Day 503: Bloom with D Luxe Lab in Yorkville

My friend invited me to stop into the re-opening of D Luxe Lab, a premier cosmetic treatment clinic located in the heart of Yorkville. It’s absolutely beautiful!

I sat down for a chat with the female founder, Dema Najjar scroll down for my interview with her. Dema is an immigrant to Canada from Syria and a graduate of Rotman Business School’s MBA program, alongside many other talents. I had a consultation followed by treatment with Dr. Basil.

I’m very happy with the results, workin’ to keep my face looking rested and refreshed!

As a female immigrant in Canada, how did you best prepare yourself for becoming a business owner?

I moved to Canada with the intention of establishing a connection with Canadian culture and community. I completed an Executive MBA at Rotman School of Business and then integrated the Canadian work force. I spent 5 years working in the financial industry at MCAP, which allowed me to build and expand my knowledge base of this industry, as well as to grant me exposure to meet new and different people.

From this, I was able to better understand Canadian culture and experience daily life as a Canadian. Through my work with MCAP, I gained valuable insight into agreements and deal-making, which encouraged me to pursue a Global Professional Masters of Laws at U of T. 

During the past ten years in Canada, I have had the chance to work in finance, marketing and accounting, and through my network, I have been fortunate enough to be exposed to many wonderful people who have encouraged me along the way.

A couple of years ago, I took a step back and began thinking of how I could combine my Canadian experience with that of my family’s in Syria. After evaluating the cosmetic beauty industry market and establishing that it was the right time for me to enter this market, I took the giant step in pursuing my passion.

I wanted to bring something new to the industry and ensure that I would be adding value to the client’s experience.

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Day 502: Business Casual

The world is starting to open up again but tbh, I’m happy mostly staying home. I haven’t dined inside a restaurant yet and I’m not sure if I’m ready to go to events. I’ve still got another week until I’m fully vaccinated but the risk of getting covid is still there.

Yesterday my new bag from Sasha’s latest Ela Handbags collab arrived and I love it. Check out the whole collection here. See my post on Instagram here.

Michelle gifted me this great vintage blazer that belonged to her mum. Throw on a fun jumpsuit and it’s business casual baby!

Day 501: Mellow Yellow

Today was a good day. Went for a run in the morning. Took my bike out for a spin in the evening, it was really hot out. Felt sunny so snapped some fun photos. Pop over to Instagram to like my post!

Here’s to a great week!

Top is old Zara & the bead charm is from my friend’s company Santa Isla.

Day 499: See You In My Dreams

Starting to feel better from the vaccine side effects. I want to get back to myself. haven’t run in days.

Tomorrow we’re helping Sean’s parents pack up their house for a few hours. I plan to spend the rest of the day working in my room and I am happy to do it. Feel so grateful for my space and the projects I’m doing. By end of summer, I’ll be sharing more about my work with Hvr and our new app. I am so excited!

Looking forward to this week. I love Monday because you never know what the day might bring. Sending you sunshine and ALL THE BEST FOR A GREAT DAY.

Watched ‘See You In My Dreams’ on Netflix today, cute movie, bit sad. This song is nice tho.

Day 498: Take Time

Take time for yourself. Take yourself on a date. Take yourself for dinner. Take yourself for ice cream. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Don’t take time for granted.


You’re looking at the face of a Toronto woman who is fully vaccinated. Had the afternoon off work to get my 2nd dose of Pfizer and biked down to St. Joseph’s Hospital for my appointment. Pretty smooth process, everyone was nice, I wore a dress.

On my ride home I stopped into my new favourite takeaway shop in Roncy, Sunnyside Provisions. It’s really cute, they have heaps of local food, soups, sandwiches, snacks, beer & wine. I got the roast beef sandwich (incredible!), local fish for dinner, a couple of cocktails, and a Flake bar for dessert. (As kids we used to get Cadbury Flake bars sent from our fam in New Zealand, they were so hard to find here!)

Sean is still up at the cottage until tomorrow. I’ve got a half-day on Friday and plan to do next to nothing all weekend. My reaction to the first vaccine was brutal and I was sick for three days. Really hope that doesn’t happen again but if it does, I’m prepared.

