Latest Obsession: Octobuddy!

This thing from Amazon is my latest obsession, Octobuddy! It’s amazing for taking selfies when you don’t have a photog around (which is almost always lol). All the photos in this post were taken with my new lil’ guy!

The name has over 38M views on TikTok while the brand account only has 662 followers. Influencers everywhere have been posting about Octobuddy and I had to get one. It’s a little silicone sticker with multiple suction cups that attaches to the back of your phone and sticks to shiny surfaces (mirror, window, etc).

It’s great for hands-free selfies/videos and is around $20 CAD on Amazon.


Grounding Yourself!

When was the last time you kicked off your shoes and felt the soft, cool grass beneath your feet? Taking a moment to connect with the earth and embrace the simple pleasure of lying in the grass can do wonders for our well-being.

It might sound a bit woo-woo, but trust me, there’s science behind it. Studies suggest that grounding can reduce stress, improve sleep quality, and even boost our immune system. It’s like hitting a nature reset button for your busy life.

When I was home visiting Mum I took a few minutes to lay in the grass each day, look at the sky, close my eyes, and take a few deep breaths.

If you’re feeling stressed, try grounding yourself in nature. It doesn’t have to be complicated, find a (clean!) patch of grass, take off your shoes, and let the earth do its magic. Tune in to the sounds of birds chirping, the rustling of leaves, and let a feeling of calm wash over you. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you for it. 🙏

Stay grounded my friends. Have a great week!


Went home recently to spend a few days at Mum’s with the fam. My uncle Jimmy (Mum’s twin brother) passed away in New Zealand and I wanted to be there for her. I didn’t realize how much I missed spending time together. My sister was there for a couple of days too!

We went for nice walks in the neighborhood by the river, checked out the local thrift shops, and drive around remembering the places we used to hang out. I had three days off work and stayed a few extra days to work remotely. Grateful to have a job where I can work anywhere.

Before heading home, Bonga and I went for wings at our old stompin’ grounds, Moose Winooski’s. It’s changed a lot since we used to go there on Thursday nights back in high school. The wings there are just as huge as I remember tho, so good.

This is the first summer in 15+ years that Mum & Steve have been home and not sailing on the boat. Already planning a trip back soon. 🤗

Soul In the City at Casa Loma

Recently I went to Soul In The City at Casa Loma AND IT WAS INCREDIBLE. I hadn’t heard of this event before Natalie invited me and I am SO glad I skipped yoga to go. The music & performances were amazing, we sang, we danced, and it was all over around 10 pm.

Sean Jones was so good!

If you are looking for a FUN weekday night out with friends or a great date, GET A TICKET. I want to go again before summer ends!

Summer evenings at the castle gardens are so magical, there are heaps of great photo ops. It’s like being in a fairytale! We had a table near the front of the stage and ordered some light snacks including ceviche, hummus, and dips.


  • Tuesday evenings: June 20th – August 29th, 2023
  • Cost: $44.50 per person, Parking $15
  • Doors @ 5pm, show @ 7.30pm
  • Seating is first come, first served (not guaranteed!)
  • Rain or shine event.
  • Ticket doesn’t include Casa Loma tour!

Tuesday evenings in the summer months, Casa Loma plays to Juno Award-winning artist Sean Jones, accompanied by a seven–piece band The Righteous Echo, and special guests, in the spectacular Glass Pavilion.

Guest can enjoy stunning views of the city, majestic castle, and the beautiful estate gardens while enjoying this energetic live show under the stars. Guests also have an abundance of al fresco food and drink options while onsite.

More info on Casa Loma Website

There were so many people dancing and having fun. The night ended with a Beyonce cover and ‘This is How We Do It’ by Montel Jordan. I was having the time of my life!

A special shoutout to Sean who after a decade of being together, is truly an incredible Instagram Husband! 💘

Trying New Things: I Have An Acting Agent!

I recently signed with The George Agency, one of Toronto’s top talent reps! It’s been 5+ years since I had an acting agent. She’s back baby! I’ve done a few commercials and movies in the last ten years and did my first commercial at 15. I’m really excited to be represented by my friend Summer (from my college era) at this agency, who recently switched from actor to agent.

Over the past 2 weeks, I’ve had a couple of auditions but haven’t booked anything yet. I hope I get something soon! This image is from a self-tape for a commercial that called for pets. I asked my bff & professional actor Cory Lee to come over with her pup Quincy Bonez to help me out. It feels great to be doing this again!

Stepping a bit out of my comfort zone with this but I like it. Here’s to trying new things & new opportunities!

