tim hortons, goshdarnit, will these girls ever take a damn hint?

roxy likes her coffee srirred
but the timmy’s girls just dont get it
so roxy stirs her coffee
she leaves the stick there on the counter
for the girls to clean up.
if they would just stir the damn thing, we wouldn’t have to blog about it.

geeeez. who trains those sheep anyways?

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ian is great.

ian likes coffee and so do i.
we go for lunch and get one everyday.
we are cool.

look at ian with his coffee. don’t you wish you were as cool as us?

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do you love my new dress?

this is a broc. dress, one of a kind.
i got it at the market.
it is so pretty!!

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my girl roxy is soo cool.
she comes over to my desk and has dance parties with me for a break.
she can dance so good, she has wikked moves dude.
she is shown here doing the famous ‘simple life dance’.

sana saaa sana saaaaa sana saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
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casie stewart is so cool

roxy my friend drew this beautiful photo of me.

She thinks I am so cool that I can make your Nona’s Mou Mou look cool.
Thats HOT!
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Winter Bluesy

Sitting here feeling warm
Watching the sun shine on my arm
Without a job I have more time
The cost is starting to cross the line
Do the chores clean the house,
This place is quiet as a mouse!
The snow is melting outside the door
As winter passes like the year before.
Many changes the year has brought
Many lessons have been taught.
Back to the kitchen to make a meal,
Wearing an apron & stiletto heels

12/5/2005 12:36 PM

Watch for Starlet

Young and beautiful
Smart and cute
Sneaky and coy
Outgoing and obvious
Polite and honest
Soft and subtle
Wiling and able
Young and foolish

Watch for signs
Lying and deceiving
Heartless and cold
Thoughtless and rude
Sluttish and bitchy

Here and there,
Sometimes like you.

Spring Love

Acutely Ironic
A bird writes a sonnet
Sings the sonnet
Out of tune
Across the river
To a loon

Breathe and surf

Take it in

Ocean pearl

Sandy feet

Salty skin

Running back and forth

Feel the sun

Burning down

Ride it in

Take me out again

These things shoot out from in my head and my ideas run like flow.

I don’t know, I don’t know
My ideas run like FLOW
Why these things come out my head?
These things for long have been dead,
The water ran so quickly then,
And to life they come once again!


Working hard to make the cash 

Afternoon with a little hash 

Kitchen table once again 

Comes in handy now and then 

Recording time in a note 

Keeps me high so I can float

brock rock!!!!!!!! yeaaaahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa

i love broc. it is so good in my tummy. leafy greens.

Brock Rock is a band of broc’s. they are hot.
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smelly tuna

today at lunch ian was opening his tuna can and juice sprayed out like mad all over his t-shirt. now ian is a smelly tuna boy for the rest of the day.
mmmm sexy! ahaaha.

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first post ever

My name is Casie.
This is a photo of myself on a beautiful sunny day.
I love the sun so much.
I also like dancing and drawing.

Today is a beautiful day.
I am working all day but after work…..LOOK OUT SUN HERE I COME!!

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more than myspace will ever be.

”she’s gonna grow up and write a book about you”

I remember when I was a kid and someone saying to my mother, “she’s gonna grow up and write a book about you if you’re not careful”.

This book is about everything. All of me. I’m choosing today to finally put together my second book. I wrote my first book entitled JEANS, An Anthology of Poetry & Prose in 1996. It was co-written with a now distant friend and we published it ourselves at the age of 14. I figure that if I could do that at 14 then I can definitely do this now. I had taken time away from my writing for a period of approximately six years. Until, one day while sitting in on a friends class in university I began writing again. I was inspired. I was inspired by the room, the professor, and by the people around me whom I did not even know. It was as if I had been reborn and shed a new light on the world. It was back, never lost, I started writing again. Suddenly, I needed to express my thoughts. And so my pencil ran on paper twill and I just couldnt stop it. I have spent the last few years composing this compilation of my work. I have traveled, and matured greatly over the last few years, which has brought out some truly passionate writing. This book is a collection of short stories, poetry, and prose, which are all original works of art by me. I hope that you can enjoy this book and share it with friends the way that I have shared it with you.