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Day 46: It’s Gonna Be May

Wow does it ever feel great to get dressed in an outfit, do my hair and wear makeup! I’m not sure the last day I did this! I figured since I was leaving the house I’d pull myself together.

Went to the post office today and have made friends w/ Judy, our local essential worker postage lady. Each visit I’ve been bringing her a little surprise as a thank you for receiving my packages and working during this time. I am SO EXCITED to run in my new shoes, they’re beautiful and feel amazing. Will have to wait till it dries up a bit outside, it’s been pretty rainy.

Not sponsored, I paid for these with my own money. I would love to be sponsored by Nike lol.

I know it’s annoying but this is my fav meme of the YEAR! May is my FAV month, my birthday and it’s when the weather *usually* starts to warm up., may I am here for you and all your Taurus glory! One week until the day it’s all about meeeeee! LOL!

Day 45: It’s Ok To Not Be Ok

I spent the day mostly on the couch watching Outer Banks. It’s not a great show but I’m heavily invested now and want to complete my task. Ate some leftovers. Made some cards & bracelets to send to friends. It’s totally ok to not feel like doing anything or to lack motivation during this time.

If you survived another day, that in itself is an accomplishment. We are in the middle of a global pandemic and it’s hard to deal with.

Tomorrow is a new day.

#Takeoutday: My First Writeup on Muskoka411!

#TakeOutDay is a nationwide effort to help our favourite local restaurants by ordering takeout. The national campaign was started by Canada Takeout in an effort to help Canada’s hard-hit food industry and is now being co-signed by celebrities, chefs, and notable Canadians nationwide.

I chatted with a few notable Canadians to find out their fav spots to eat in the Muskoka region. See tweet below or read it here.

Last week we ordered takeout from Muskoka Beer Spa, they’re offering pizza from pie Muskoka, beer & food from Clear Lake Brewing, and several other local items. We even got meat pies! 😁

Yes, there is one butter tart missing! 😜

For more information on how you can help, visit CanadaTakeout.com.