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Today was a great day. Opened the windows, 8 degrees in November. Did a corporate talk on social media first thing in the morning. Rode my bike in the sun. Had a great chat with mum. Met with an author I’ve been following for years. Explored an old, recently renovated building I’ve been curious about. Had a couple great calls. Was at the gym before everything.

It’s amazing to feel so different after working out for a couple weeks, eating well, and not really drinking. Glad I didn’t wait till 2020 to kick start my glow up! I feel like a sunshine!

Rooftop at the Art of Banksy Building on Sterling

LOVE GIVES FREEDOM | Telus x Nonie Collab to End Bullying

This year at NYFW, Canadian designer Nonie launched the LOVE GIVES FREEDOM shirt in partnership with Telus, where all proceeds go to the Telus Friendly Future Foundation to help End Bullying.

Casie Stewart wearing the Telus X Nonie collab in support of the Telus Future Friendly Foundation to End Bullying.

Over 1 MILLION Canadian kids are affected by cyberbullying EACH MONTH.

I’m proud to work with Telus because they’re so much more than a tech company. Through the Friendly Future Foundation, they’re educating students about online safety, providing resources, and helping parents navigate the digital space our kids are growing up in.

This week is National Bullying Awareness & Prevention Week but our efforts to End Bullying are year-round. We can all work together to make the internet a kinder, friendlier place. Learn more about the collab and sign the Telus digital pledge to end bullying here.

We’re in this together! Spread some kindness my friends! 🧡 


To learn more about my ongoing partnership with Telus, see previous posts hereRelated image

If You Want Change, You Have to Be Willing to Be Uncomfortable

Pre-yoga at Solis Movement, nice space, pretty change rooms

I had such a great day yesterday! My heart is warm with kind messages from friends all over after sharing about the last year. I was kinda scared to post how it’s been hard but it was a weight I need to lift off my chest. I’m thankful to have a supportive gang around me and grateful to the internet for bringing us together.

I tried a hot yoga class at Solis Movement that included infrared heat and let me tell ya, IT WAS VERY HOT. I loved it. We were all dripping with sweat! Feeling a bit of the burn today but highly recommend checking it out. It’s located in Etobicoke and a great way to warm yourself up and get moving on a cold day.

Lori & I before our mega sweat sesh 💦

Since I’ve been going to the gym regularly, I’m starting to really love the feeling I get from it. This winter I am 100% open to trying any workout class and am *actually* making use of my gym membership.


Writing this from St. Joseph’s Health Centre Hospital in the X-ray waiting area. Hopefully, this is my last visit and I can put this injury behind me.

UPDATE: All cleared to not come back. The bone is broken but held in place by my ligaments. No need for surgery. Pretty weird but also kind of amazing? 🤷🏼‍♀️ I have often said I’m ready for a bionic arm one day because of tennis elbow in this same arm, guess now it will go up to the shoulder. Lol. Ok bye! 👋🏼

Sending love!

P.S. The title is via my burrito yesterday from Thrive Organic LOL

Inspiring burrito!

56% Of Canadians Don’t have a Will, Don’t Be One of Them!

I’m in a Facebook group for my neighborhood, someone asked about wills this week and it was CRAZY to see how many people don’t have one. This is a short post with a code for you to go to willful.co and get yourself a will. You can create a legal will in minutes for $99-$150.


I created a will when the company launched and had Sean create one before he went to Israel this past summer. I can’t imagine life without him but since we aren’t married, what would happen to the house and my whole life if he died?

It’s never fun to think about life without someone you love or the world without you in it, but the fact is, we all die. If you have pets, kids, assets, what will happen to all that stuff?

Take a few minutes to create an online will and save your kids, spouse, or family having to deal with legal fees and drama once you’re gone.


56% of Canadians don't have a will. I know it's hard to think about, but we all die. Find a  Willful code for 15% off in this post!

Willful Wills are available in Alberta, Canada, British Columbia, Canada, Nova Scotia, Canada, Ontario, Canada, Saskatchewan, Canada. This post contains affiliate links.