Be My Light, Be My Yellow

This summer has been so busy, can hardly believe we’re almost half way through August. WHERE DID THE TIME GO? These bright yellow photos were from the KIND Summer Fair last month.

This week I’m taking some time to recharge at Stoney Lake with Sean and some friends. I’ve been swimming, tanning, sea-dooing, cooking, laughing, running, reading, and doing yoga. It’s amazing how a few days at the lake will refresh your perspective, help you sleep, and brighten your mood. Sean and I did this almost every weekend for years.

Yesterday I did a self-tape for a commercial from the cottage. I can’t tell you what it’s for but if you are reading this please put out some good vibes that I book it!

Can you spot two differences in these photos??

We’ll be back in the city on the weekend then it’s the homestretch of summer before we go to Italy in September (more on that later!!!). 😁

In other news, this is one of my fav songs right now. Good lyrics.