Please stay safe out there. This weekend we pass 500 days and the sooner we all get vaccinated, we can hopefully have some type of normal-ish life. Whatever that means, I’ve never been normal!

Sending love,

Day 495: She Wore Red Lipstick

On Day 495 she wore red lipstick and felt a renewed sense of self. With her dark pandemic locks, she put her unwashed hair in a braid, threw on some jewelry, and headed out on her vintage-style bike. She met up with a friend to catch up, the daily download on everything. The girls walked backstreets of Dundas West and got popsicles on Queen West.

On the ride home, Casie stopped to take a photo of ‘billboard’ and thought, ‘that would be a great place for my face’.

And as she typed this she thought, “Why don’t I write in the third person a little more? It’s kinda fun.”

At home, she opened her mail to find a Tiki Party gift complete with Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum. Although she had work to do, knowing she had ice in the freezer, she reached for the blender.

She worked and typed will dreaming of Pina Coladas in a tropical destination. Thought about buying some nice jewelry from Hestia Jewels. One day, she will travel again, her suitcase is ready and waiting. Outfits too.

Day 494: Ice Cream Date

Woke up super tired today, not sure why. I find I’m more tired than ever these days and I guess it’s just pandemic fatigue at this point. ?‍♀️ I was out and about this weekend and after not doing much for almost a year, it’s exhausting!

Took myself on an ice cream date after a nice long bike ride. I try to get outside for a run or ride each day to clear my head, get exercise, and fresh air. The ice cream at Gaspar Cafe near our place is incredible! I rarely do dairy but when I do, I pretty much always have chocolate.

Yesterday I started watching Virgin River on Netflix and it’s not particularly good but somehow I’m almost done the first season. I have a soft spot for shows that I can put on in the background while I’m writing that doesn’t take too much focus, especially if they’re murder or romantic comedy.

That’s all for today! Here’s to a good week!

Day 493: Yacht Girl Summer

Spent some time on a friends’ boat this weekend. Left from the dock at The Boulevard Club and anchored down at Hanlon’s Point Beach. It was such a beautiful day! Soaked up the sun & laughed heaps with Sandy. So fun.

Day 492: Bike & Beach

Woke up thinking about our dinner at Sabai Sabai last night, the food was incredible. Sean came back from the cottage for a hot minute before heading back up north with Emily. He showed up with flowers from the garden for me, so lovely! What a legend. ?

I biked over to Parkdale in the sun then went for a long walk with Sandy to Lakeshore. I am living for this weather and hope we see lots more sunny days. I was at the cottage for most of Summer 2020 so it’s great to appreciate Toronto summer and explore the city.

Day 491: Dinner at Sabai Sabai in Yorkville

Had the afternoon off work and went to Yorkville for an appointment at D Luxe Lab. It was so nice to be out! I wore new boots from L’Intervalle boots and my fav green dress.

After I met up with Marie (aka @Karmacake) at The Pilot for a LONG overdue catch-up. We’ve known each other for a decade and never really sat down to chat.

I was going to head home but then Natalie offered to take me for dinner at Sabai Sabai in Yorkville. They serve incredible food from Northern Thailand & Laos. I haven’t had a meal that good in ages! Two of the owners, Seng & Jason treated us to amazing cocktails, food, wine, and lots of laughs. It was a bit chilly on the patio but we were having such a good time it didn’t bother us. We had deep-fried garlic shrimp, khao soi, and sausages. It’s located at Yonge Bloor and I highly recommend it!

Here’s to a good weekend!

Day 489: Hang In There, It Will Be OK

Sometimes you need a reminder that things are going to be ok. We’ve gotten this far and we will get through it, through everything. You are strong, don’t forget. Take time for the things that make you happy. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Find your joy again. Step away from the computer, put on your shoes, go outside.

Hang In There, It Will Be OK.

Necklace is the Herringbone Chain from Mejuri, I’m obsessed.

