to put my feet in the ocean and soak up a little bit of sunshine. Our hotel was a block away from the beach and we also had a nice pool. It wasn’t crazy hot but coming to Miami from Toronto winter, it was warm to me!


Dark Side of Comedy on Vice/Crave

A couple of weeks ago I booked a role on a Vice show called ‘The Dark Side of Comedy‘ that’s currently streaming on Crave in Canada and Vice in the USA. My role is small but it was so much fun to be on set for a TV show!

The episode is all about Ellen Degeneres and her career. I play a writer on ‘Ellen’ the TV series named Tracy Newman. The real Tracy Newman appears in the Dark Side of Comedy episode and was also a writer for CheersThe NannyThe Drew Carey Show.

The image above is the real Tracey Newman with Ellen Degeneres, on the right is me as Tracy Newman with the actor Zoe Towne who played Ellen in the episode. My husband in the show was so nice, IRL he’s Gary Poxleitner. On set, I was giving my castmates tips about how to do social media. 🤓

Watch a Snippet of The Episode Here

If you’re in Canada, you can watch Dark Side of Comedy on Crave here, if you’re in the USA you can watch it on Vice here. This is the first time I’ve been on a non-reality TV show and I hope it’s just the beginning of more shows!

Please let me know if you watch the episode. It’s a great show! Here’s hoping I book more acting jobs in the new year! I love this new career path for me. So fun!

Metro Holiday | Catch The Excitement!

The Metro Holiday campaign is now LIVE across Ontario. I love that is says ‘Catch the excitement’ on my photo.

A few days before we went to the Venice Film Festival in September I was booked on a holiday campaign. It was the first job I booked with my new agent and part of what got me the job was my selfies! Ha. I do have a LOT of practice!

I went for a fitting the day before the shoot and when I showed up to set, I was so happy they picked this cute, red, sparkly number. Totally something I would wear!


Fitness + Sports + Loungewear = Decathlon

It’s 2024 and we are over gatekeeping! Before the holidays I was introduced to Decathlon and was it ever perfect timing. I was given a gift card to get a few things from the store and I’ve been living in a few of these items for the last couple weeks. If you’re not familiar with the brand, let me introduce you!

Decathlon is a world-renowned French brand with 1,700 stores in 60+ countries with 15 stores in Canada. They design, manufacture, test, and sell apparel and equipment for a ton of different sports. Since they do everything internally, they’re able to offer extremely reasonable pricing. We went to the Bramalea City Centre location and it is HUGE!

They legit have equipment and apparel for every sport, I found these kids’ camo pants in the hunting section. They were a perfect fit (I’m short, ok!) and I 100% added to cart. 🛒

Tap to see my fav items!

Weaver & Loom x Casie Stewart

If you’ve been following me on Instagram for a while, you’ll remember last year when I posted about my first venture into textile design. Using a piece of my art made on iPad Pro, I uploaded the image to Weaver & Loom‘s digital platform and the process of creating my first rug began. 🤗 Fast forward to 2023, and I’m heading to Miami with the Weaver & Loom team!

The first image below is my design from iPad, the second is a rendering of my 18 x 18 sample, the third is a color strike rendering of my 31 different colours, and the last image is my hand-knotted sample. The day I received my sample I was SO excited I decided to have a photo shoot with it! I was blown away by the construction and how vibrant the colours were.

Going through the rug-making process with Weaver & Loom was incredible, as my rug went through production, I received updates from the weavers in Kathmandu, Nepal. Here’s my rug on the loom!


Keith Haring: Art Is For Everybody

Sharing a couple of photos from the media preview of Keith Haring: Art is for Everybody at the AGO earlier this week. I won’t share them all because I want you to go see it! The exhibit with over 120 works by Keith Haring, is on from November 8, 2023 – March 17, 2024 .

Adult tickets are $30 but for $35, you can buy an annual Pass and go for free all year! Girl Math that and you’re easily saving money if you go 2 or more times. I buy an annual pass each year and especially love going to the AGO in the winter for an art escape. I will be going back to see this a few more times before the spring. TBH I am obsessed with all the bright colours.

I went with my friend Nate Kogan and for the talk, we were sitting behind Keith Haring’s sister Angel Haring! On stage are Gil Vazquez (Executive Director, Keith Haring Foundation) and Sarah Loyer (Curator and Exhibitions Manager, The Broad, Los Angeles), in conversation with the AGO’s own Georgiana Uhlyarik (Fredrik S. Eaton, Curator of Canadian Art, AGO).


A Little Life Lately: October 2023

I can’t believe that it’s almost November. Where did September and October go? September was busy with film festivals and before I knew it, Libra Season was here. This past month our house had the plague Covid, it was the first time since it came on the scene that any of us caught it. I was sick and positive for a few days but Sean was not as lucky, he was sick for daaaaaaays and we all stayed home.

I do have some good news to report, this week I booked a (tiny!) role on a TV show that I am shooting next week. Look out Hollywood LOL. It’s a small step in my new acting career and I am truly grateful for every opportunity. I love being on set and I can’t wait to share it with you when it comes out. Over the past two months, I have done a ton of auditions and I feel like I get better with each one.

I am also heading to Miami in December! I can’t wait to share what I’ve been working on for the last couple of months. More on that later!