A Different Kind of Busy

Busy at the gym, making good meals, getting good sleep, taking care of myself. Before the pandemic, I spent so much time out in the world doing things that didn’t reallllly make me happy. I was in this pattern of going out all the time, eating garbage, drinking. It was fun, at times. I still like to go out here and there, but not as often.

I’m happy being a different kind of busy.

Go Outside. You’ll Feel Better.

Last week I was so tired. Pretty sure it was Daylight Saving time, mixed with pandemic anxiety, and maybe a little burnout. I was wiped. Slept for most of the weekend and felt much better going into this week.

IDK about you but I always feel great after I workout. You know, when your heart is pounding and you’re sweating, but you feel alive and energized? Some days I don’t feel like going but I know it will only take a few minutes for my mood to change. Also, I paid for the classes so I REALLY hate to miss one lol.

There’s something about pushing yourself physically that makes you feel alive, saying “I can do this. I am strong.” I love that feeling, it’s been great for my mental health.

If you’re feeling down or stressed out, go for a walk/run, lift some weights, or do something that gets you moving. I guarantee you’ll feel better. ✌️😊

P.S. Here’s a video of me skipping. I used to LOVE SKIPPING.

Four Weeks of Working Out

I’m totally a gym person now. Over the past four weeks of working out, I have amazed myself at my own strength. I’m lifting heavier weights each week and I truly look forward to pushing myself a little harder.

I had planned to only go for the month of February but I feel like I can’t stop now. Today I did a plank (3×45 seconds) with 35 Lbs which is a personal best!

My classes are not more than 5 people and the trainers work close to help you get the right form. When I look back to how nervous I was in my first class I feel like a totally different person. I look forward to my next class the way I used to look forward to going out. ?

I’m still running regularly but I’m terrified of slipping so if it’s icy, no run. One of the best things during winter is getting nice and toasty at the gym.

Let this be a reminder there’s no time like now to start something new and to do it for YOU.

Happy Friday and I hope you have a great weekend!

Focus Your Power

The title of this post is a reminder for myself as much, if not more, than anyone else. Focus your power. Believe in yourself. You can do hard things.

A couple of weeks ago when I heard gyms were opening up I was keen to get back into one. I got an email with a 4-week special at a spot REALLY close to home so I went for it.

To be honest, I was a ball of nervous anxiety before my first class. I didn’t know what to expect, what to wear? If it would be too hard if I would enjoy it. In about 5 minutes of being there, my anxiety was gone. I knew it was a good idea and I made a friend.

This is my third week going and I love it. I never really knew how to work out, to use the machines. When I used to go to LA Fitness before the pandemic I did free weights & Nike Training app workouts + running. But NOW I’ve learned to LOVE squats and lifting heavier weights, using ALL the machines.

I’m proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something different.

I can’t wait for my next workout.


Workout set by my friend! Check out Sasha Exeter x Joe Fresh!

Day 49: Work It Out


My Fitness Journey (So Far)

Let me start this by staying I felt like complete shit for a lot of last year. Behind the many smiling selfies, I was in pain, depressed, and trying to ignore nerve damage in half of my face. I had been treating my body like garbage with alcohol, bad food, no sleep, and something had to change. I gained a bunch of weight and after being small my whole life, I wasn’t happy. I couldn’t live like that anymore.

For a lot of 2009-2019 I went to multiple events a week, sometimes several per night. I was always on the go. I ate like crap and drank multiple times a week. When I hit my 30’s, my body changed, I gained weight, then I had a breast reduction, nearly broke my back w/ two cracked back ribs, and closed out the decade with a fractured my collarbone. A lot of good things happened in the last decade too but I’ve already shared that stuff.

For years I dreamed of being a better me, one who ate healthier, felt good in a bathing suit, had longer hair, and genuine happiness that shined out of her face. That’s who I wanted to be so I started doing things differently. From September to January, I lost 20+Lbs and man does it ever make a difference. I’m saving time every day by not stressing over my clothes not fitting. I feel mentally and physically stronger. I have more energy and I’m happier. Here’s the low down on how I get here and I feel confident that I will stick to it this time because I love the way I feel. ?


August 2019 I started intermittent fasting, 8hrs eating window (noon-8pm) and fasting the rest of the day. I started to feel healthier, more energized, and leaner (slowly). This doesn’t work for everyone but I like it. I recently started using an app called Zero that tracks your fast. Some days I stick to my 16:8 goal, some days I go longer, sometimes I don’t. I try to do what feels good.

Working Out

When daylight saving time kicked in October 2019, I stuck to my same sleep schedule (early riser) and used that extra hour to go to the gym. I started with 10min a day on the treadmill. I already had a membership at LA Fitness and after not going for most of the year, I was ready to put it to work.

I didn’t post about working out and I didn’t really talk about it until recently. I did it for me, that’s the only person I had to show up for. Since then, I have learned to love working out. I keep my gym clothes beside my bed and almost every morning, I make coffee, get into my gear, and go straight there. I like the treadmill and Nike apps for the gym (NTC, NRC), and Asana Rebel or YouTube for home workouts.

I attempted and failed at working out MANY times. This time I was motivated by the end of the decade and becoming a better version of myself by the time 2020 arrived. Over the past few months, I worked out no matter where I was and if I didn’t make the gym I did something else (walk, weights).

I usually go to the gym at 6:30-7am when it’s not too busy. I also wear a lot of the same clothes, I don’t stress about what to wear. You’ll find me in cropped cannabis t-shirts and Lulu’s or Joe Fresh leggings (they’re the best!). FYI if you are shopping at joefresh.com, use Sasha’s code SASHA25 for 25% off. These are my fav ones and they’re two years old.

Hey hey, it’s 2020 me!


In November 2019, I did five sessions of Slimwave at The Lash Pro Studio. I was invited to try it by their PR Team and there was no chance I was saying no to that. It’s about $700 for 5 sessions.

The treatment uses an electro stimulating machine to work your muscles for 45 minutes, which works out to over 600 sit-ups. You are also wrapped in an infrared blanket that makes you sweat A LOT.

Infrared treatments warm your muscles during the Slimwave treatment, improving the blood circulation and lymph drainage, reducing swelling and improving the appearance of cellulite.

After my first session, I noticed a difference, maybe it was water weight, but I felt energized. My treatments were twice a week spaced out over three weeks.

Slimwave is a non-invasive and painless transformation alternative to liposuction, plastic surgery or cool sculpting.

Slimwave Technologies Canada

I definitely saw results from 5 sessions. It was a GREAT motivator to kickstart working out & eating well. I would love to do a few more sessions to target harder areas like stomach and thighs.

Idk why I wore this outfit for my photos so this is a bit embarrassing to share. You can definitely see my waist and ribcage are smaller, stomach a bit more toned. We couldn’t target the lower abs because I have an IUD but I would love to do that another time.

Before / After

Slimwave Video Diary on IGTV

On my most recent trip to Cuba, it was the FIRST TIME I felt good in a bathing suit in over 15 years. My whole life I had huge boobs so it was always a struggle to find a bathing suit to fit them that didn’t look weird. I don’t normally post sexy or revealing photos but I wanted to remember this moment.

Hello, I am a Parisian lady!

A bunch of people asked about how I liked the Slimwave process. Sharing in a blog post (and video!) so I can go back to it when I feel down or perhaps reading this will inspire someone else. Also, feel free to invite me to a workout class anytime!

If you have any questions about Slimwave, finding motivation, or just getting started, reach out anytime. I’m always here for you. ?