Chill Pill: Embrace Winter at Canada’s Cold Camp

I recently spent a weekend with Unbounded at Canada’s Cold Camp, and if peace & tranquility had a home, it would be right there on that secluded peninsula by Oak Lake. It was awesome. For more photos & info follow @stayunbounded on Instagram & scroll down for a discount to book your own experience.

Unbounded’s motto is all about embracing winter and immersing yourself in nature, and trust me, they deliver on that promise. The setting was pure magic – a private spot that offers the perfect blend of serenity and comfort, far removed from the city chaos. Very chill vibes. 😎

The experience encourages you to step out of your comfort zones with cold exposure, but in the most laid-back way possible. Imagine frozen lake ice pools, a cedar barrel sauna, and a cliffside cedar barrel hot tub – all against the backdrop of nature. Winter at its best.

Throughout the weekend, Sean and walked in the woods, did yoga, breath work, and cycled thought cold dips in the lake, hot sauna sessions, or relaxing in the hot tub. Sean even got out for a cross country ski on the frozen lake.

Activities at Cold Camp are thoughtfully curated for relaxation and are low-key yet invigorating. Each moment was an opportunity to unwind and connect with nature in a way that left us feeling rejuvenated. We stated in a private chalet on the property that had a queen size bed and smaller room with a couch that folds out to a bed. I used the smaller room as my closet because I packed 100 outfits.

Unbounded gives you the option to bring your groceries or you can pre-order meals, snacks, and juices from their partner, Nook Kitchen. We packed our own food because cooking at a cabin in the woods reminded us of being at the cottage. 💙 I loved making our meals in our full kitchen equipped with everything you might need including a fridge and small appliances.

Cold Camp with Unbounded is a must-try if you wanna break out of the winter blues. It’s an experience that challenges without being overwhelming, rejuvenates without pushing too hard, and leaves you with a sense of tranquility. I hope my experience will shift your perspective on winter retreats. 🤗

Winter, you’ve never looked so good!