I Can See Clearly Now

This month started with the Solar Eclipse in Aries, right in the middle of Mercury Retrograde. I booked an astrology reading for the Aries Full and my fav astrologist, Kait Fowlie, gave me some things to think about and reminders that I’m on the right track.

Toronto only had a partial eclipse but it was so wild to watch it happen! The sky went dark like nighttime but it was the middle of the day. I was outside for the whole event and did a cold plunge on the roof during the minutes of darkness.

I’ve been focussed on my workouts lately, my weeks have been filled with yoga, pilates, running, weight training, and lots of long walks. I even started a tap class! I am very out of practise as it’s been 20+ years but it’s a super fun way to burn calories. I love it!

My fav season (Taurus!) is just around the corner and my birthday is in a couple weeks. Here’s to seeing clearly and making my dreams come true!