Don’t Worry Be Happy

The other night Sean and I went out for dinner to Dotty’s around the corner from our place. The menu was looking extra cute and so was the patio. I wore one of my all-time fav jackets designed by Valfre, an artist & illustrator from Mexico. My first post about her was way back in 2011! I remember being so excited for this jacket to arrive, love that it says ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’. Not sure if the skeleton & dragon are dancing or fighting. ☺️

I’d recommend Dotty’s for cocktails, fries, and the house-made pimento cheese + Ritz crackers. Patio is cute! We had the burger, Caesar salad, and chicken sandwich, unfortunately, neither of us really enjoyed the mains. Dessert was amazing though. This lemon square tasted just like the ones a family friend made when I was a kid. I’ll go back just to have it again! Overall Dotty’s has a nice vibe & design.

Collision Conf 2023 – See You There?

Next week, Toronto’s biggest tech conference is back! Collision Conf is like the ‘Olympics of Tech’ and brings together people and companies redefining the tech industry.

Nelson and I were there each day last year and it was so much fun (see blog post here!). We even filmed a couple of Cast of Creators episodes in the glass podcast booth. Including one with Raine Maida from Our Lady Peace!

Trending Topics to Watch

I chatted with the Collision Conf team this week to see what sessions and topics are trending:

  • online experiences
  • influencer marketing
  • ChatGPT and AI (of course!)

There are some big-name speakers (see here) and I’m looking forward to hearing from Geoffery Hinton, the founder of artificial intelligence. Early registration is open this weekend at the Union Station UP Express platform and then onsite at Beanfiend Centre from Monday to Thursday. I’m planning to get my badge this weekend to avoid the chaos.

I’ll be at the opening party on Monday night and then at the conference each day. I look forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new people. My experience last year was so great I left feeling excited, inspired, and with a few new friends!

If you’ll be there LMK, download Hvr to leave a comment on my blog!

Big Bang Baby

She was ready for a change! Went back to Hair by Beni in Yorkville and got a little trim. I have had bangs so many times in my life and I was happy when he said ‘let’s cut your fringe’. I have seriously never loved my hair more. The mirrors and lighting in this salon are next level.

Also, the title of this post is a song by Stone Temple Pilots. The chokehold this song and Scott Weiland had on me as a teenager! I loved his dance moves, the green pants, everything.

The cutest thing about me showing up at Saon Jie on this fine Saturday morning was that Beni and I were wearing the same bright yellow! It was so adorable, love him! We met up later that night at Do West aka Dundas West Fest and had the best time.

Trying New Things: Vettä Nordic Spa

The other weekend we drove up to the cottage to visit the parents’. It’s been ages since we’d been up North. On the way home we stopped at Veta Nordic Spa for a little R&R.

We also stopped by Currie’s Music in Gravenhurst, my fav vintage shop in the area. They have a fab curated selection of vintage finds in the back of the music shop. This yellow number had my name on it but was much too big.

Almost got this cute prom dress! It’s always fun to try things on even if you dobn’t end up buying them.

Our experience at Vetta Spa was very nice. 100% would visit again. It’s very quiet. You can’t use your phone. There is a bar and 2 restaurants. The cold plunge pool was about 7 degrees which was warm for a seasoned dipper like me but still, it was nice.

All you need to show up wth is yourself and bathing suit. You get a robe wen you register in and can rent slides. If you have sandals I would recommend bringing them. Look forward to going back, probably in the winter!

Sweet Summertime Sets

In the winter I was really all about wearing jumpsuits. So much that my friend Raymi asked if I was a janitor bc I wore them so often. LOL! See Raymi’s blog here. In warm temps, one of my absolute fav things to wear is summertime sets. They’re the best! I have so many different ones and I can’t wait to wear them all.

Posted this cute one in my Stories yesterday and it’s been ages since I got so many DMs about an outfit. If you want to match me you can buy it here.

In other news, have been going to the gym and mixing up workouts with more yoga. Still running a few times a week. It’s almost getting too hot to run later than 8 am now! I love it. Today I walked High Park for an hour at 7 am.

Got a delivery from my friends at Smartwater yesterday, roof top fridge is stocked! I feel this alkaline water is the best water and I will drink all of it in no time. TY Smartwater Canada!

Do you use Slack for work? I thought this was quite cute. I love how Slack has a lil’ sense of humor.

Remember you’ll never be younger than you are right now so make the most of it! Have a great day! Wear sunscreen.

Planting A Herb Garden w/ ChatGPT

Today was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, and I decided to get my hands dirty and plant a herb garden. I’ve been super excited to breathe some life into this raised bed container we had previously used to grow cannabis. She’s got a green thumb!

I saw something on the internet recently that said you should plant certain things together and wanted to make sure I did it right. Sooooo, we called upon our trusty friend ChatGPT to see which herbs should be planted together. 🤓

We put in the exact size of the container and the different herbs, then asked which should be planted together for optimal growing. In less than the time it would take to Google, I knew exactly what to do: oregano and basil beside each other, chives and cilantro together, and peppers to separate the dill. It even had instructions as to which herbs preferred more sun.

