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  • Bring on the Holidays!

    We’re barely one week into November and I am happy to say I’ve made holiday cookies, decorated a tree, wrapped a present, sang Christmas music, and made a DIY ornament. On November 1st, Home Hardware hosted a Holiday Market fit with all kinds of family-friendly Christmas¬†activities and the photos are so cute.¬† Grab a hammer, make it cute! The holiday market was at Twist Gallery Queen West. I picked Em up from school and told her I was taking her somewhere¬†fun, I didn’t realise they would have so many activities.¬†ūüéĄ We sat right down at the cookie decorating table after eating delicious mac & cheese and grilled cheese¬†catered by Gusto.¬† I could¬†have sat there all night. ¬†We put a few decorations on the trees¬† and wrapped presents, both will be donated to a variety of Toronto charities. I love wrapping presents and the holidays so much.¬† We are almost the…

    Monday Motivation

    You got this, girl. Monday is a new week. A new opportunity to make magic happen. Focus on what you need to get done and try not to get distracted. When you catch yourself scrolling mindlessly, STOP, and go back to that list. You will thank you later. Check things off when you’re¬†done. Exercise when you can. It may be the morning one day or the night the next but it all counts. Smile. Forget about things that don’t matter and focus on people who do. Love yourself, you are amazing. Monday means the start of a new week and anything can happen. Make something happen.¬† You got this. The photo is from Happy Place in Toronto, I went to the media preview last week. It’s in TO until January. Tickets here! (not sponsored lol)

    Smart Tech to Help You Through The Winter

    We all know it’s coming, the dark and cold months of winter where all hibernate a little more and give thanks to the Netflix gods. I’ve been trying to stay on track with working out and am determined this winter to exercise just as much time as I spend binge-watching. Scroll down for tech accessories I find help me through colder days. I love my FitBit. Finess¬†Tracker: FitBit I have been using a Fitbit on and off for the past 5 years. I love the reminders to move every hour and getting those steps in each day. It’s a small thing that keeps me accountable to move. I also love seeing my heart rate, the interval tracking, and getting text messages on my wrist. The weekly reporting is a great way to motivate yourself to be more active. I’m currently using the FitBit Versa and Sean has the FitBit Iconic.…

    Podcast: Altavie + The Business of Cannabis

    I was recently on a panel at House of VR hosted by¬†AltaVie, a recreational cannabis brand by MedReleaf. It was broadcast live on The¬†4:19, a daily show by Jay Rosenthal &¬†The Business of Cannabis. We had a great chat about how we use cannabis in our lives. Scroll down to listen and watch a¬† few snippets¬†on video. Listen to ‘Cannabis Everyday on the 4:19 The panel starts around the 3-minute mark and is just over half an hour. Hit play below to listen and check out more episodes of the 4:19 here. Ep. 27 “Cannabis Everyday” Panel – Live from the AltaVie Pop-Up Joining me on the panel were¬†Shannon O‚ÄôHearn, Manager, Clinic Affairs, MedReleaf, Ming B√©rub√©-Sam, Yoga instructor, cannabis patient.¬†The¬†panel looked at a series of meanings of ‚ÄúCannabis¬†Everyday‚ÄĚ – from medical applications to incorporation into wellness regimes to adult-use recreational use. Thank you¬†AltaVie¬†& MedReleaf for providing the space for us…

    Why Don’t You Have a Will Yet? Get One Today, Meet Willful.

    Do you have a will?¬†No, of course, you don’t!¬† Who thinks about that while you’re out living your best life?¬† Hate to remind you but along with taxes, we can’t avoid death.¬†You should have a will and you can get¬†one with Willful in 20 min for less than $100¬† today.¬†¬† This weekend my friends got hitched, Erin Bury married Kevin Oulds, the creator of Willful. I’ve knows this duo for 10 years and am not surprised that they had the most unique wedding guest gifts I’ve ever seen, they gave every one of their guest a will. Till Death Do Us Part, right?¬† Very impressed with @kevinoulds ability to hustle new business at his own wedding. Well played. Well hustled. pic.twitter.com/TqCzdISPPL‚ÄĒ Matthew Slutsky (@iSlutsky) October 21, 2018 The happy pizza loving couple, congrats Erin & Kevin!¬† Kevin created¬†Willful¬†after dealing with a difficult family situation, something none of us¬†wants to deal…