Day 488: I Went to the Mall

After a month I was finally able to visit an Apple Store, I went to the mall! I had a return and would you believe I couldn’t do an exchange by phone or mail, I had to wait until restrictions changed and I could visit a store in person. Made a shopping appt on Monday night on the website and only waited about 2 min once I got there. I had great service and laughed quite a bit with the employee who helped me. I was legit so excited I put on a dress, jewellery, touched up my hair & makeup, made an event of it.

Had dinner at Saku Sushi on the patio while I waited for sean to finish work. Michelle came and joined me and it turned into a double date when her bf & Sean arrived. The food there is so good, highly recommend it, and they always have nice cold Sapporo.

I got a gold iPhone 12 Pro and am very excited to play with the camera. Ages since I’ve had a new phone! I got Apple Care but I’m not taking this precious thing out of the house until I have a case. Ordered a tempered glass screen protector and mirror case. ?

Day 487: Summer Rain

We decided to spend an extra day at the cottage to avoid long weekend traffic. Took sean out on the wakeboard at lunch and soaked up some sunshine. I find it a bit hard to work from the cottage so Sean let me usehis office setup and it made everything better.

We know it was going to rain so took the boat out of the water in the evening and as we were getting back to the cottage it started POURING. We both got soaked but I didn’t mind, something magical about a warm summer downpour. Always loved this song, it this came out in 2000 when I graduted high school & started college, Summer Rain by Carl Thomas.

Not sure when I’ll be back up north this month. Looking forward to being at the house, catching up on blog posts I’ve missed the last little while, and focusing on work. Will be nice to see friends and ride my bike around too.

Sending sunshine your way. hope things are looking up!

Day 485: Nice Little Saturday

Went for an afternoon trip to Port Carling today. Attempted to go for tacos but the wait was 2 hours long! There were heaps of people and we ended up stopping by the grocery store then coming back to the cottage. It was. so nice out, I sat on the dock, had a beer, and finished my book. Managed to get a couple of tan lines too so I would call it a nice little Saturday!

Day 484: Treat Yourself – Bespoke Facial at Youth MediSpa

With restrictions opening up we’re finally allowed to access more personal care services. I was so excited to go back to Youth MediSpa for their bespoke facial treatment. My last visit there was in July 2020 (Day 122) for a little Botox touchup.

After months of being at home, I’ve really started taking good care of my skin but some things can’t be fixed with a good cream or face mask. This year I turned 39 and some skin concerns I have are signs of aging, sun damage, redness, and hydration. I was keen to get the bespoke facial from Youth MediSpa because it’s catered for each person and their skin needs.

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Day 482: Gamer Girl Aesthetic

When I first got a Nintendo Switch a couple of weeks ago I had no idea how much I’d actually like playing. I know I’m late to the game but safe to say Animal Crossing is deff a new hobby addiction. It’s a great way to relax, take a break from the internet, work, reality. I spend time on my island, building things, fishing, collecting shells, planting flowers, shopping, and selling stuff at Nooks Cranny lol. I don’t think this makes me a Gamer Girl but I read an article on gamer girl aesthetic today. I also have Zelda and Mario Kart. ?

Day 461: Working Outside

Spent most of the day working outside and it was so nice! We had perfect weekend weather and it felt great to get my hands in the dirt and pull some weeds. We watered all the plants, took some stuff to the dump, and I cleaned up a set of steps.

Took Sean out on the wakeboard and then spent a few hours reading my book. I’m currently halfway through That Summer by Jennifer Weiner. I read her previous book, Big Summer, a couple of months ago, both good!

Day 460: To The Cottage

Sean and I drove up to the cottage in the afternoon and after the week I had, I was so ready for it. We plan to do a bunch of yard work around and clean things up outside. I hadn’t been back up for a couple of weeks so am quite looking forward to sun, relaxing, and getting my energy back up.

Day 459: SHE’S BACK!


At this point, I am pretty certain I had a reaction to getting my first Pfizer shot I got just over a week ago. During this process, I learned that *if* you had Covid, you might have a more severe reaction to the vaccine. I had never been tested for Covid and didn’t have any symptoms during the pandemic, but will never 100% know unless I take an antibody test. I have no regrets about getting the vaccine and will 100% still be getting my second dose as soon as I can.