It was such a therapeutic experience getting my hands into the soil. The fragrance of these herbs as I planted them was divine. I look forward to more rooftop BBQs and adding fresh herbs to our meals.

Cheers to new adventures in gardening and tastier meals!

Trying New Things: Toronto Marathon!

Last weekend I ran 5k in the Toronto Marathon! It was my first race and the first time in about 2 years that I’d run that far! About a month ago, my BFF Sarah mentioned she was doing the half marathon and I decided to sign up for the 5k.

Before the race I was by myself and sure sure where or when to line up in the corrals. I saw this tiny blonde woman with big glasses ask “is this where we line up?”, I replied, “I don’t know I was wondering!

Next, she popped right through the metal barrier and started walking to where everyone was lining up. In her words “if we’re not supposed to be here, they’ll let us know“. Her energy and attitude really helped to lift my spirits before the race. Thank you, Kelly, I hope to meet you again!

I kept a steady pace for the entire race and when I came to the finish line, I was ready to keep going! Next time I’ll do a 10K and then in spring 2023 I’ll sign up for the half marathon.

The vibes were so high that I stuck around to watch Sarah cross the finish line for the half marathon. It was such an exciting moment to watch her run past!

In a surprising twist, I came in the TOP 20 for my category! I’m feeling more motivated than ever to keep training!

You truly never know what you can accomplish until you try! Here’s to more adventures & new things!

Another Trip Around the Sun

Today is my birthday! I woke up and went for a run in the sun. I feel better than I have in a long time. I’m happy, healthy, and excited to see what the next year will bring. Growing older is such a gift and I intend to continue celebrating each day!

Tonight I’ll be attending my fav class at the gym, eating a healthy dinner, and going to bed early.

Cheers to another trip around the sun, HBD to me!

Tomorrow’s Sugar

What a difference a day makes. 

Your heart breaks, your body aches, 

you need rest. 

It’s a test, a level to pass. 

The feelings you’re having won’t last. 

Get some sun, read a book, 

find a mirror, take a look. 

Like hummingbirds at the feeder, 

tomorrow’s sugar will be sweeter.

I don’t know if it’s all this rain or a phase but I’ve been feeling down. I’m ready for spring and sunshine, long walks, bike rides, and park hangs. Maybe it’s the universe reminding me my birthday is days away? Every year, no matter how much I try to deny it, I get this feeling leading up to May 8th. I look back, I look forward, I look around, and feel each moment with my head and my heart.

Trying New Things: Decorating w/ Cry Baby Cakes

Image via Toronto Life

Had an absolutely lovely afternoon last week! On April 20th I was invited to a cake decorating class w/ Firebird Delivery and Cry Baby Cakes. I discovered Brooke Cowitz, chef & owner of Cry Baby Cakes, a few months through my friend Charley and I’ve been obsessed ever since. Her cakes are incredible, each one is a work of art. Look at these!!!

Firebird Delivery brought together a stellar group of women to learn from the best and decorate with Brook at her Cry Baby Cakes studio. The space is so cute, it’s full of light and filled with carefully curated new & vintage. And lots of plants!

Cry Baby Cakes Workshop

Brooke took us through a workshop and Firebird delivery provided us with everything else we needed to celebrate 420 together. It was perfect. 😎

I really wasn’t sure how to decorate mine so I scrolled crybaby.cakes Instagram for inspo and decided on a flowery design with pink & yellow buttercream. It got more elaborate as I went on, I added pink gumballs, a ribbon of vintage-inspired icing, edible flowers, and glitter. Voila!

There were about 10 of us there and each cake turned out so unique. Highly recommend following Cry Bay Cakes and keeping an eye out for her next workshop! If you’re looking to get anything cannabis delivered to you fast AF, check out 👍

I cut into my cake when I got home and it was delicious. Gave a few slices to friends so I didn’t eat the whole thing!

CN Tower Climb: 1,776 Steps in 21.5 Mins!

This weekend I did the CN Tower climb for the World Wildlife Foundation! I made it to the top of the tower in 21.5 minutes. It was hard but I was really determined to beat my last time of 23 minutes.

Some of the fastest times I saw were around the 14-15 minute mark, the fastest of the whole climb was 11 minutes. I don’t know how that is humanly possible! They must have run the whole way, 2 steps at a time!

I probably could have done it a little faster if I wasn’t out late the night before but oh well! 🍻 Happy with my results and tbh idk if I’ll ever do it again. Twice is enough for me!

Overall, proud of myself for doing it. Thought I would be sore the next day but I was totally fine. Running has clearly paid off! My next big fitness activity is the Toronto Marathon on Mother’s Day in May (I’m doing the 5k!). 😁

In other news, check this out! I had a shoot a couple of months back for my gym, The Body Engineers, and I’m on the poster for the new challenge that starts this week. If you’re interested, sign up here.

