Day 630: Canadian Street Rod Nationals

Today I pulled out a vintage shirt that belonged to mum. Our parents had a hot rod shop when we were kids called ‘Toys For Boys‘ and they went to heaps of car shows. This is from the Candian Street Rod Nationals in 1979, before I was born. I love it so much, fav colour. This shirt and many of my other vintage hot rod shirts were made at Tiger Brand, a manufacturer that used to be in Cambridge, ON (hometown). It’s amazing that after 30+ years they’re all in perfect condition.

My friend Jeremy used to be part of the company so I tagged him in my photo today. He ended up sending the screenshot to the family that owned it and this is the message I got back. Love it! I was gonna call this post ‘Tiger Brand’ but yesterday my title was ‘Eye of The Tiger‘ so that might be weird lol.

In other news, I left my Apple Watch charger at the cottage and even though I ordered a new MagSafe charger, the thing will NOT CHARGE. Pretty sure it’s bc of the voltage but alas, another day without my watch. Will go to Apple tomorrow. This is the first time since getting my watch last December that I haven’t tracked my fitness. I hate it! I can’t believe I’ve become so attached to this little device. If you’re considering ordering one, DO IT. I love it so much.

Got a manicure after work today and I can’t even begin to tell you how a small thing like that can really change everything. I feel put together again.


Day 629: Eye of the Tiger


Think my eyes look pretty cool here! Alexa play ‘eye of the tiger’. ? Amazing how bright sun on your face can set the tone for your whole day. I love letting her warm rays charge me up.

Have been thinking about this quote recently, one of my favs. Discovered it in high school and put it on a magnet that’s travelled with me to every place I’ve lived. It’s on the fridge in our house now and serves as a good reminder to never doubt yourself, take chances.

“Our doubts are traitors,
and make us lose the good we oft might win,
by fearing to attempt.”

― William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure

Have confidence in your strengths & stay strong through the hard moments. Great things will come your way if you stick to your goals. Keep pushing through, you got this.

Day 627: Grounded. Centred.

Had a nice run in the woods this morning then a cold plunge in the lake. I love being up here at the cottage so much. Nature calms me, helps me feel more myself. Grounded. Centred.

This coming week is a big one and I want to be prepared to handle anything. Taking an easy day to watch more holiday romance movies and spend some quality time with my computer.

In other news, I think my daily pandemic blog diary is coming to an end and I’ll stop counting the days soon. I’m ready to get back to my old blogging self and leave this panini in the past.

With love from the lake xo

Day 626: Even the Sun Takes A Break

I spent the entire day in my new pyjamas and it was glorious. Was feeling pretty burnt out from the week and needed to charge my batteries. Ordered this set from Indigo, they’re a collab by my friend Sasha Exeter x Love & Lore. ? Sasha got this mug for me years ago in LA and it’s my favourite one.

There was a bit of snow in the morning but it didn’t last the day. It was pretty gloomy but made for the perfect weather to laze around and do nothing. People often call me a sunshine for shining so bright but I have to remind myself that even the sun takes a break.

Day 624: We All Want to Be Loved

Day 623: What if it turns out better?

How many times have you been in a situation, or given an opportunity but worried the outcome might be bad? Never? Well, that must be nice! LOL. I’ve found that through the pandemic my anxiety has gotten worse and it’s not that I think things will go bad, it’s just that I feel anxious something might go wrong.

The thing is, what if it turns out better than you expected? Better than you could have ever imagined? What if all your hard work, late nights, long days, sweat, tears, finally pay off like you always dreamed?

It’s possible.

One of my fav books from when I was little is from the ValueTales series, “The Value of Believing In Yourself“, the story of Louis Pasteur (published 1977). Pasteur is known for his discoveries of the principles of vaccination, microbial fermentation, and pasteurization. The story is about him finding a cure for rabies because he believed in himself.

Funny side note about this book, I got a new copy for Emily when she was a kid and didn’t remember the part of the story where the dog passed away. Sean was like, “um the dog DIES?! What kind of story is this?!” HAHAHAHA. Safe to say, neither of them feels the same passion for the book as me. Whoops! (I’m sure mum will find this hilarious.)

Believe in yourself, anything is possible!