Day 458: Sick Day 3

The good news is I don’t have Covid, bad news, still sick. I was worried it might be strep throat so made an appt to see a doctor.

They did a rapid test to determine it’s not strep but a viral infection (?). I’m not 100% sure if this is connected to the vaccine but after looking at all the possible side effects of the Pfizer vaccine, it looks like it.

The doctor said to keep resting and drink lots of fluids. I am really hoping I feel better, being sick is the worst. Thankfully my work is lovely and said to take the time I need. Here’s to hoping I wake up feeling better tomorrow.

Day 457: Sick Day 2

Sean got home from the cottage last night and was not expecting to see a zombie. I was swollen, slow-moving, and he said my skin looked almost grey. I am not doing good at all. I can’t remember being this sick.

I got my first Covid-19 test last night and am waiting for results. I hope I don’t have covid. I hope I don’t have covid. I hope I don’t have covid. I hope I don’t have covid. I hope I don’t have covid.

For now, I’m isolating myself in my room and avoiding Sean. I hadn’t seen him in days and now I have to keep my distance. I hate this. Wasn’t able to work today. Feel like death. Please cross your fingers that I don’t have covid.

Day 456: Sick Day 1

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling so great and spent the whole day on the couch. I’d planned to meet some friends in the park but just wasn’t up for it. Played Animal Crossing for hours and watched Netflix shows back to back.

Today I woke up feeling like DEATH. My whole body hurts, face & neck are swollen and my throat is sore. I’m hoping it’s from the vaccine and not a cold but at this point, I don’t know. Took the day off from work as I can’t focus on anything.

Day 453: Patios Are Open!

The day has finally come! Patios are open in Toronto so of course, I went to one! Natalie and I met up for a girl’s night and snagged a spot at Hemingway’s. I used to work there over a decade ago and it hadn’t been back in ages.

It was nice to be back and we had a bunch of drinks, so fun. One of the bartenders I used to work with was still there and we laughed a lot. Hemingways is owned by a Kiwi and there is memorabilia from new Zealand all over, love it.

Over the summer, I’ve booked off Friday afternoon so pretty excited to make the most of an almost-long weekend, every weekend. Woo hoo!

Day 451: Pink Party

Met up with April for a nice little walk after work. We went to Pierre Elliot Trudeau Elementary where I heard there was a magical pink wall for photos.

People always ask ‘where do you find the bright walls?’ Well, tbh I find them everywhere and keep a list of my fav ones around the city. This space is hidden in the back of the school and there are steps and a pink wall. So cute!

A couple of Instagram comments mentioned my ‘new hair colour’, but it’s not new, just grown out roots! I can’t wait until we are in the next stage of Lockdown so I can get my hair done. I’m into the darker, more natural roots but am looking forward to spicing it up with a bit more blonde.

Hope all is good! Have a great day!


Don’t say it..don’t say it…VAX GIRL SUMMER! ☀️ I’M SO HAPPY! I GOT VACCINATED!

Sean gave me a tip from Vaccine Hunters that there was a pop-up clinic near at Harbord Collegiate offering the first dose of Pfizer today so I biked over soon as I could. If you are looking to get your first or second dose, check out the @vaxhunterscan account on Twitter, they’re posting vaccination clinics all across the country.

I just really want to go somewhere ✈️, hug my parents, have friends to the house, and for this all to be overrrrrrr. Y’know?! ?✌️ One step closer to getting back to some kind of normal.

Day 449: Eat The Cake

The day started out great, went for a nice run in the sun. Got ready for work, put on a full outfit, makeup. At lunch, I ordered a salad from Freshii and it was delicious. About an hour after I started to feel shaky and light-headed. Not really sure what happened or where it came from so I decided to pop to Gasbar Cafe and get a sweet treat. They have an absolutely amazing walnut carrot cake with little pieces of pineapple. Ate the whole thing in the sun and went back to work.

Last night at about 1 pm I was woken up by construction on the train tracks. They were doing resurfacing and it was so loud, the whole house was shaking. Didn’t realize how tired I was until I took a little nap at 6 pm, I woke up at 9 pm, got a snack, and went right back to bed. An exciting story I know haha.