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Day 191: Get Back to It

Went for a run today for the first time in a couple of weeks and smashed my record for fastest mile yet. Once I started running, I just wanted to keep going. I love getting out first thing in the morning before the day really starts to clear my head and get some fresh air. There’s a couple of huge sunflowers near our place and I love saying hi to them. 🌻

Yesterday I made this super cute, spicy, Mediterranean-inspired salad. It’s the best one I’ve made yet! I used using heart-shaped, rainbow pasta I found randomly at Winners, mixed with couscous, peppers, tomato, spinach, tomato, EVOO, and PC Harissa spice. I wanted a low-carb pasta salad and would 100% make this one again.

Some friends had me over for soup and challah after work, it was so nice. Got home around 8pm and went to bed early.

Here’s hoping tomorrow is a good day!

Day 190: Hiding Out At Home

I can’t remember the last time we were home for the weekend as a family. I got groceries in the morning and did some food prep in the afternoon. It kinda felt like things were normal. Emily is back at school and making her own lunches this year. 😊

Last night we had one of Sean’s oldest friends and his GF over for dinner with her daughter. Em is old enough to take on babysitting duties and we had so many laughs while the kids played upstairs.

Today we’ve been watching Ratched on Netflix and it’s so good. I love the styling, Sharon Stone’s looks are so good.

I don’t have much planned this week aside from work but I hope it’s nice out.

Please stay safe and WEAR YOUR MASK.

Day 188: New Coat & Hilary MacMillan Fall 2020

Yesterday I went to the fall 2020 preview for Hilary MacMillan in the east end. It was my first time at the studio but definitely not my first interaction with the brand. I’ve been a fan of her looks for years after attending her shows at Toronto Fashion Week. Hilary is also part of the gang I’ve been going to New Orleans with for the last couple of years, love her!

Last year I ordered one of her varsity jackets that says ‘Bad Girls Club’ on the back with my name embroidered over the heart. MacMillan’s ‘EQUAL PAY’ varsity jackets in black and grey are donating 100% of the proceeds in perpetuity to ‘Black Women in Motion’ here in Canada to continue the fight for racial equity.

I was really excited for the preview to see humans I’ve not seen in ages and of course to see the new items. It was my first media event since being back in the city and each person had an individual appointment, they checked temperatures at entry, and masks were required.

Hilary MacMillan Fall 2020 is a mix of rich colours and elevated textures all inspired by the 70’s. I took the opportunity to try on a bunch of items and am 100% obsessed with the rich cognac, vegan leather, and long coats.

The Hilary MacMillan Capsules include the (biodegradable, 100% cupro, vegetable-dyed) SUSTAINABLE BLOUSE collection and the (custom embroidery) VARSITY JACKET collection, both of which will continue to be a part of the brand’s DNA moving forward.

I picked one item to take home and it is this INCREDIBLE faux fur floor-length jacket. It’s so warm, soft, and luxe. THANK YOU HILARY & TEAM!

Day 187: Toronto Hippie Market!

I had the best day! After work, I went to the Hilary MacMillian Fall 2020 preview, more on that tomorrow. Earlier this week I posted a giveaway on IG for $100 to spend at the Hippie Market vintage popup, in exchange, I got some money to spend and shared it with Michelle. I met up with my winner and we all had a great time!

The guys with us here run King Kobra Vintage and the one in the grey w/ bolo tie tattooed me once. 😁

Miche got an AMAZING silk studded jacket.

I’m pretty sure that was the last one for the year but if there’s another one I will let you know. I saw a few people I hadn’t seen in ages and got a couple of incredible items. I scored a pair of suede Stuart Wiseman, over the knee boots, for $80 and they retail for almost $700!

Thank you Kealan from 69 Vintage for the invite, follow @hippiemarketlife for updates.


Day 186: Mellow Yellow

Today was a good day! I Spent the afternoon in the office then came home and spent the night hanging out at home. It was beautiful out today. Love these fall temps where you can layer but don’t need a warm jacket.

I ordered a couple of jumpsuits from Zara Kids and I’m so happy they both fit perfectly. Loves it!

Day 185: Mum’s Birthday!

Today was a great day! Had so much fun at home for mum’s birthday. Jenie and I drove to the house in the afternoon and hung out with her and Steve, ate snacks, got takeout, and had cake. My sister’s childhood bff also came over and it was like we never missed a beat. Laughed so hard, it was brilliant!

I love mum so much! She’s smart, funny, stylish, and the biggest inspiration in my life. She’s always there with wise words when I need them and I am so grateful for her love. HI MUM LOVE YOU, THANK YOU. 💖

One of our fav things to do is go to Winners and look for treasures. I found this amazing merino wool sweater from Zara and my sister got one to match. It was a steal! Jenie found the yellow sweater she was wearing and got it for mum. Now we all match!

I dressed up for the day in my fav bodysuit, Pretty Denim (designed by my friend Tahnee), and loafers from Everlane. My mask was handmade in Toronto by my other friend Considerate Goods. I almost forgot how much I love wearing a full outfit, really sets the tone for your day!

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