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  • It’s A Great Time to Make Changes & Clean Out That Closet!

    I love¬†being on vacation and I love coming home. I really like the start of the year for trying new things and organizing my life. I also love a good Saturday (or¬†Tuesday, whatever!) any time of year to clean out drawers, closet, organize stuff, and purge. Post vacation is a great time to clean out your closet and stuff.¬†Once you’ve lived out of a suitcase and still managed to pull together great outfits, you realize you don’t need so many things. [I didn’t have someone to take my photo in NZ so there are not a lot of outfits posts but it was still fun lol.] I’m totally into the minimal¬†movement and I know Monday I was all like “Marie Kondo your life” but my clothes are different. They’re a collection I’ve built over decades, dresses, accessories, vintage finds, and lots of shoes. I also have some books I’ll keep…

    Rest in Peace, Betty

    Last night when the plane landed I¬†received a text saying that nana had passed away. Mum and I left SF and I guess around that same time in NZ, Betty passed peacefully.¬† In a message from my auntie, she said ‘we were all in-flight¬†together’. It was hard being there and seeing her struggling to eat or sit up. Nursing homes have this old smell and it is sad seeing people¬†in their last days of life. It was my first time experiencing that and I felt sad but I wanted to be there, yet part of me wanted to run away from it. It gives you all these conflicting feelings about life and death, sprinkle that with a bit of family drama and it would give anyone anxiety. I’ve spent my whole life on the other side of the world from my family and not been there for any death or…

    Settling Back Into Work Mode

    This week I have two Mondays. I woke up about 7am Monday in Auckland, NZ and flew to San Francisco in the afternoon. Then we travelled back in time, and here I am experiencing¬†Monday morning again in San Francisco. It’s 8:30am now and my flight is at 12:30pm.¬†The wifi is great. Luckily for me, I’m someone who looks forward to Monday, it always¬†brings new opportunity and you never know what will happen. I’m glad to have North American¬†power outlets, walk on the right (not left) side of the halls, and Starbucks everywhere. The wifi here is also great and I’m really glad to sit at my computer and settle back into work mode. Since I’ve been on vacation for the first part of the year I kinda feel like¬†I’m only starting 2018 now. Well, when I get home and wake up in my¬†own bed. I’m excited for what this year…

    JUST HOLD ON WE’RE GOING HOME: live blog from 35,000ft!

    Helloo! I’m on United flight 916 from Auckland, New Zealand to San Francisco, California. Mum and I are watching Battle of the Sexes movie about the Billie Jean King story. For years I’ve had a Billie Jean King quote framed on my wall that was given to me by mum when I was a teenager. Perfect timing for this movie considering what’s happening in the world right now. As the plane took off I put through an order for a ‘Time’s Up’ shirt via PayPal on my phone. Mum thought that was pretty cool and such a ‘me’ thing to do as the plane was taking off. As we were boarding I got a notification a new game of HQ Trivia was starting. I’ve got mum hooked on it this trip. We haven’t got higher than 7 questions but what does it matter?! we both love Scotty (the hilar host)…

    On The Road Again: Palmerston North to Lake Taupo

    I spent most of today in the car on a 3hr road trip from Palmerston North to Taupo. Woke up feeling a bit groggy from loud singing Adele with mum after an amazing dinner and few bottles of wine with my cousins. We had so much fun together last night. I love having my¬†family close, getting to know them, making jokes together, them making fun of me, and laughing. This trip has been so exciting. I went to say my last goodbye to nana at the home this morning. She was doing better than yesterday but she’s had quite a decline from the first day I saw her over a week ago. Getting old is sad. Next, we visited my cousin Lisa and gave gifts to her three darling little daughters. It was nice. Lisa came to visit us in Canada when she was 9. Her and my sister used…

    Being Human on The Internet #TEDx

    This my TEDx Talk from late 2015 where I speak¬†about innovation and social media. The theme of TEDx Western was The Human Condition. I start out sharing some things I’ve had the opportunity¬†to do because of the internet¬†and then move into how the internet has changed, how fast they change, faking it, followers, narcissism, influencers, and where all this social media stuff is going. The original blog post from the day I spoke at Western University in London, ON is here. “If you’re in school there’s a good chance you’ll be working in a job that doesn’t exist yet.” – Casie Stewart Posting this gives me anxiety because¬†I don’t think it’s my best work but I can’t take it back now! Feel free to watch if you have 15 minutes. I would love your comments, good OR bad. I know I kept turning around to face the screen and don’t…

