Cold Plunge Season 2022

Did my first cold plunge of the season this weekend! It was with 1,700 people at Woodbine Beach, the largest group plunge ever. It was incredible!

Everyone set up their stations 9-10 am, the music was great, we all did breathwork, got our blood pumping, then went in as a group. Lots of screaming as we went in, then the volunteers encouraged everyone to breathe through the cold and focus. By the time we hit the 2-minute mark, everyone was smiling and screaming.

I didn’t take that many photos but shared a bit on Stories here. Kinda wish I took my phone in the water. The energetic vibes were so inspiring.

Swipe through this post from @bowen416 to see what it was like

Thank you to the event hosts Othership, CityShred, JayBird, and Unbounded. This photo was from last year, today there was 4x the amount of people!

The weather has been so warm the past week I’ve not filled my cold plunge tank on the roof yet. I always hated the cold but I really love it now. Have written about cold plunge experiences for the past few years, see posts here.

Looking forward to running this week, it’s lighter an hour earlier. 😁