    Diary: Sometimes Working from Home

    Ever be working from home and then wondering you have been talking to your self out loud or just in your head? I‚Äôm on hold with the OCS and it‚Äôs been over an hour. I‚Äôm watching the Y&R, making soup from scratch. I wonder if they can hear me I should have been on mute lol. I‚Äôm on mute now. Soup smells amazing,. I had a super day today. I feel like I can‚Äôt tell anyone but mum. It‚Äôs hard when you have exciting things that happen in your day and you want to just yell it out but you know it will seem a certain way so you keep quiet. The only person I usually tell is mum. Rung her 3x at work today and sent a text. I booked a speaking thing, an on-camera deal, a trip overseas, and a directing gig. We also had a great meeting…

    Sassoon Toronto Celebrates 50 Years in Yorkville

    Last week Sassoon¬†celebrated its 50th year in Toronto. Imagine how much¬†the city has changed in that time!? Yorkville transformed from a small eclectic bohemian village to a leading luxury destination. In celebration of Sassoon Toronto, I had a chat with Ian Wookey, son of Richard Wookey, the developer behind Yorkville who was friends with Vidal Sassoon and ultimately brought his salon to our city.¬† An Interview w/ Sassoon Toronto’s Ian Wookey Richard Wookey is known as the grandfather of Yorkville and in the 1950’s bought a lot of property in the area. Hazelton Lanes wasn’t always the luxurious residences you see today, those buildings were rooming houses for hippies and motorcycle gangs, surrounded by coffee houses playing live music with the likes of Joni Mitchell. Ian Wookey¬†tol me there were eclectic fashion shops, strip clubs, and¬†paraphernalia stores.¬† His father spent a lot of time in London, UK¬†in the 60’s Beatles…

    Hall of Fame – 3 Things I Told the Graduating Class

    On Friday my closest family members gathered at mum’s house (same house I great up in) to join me at my old high school in Cambridge to speak to the graduating class. I was indicated to the Hall of Fame, joining the ranks of some of Preston High School‘s most esteemed graduates. So cool!¬† Two of my old classmates Scott Thorman (Atlanta Braves) and Nathan Brannen (3x Olympian) are also in the HOF and were in the same graduating class. Nathan BrannenScott ThormanKelly Thorman, used to babysit me It was so weird/cool bring back there. I think the last time I walked those halls it was my very own commencement. My sister reminded me that the kids graduating in 2018 were born the year I graduated. Omg wtf, where did the time go!¬† I remember being in high school and a teacher asking what I want to be when I…

    Mexico: Vacation Better – Sunwing Commercial!

    If you haven’t seen this yet on CTV, Global, or CP24, here it is! I was in Mexico earlier this month and I was a little hush hush about what I was doing there and now I can share, we were shooting a commercial for Sunwing Vacations! It’s part of their fall-winter¬†2018¬†Vacation Better¬†campaign¬†and the entire thing was shot on iPhones! Watch Here From finding the perfect couples getaway with the best on-site spas to booking the most Instagram worthy swim-out suites and everything in between, we want you to¬†#VacationBetter¬†this winter! Look for our tips all season long to help you make the most out of your next vacation! Watch on Facebook.¬† Director¬†@andrewjbaxter¬†@urbantraveliteTalent @blogistiana @loveyourlife_claudia,¬†Guillaume-Sans Destination¬†@bccd_paul¬† and me! We stayed a new all-inclusive resort called Riu Dunamar,¬†30min from Cancun.¬† Heaps of food variety, bars, pools, waterpark, spa, nightclub, shopping, minibar, and huge comfy beds. We were shooting¬†most the time but I…