    The Best Fish & Chips Come Wrapped in Paper

    The last couple days have been so incredibly lovely. We’ve been staying with Catherine and having so many laughs. The first day we visited nana who was doing ok but she seem’s a bit better. My last update I was feeling super emotional, it was real talk. Happy to report I’m feeling much better now. I’ve been meeting up with cousins and getting to know my family and my heart is full of love. Yesterday we went to¬†Himatangi Beach for a long walk and swim.¬† IT WAS AMAAAAAZING.¬†Both my mum and dad used to go there heaps growing up. My granddad used to have a beach house but I didn’t know which one so I don’t have a photo lol. I walked along with mum, and my cousins Alec (dad), Margot (his daughter), and their two little Scottie dogs. It was so much fun. They call them ‘doggos’! We ran…

    Hi from Palmerston North, aka Palmy!

    Well my friends! It’s been almost 10 days since I’ve been away and it feels like forever! I had a nice time over the weekend at Coromandel with my family and the weather was beautiful. We had fresh fish everyday and I took as much time to read at the beach as possible. It’s lovely here but I can’t help but miss home, I miss everyone, my bf, my house, and even the snow. I’m grateful but it’s been a bit hard. I’m in Pamerston North now which is about 6 hours south from Auckland in the North Island. The air is warm and the air here smells fresh and clean. I love the smell of new Zealand. Yesterday I met some of my cousins for the first time and we shared laughs and stories at a cafe called Baristas. We’re staying with a friend of mum’s, like a sister,…

    Happy New Year from Coromandel, New Zealand!

    G’day from down under! Haven’t had great wifi the last couple days and it’s actually been quite lovely! We’ve got a small cabin at a park on the beach about 2 hours north of Auckland. I was 12 when I was last here. It’s so great to spend time with my cousins and family. Today we’re having a New Years Eve HńĀngi, a traditional MńĀori method of cooking for special occasions. Instead of cooking it in the ground, uncle Donald and Linda are cooking the food all day in a beer keg! Today I went fishing w/ my cousin and caught this big snapper! Being out on the water was incredibly beautiful and HOT. My god the sun here is brilliantly warm and sun block is essential because there’s a hole in the ozone layer. I’m going for safe gradual tan and we’ve still got 2 weeks to go. Tomorrow…

    Land of the Long White Cloud

    Some photos from our first full day here in Auckland. We went to the beach, the mall, had a meat pie, and a nice visit with my auntie, mum’s sister.

    This is the Best Travel Accessory EVER.

    Mum and I arrived in New Zealand earlier this week and the flight was pretty great. I was a little nervous about driving in NZ on the other side of the road with a right-hand drive car but it was totally ok. I was super alert after sleeping half of the flight from San Francisco to Auckland. Everyone knows the travel pillows below but they’re bulky, not that stylish, and don’t really hold up your head. Well, do I have the best travel accessory ever for you!¬† I ordered the Trtl pillow from Amazon and when mum came over before we left, she was like “ok I need one of these too”. So now I have ordered two. It was an absolute lifesaver for the journey here. It wraps around your neck like a scarf and the plastic bit under the cover holds your head up. I slept 5 hours…

    2018: Do What You Love, Do It Now

    Don’t waste time. Don’t stay in a job you hate or a love you don’t have. Do what you love. Do what makes you happy. Whatever you truly want is out there waiting for you to grab on and take it for a ride. Find it. Build it. Break it. Make it. Bring it into your life. Find your happiness and take it everywhere you go. Share it around and it will spread. It’s contagious in the best kind of way. If you don’t want to do something find a way to change it. Don’t feel bad about staying home or changing your mind. It’s ok to change your mind, realize you don’t want something anymore. Make lists and cross things off. Do the thing you have always wanted to do. Do what makes you happy. Find a way to make it your life.

    Paris in the Springtime?

    I’m nervous/excited today and that’s my favourite feeling in the¬†world.¬† The feeling you get before something¬†big happens, before you make a significant change or a go on a great adventure. Tomorrow I’m on set for a few scenes of my cameo in a feature film. Yes, me! Huge call sheet with lots of scenes and set times, characters, craft, lighting.¬†So exciting! On Sunday mum and I leave for New Zealand. This is where we are spending 3 days over New Years with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. If you’ve been following, you’ll know Aeroplan covered the tickets for mum and I to go back to NZ. The video I shot with 1188/Aeroplan is now out and I am genuinely so excited. Scroll down to watch it! In other exciting travel news, Aeroplan just launched a new tool for using your Miles to book flights and get travel deals. I’ve been…


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