Jane Dope – Casie Collection!

Look at this vintage beauty! The art (of me!) was created by Jane Dope, a lifestyle company started by Cannabis industry legend Abi Roach. They’ve got all kinds of cute merch featuring some of Canada’s leading Women in Weed. Personally, I really want to order this specific bikini with w33d on it.

Introducing the Casie Collection from Jane Dope, designed to celebrate the athletic, outgoing, and undeniably fashionable side of every Jane Dope woman. This collection features a vibrant array of tees, accessories, and stash bags that perfectly blend functionality with flair. Each piece is crafted for the active lifestyle, offering both comfort and style whether you’re hitting the gym, exploring the outdoors, or just keeping it casual. The Casie Collection embodies the spirit of the dynamic woman on the go, making it easy to stay stylish while embracing life’s adventures. Perfect for those who live their life with energy and style, this collection is your new go-to for all things chic and sporty.

In case you’re new here, I’ve been openly part of this space since the early days of legalization, read an article about me on Lift.co here.

Need a little stash pouch for your purse, makeup, or anything? Get this one! I often carry a huge purse while I’m on the go or travelling so having these little bags to organize my stuff is essential. The journal below is an image of my friend Jacqui Childs, love it. Check out all the collections here.

Abi, thank you for including me in Jane Dope! I heard that they’re coming our with a line of makeup and maybe some other stuff. Make sure you’re following Jane Dope on IG here!