    Lift & Co. High Profile

    Here’s an excerpt from my recent¬†interview with Lift & Co about how I use cannabis in my life and why I decided to talk about it. Read the full interview here. There are some good interviews in this series including Mary Zilba from Housewives of Vancouver, B-Real from Cypress Hill, Comedian¬†Donell Rawlings,¬†and DJ Unimerce.¬† With the legislation around the corner and heaps of cool cannabis events popping up, I‚Äôm ok coming out of the ‚Äėcannabis closet‚Äô. I’ve talked to my parents about it, my mum thinks it cool and likes that I‚Äôm on the cusp of something new. I feel the same excitement and energy as when social media was just getting started. A lot of creativity is going into marketing, branding, and storytelling around cannabis. At this point, I feel if a brand doesn’t want to work with me because I use cannabis, that‚Äôs ok. My blog is called¬†This…

    It Only Takes a Minute to Brighten Someone’s Day

    Hello, hello, hello!¬† I was feeling really distracted just and having a hard time focussing so I went outside for a little walk to get a coffee. A couple minutes¬†later, Michelle rung and she was walking right towards me.¬†What are the chances?!¬†We had a little walk & talk, a few laughs, it was just the best thing! Amazing how a little bit of light from a sunshiney person can brighten your day!¬† Yesterday I stopped in to surprise mum on my way to Stratford. It was so great to see her face light up when I walked in. Love you mum!¬† Taking a couple minutes out of your day to do something nice for someone else will instantly turn your day around. Been a little bit busy the last couple weeks. I’ve been working behind the scenes on some political content leading up to the election. Definitely an eye-opener! I…

    Influencers + Cannabis: What Are The Rules?

    Last week I was a speaker at an exciting event hosted by Jones Media at 1 Bloor. We are T-16 days away from legalization and the world of cannabis marketing is something people have a lot of questions about. Specifically, this talk was about cannabis + influencers and what is allowed within the rules of the new cannabis act. The panel featured Chris Nyberg, a lawyer who specializes in this area, Lorilynn McCorrister from Weed Box, and Jen Newton who does the High Tea podcast and comes from an agency/brand background.¬† We talked about everything from how do you market in a space that’s so highly regulated, how to partner with a licenced producer, how to align with an influencer, and examples of creative marketing we’ve seen.¬† On Going to the USA One of the topics we talked right off the bat was can you still go to the USA…

    Turn Your Face to the Sun and Shadows Fall Behind You

    Hello and good morning! I’m feeling good vibes today despite not feeling great the last couple days. Spent the last 24hrs inside the house with Sean doing next to nothing but watching Netflix and taking naps. I feel recharged! Watched a good movie called The Angel, a few more eps of Maniac, and a full season of how to Live Mortgage¬†Free (which really got us thinking!).¬† The past 2 months have been kind of intense. I went on to Portugal and Mexico, had TIFF and Fashion Week, all on top of my regularly scheduled work. I still have heaps to write about. I know from the outside it all seems like fun and vacation but let me tell you, there is a LOT of behind the scenes things you don’t see.¬†Being on all the time is exhausting. The start of a new month brings renewal and I am excited. We…

    Review: Dyson Cyclone V10 Cordless Vacuum

    The vacuum is incredible. Best I’ve ever had. I love it. The end.¬† VROOOOOOM, this baby has some POWER. Ok jk jk.¬† I received an email about a month to review the new Dyson Cyclone V10 and was 100% down. In exchange for my review, I get to keep the unit and my house had never been cleaner! This thing has some SERIOUS power. It’s also easy to use right out the box (once charged!) and if you have any¬†kids around, a great motivator to clean their room.¬† Adulting is cool. Excited to bust this open and take ‚Äėer for a spin! Thank you @Dyson! Will be sharing my thoughts on the bloggy. pic.twitter.com/YV3R69Eq7O‚ÄĒ CASIE STEWART ‚ėÄÔłŹ (@casiestewart) October 3, 2018 I love that it’s cordless. You can just grab it and go¬†for quick cleanups around the house, around the couch, the kitchen, the stairs, baseboards. I have been using…


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