In the last challenge, I came in 2nd place out of the whole gym and was the only woman in the top 3. 🎉

She’s a fitness girly now!

The Artist Project Toronto: Feel It For Yourself

Went to opening night of The Artist Project Toronto last night, one of my fav events of the year. I can’t believe how many friends, artists, and people I knew, it was wonderful to see so many familiar faces.

Wore a cute outfit, a see through dress with daisies, and my fav hat from Lack of Colour Australia. I’ve been living in my new platform Vans lately. Have always been a Converse girl but, these little shoes go with everything and they’re so cute.

The Artist Project is on all weekend and 100% worth checking out. It’s happening at Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place from April 14-16, and there here are 250+ independent artists. So many nice things to look at. Grab your friends, go on a date, take the whole fam, it’s great.

“Explore thousands of artworks, large scale installations, enjoy curator led art tours and take home that special work that truly resonates with you.”

The Artist Project

Here are a few of my faves from opening night. There was so much to see, this is just a small sliver of all the things to look at. Get a ticket and go. This post isn’t sponsored, I just truly love supporting independent artists and fun events! I came home and blogged it right away so you could know about it!

Feel it for yourself. Discover original works of art.

A couple of nice pix of us by Ryan Emberley.

Being Yourself is Exhilarating

On Saturday, April 1 at 10 am, Sean and I hopped in the car, drove to Budapest Park, and went in the lake with 20+ people. SO FUN! The cold dip was hosted by my friend Meghan Yuri Young x Soho House Toronto x Othership. The water was cold (obviously) but the sun was shining and the sand felt warm on my feet. We started with breathwork led by an Othership Guide, did 2 min in the lake, then had coffee and hung out at the beach.

On the way there, I got a notification from the Co-Star app that said ‘Being yourself is exhilarating”, what perfect timing! I’ve been leaning into trying new things and honestly, it’s so much fun.

When we got home I walked over to Lucky Tiger Vintage at Lansdowne for their first-ever bin sale. I waited about 45 mins but it was totally worth it. Everything was $5-20 and I came home with a huge bag of goodies. 🤗

10/10, a fabulous day!

Spreading Joy w/ Evan Biddell & The Playsuit

If you’ve missed me talking about the Biddell Playsuit the last few years, you’re sleeping! There’s a good chance you’ve seen it on TikTok, in a fashion show, all over Instagram, or on the news. Since creating and selling the playsuit during the pandemic, Biddell has now sold OVER ONE MILLION dollars in Playsuits alone. This outfit is legendary and if you don’t have one yet, visit his shop and add CASIE20 to your order for a little present.


I’ve known Evan for a decade (at least) and last week, he was a guest on our podcast, Cast of Creators. IT WAS AWESOME. He is so honest about his career, time on tv shows, ups & downs of running a business, starting a TikTok. It’s a great interview and so much fun. Tap the play button below or listen on the website.

Last week I was a model in Biddell’s ‘WALKOFF’ at Lavelle on King Street. It was so fun. When I got there he said Iooked like Pamela Anderson and someone else said I looked like Nicole Richie. In the words of Paris Hilton, I was SLIVING. (I’m listening to her book right now.) I loved the whole night and especially everyone who slayyyyyed in the walkoff.

Biddell has a show at Fashion Art Toronto next month and it’s going to be epic. Who says epic anymore? Ha, whatever. I’m ready for fashion shows & fun events light up the city again! Bring on spring and strutting down the sidewalk. 😁

Spring is Nature’s Party!

Went for a run this morning for the first time in 2 weeks. I was going out pretty consistently in the first two months of the year then kinda fell off my game in March. Good thing is, you don’t need to wait for a certain day to start again, there’s no time like today. Thankfully it was less cold than recent temps and the sun was out. Spring is nature’s party!

So happy we made it through winter and it will be Taurus season soon. I’m starting a new challenge with my gym in April and am ready to give it my best. I was in a challenge for the first 6 weeks of the year and came in 2nd place, and was the only woman in the top 3. 😁

Have been going to more yoga classes lately and overall feel pretty good. Looking forward to warmer termps, gardening, and flowers in bloom. 💐

Fresh Hair for Spring

It’s spring! Finally! Soon enough flowers will start blooming and it won’t be as cold. Hard to believe we’re almost into Q2 of 2023. The start of this year has been interesting, sometimes I feel like it’s all going as planned, and then the next minute I just don’t know!

In other news, I hadn’t had my hair done in ages and decided it was time. A friend recommended. Beni at Blunt Hair Co. so I booked an appt and went. I am so happy with how my hair looks now, obsessed. Book him here, he’s incredible.

I am also so in love with my new freckles done by my friend Misty Fox! She’s an incredible makeup & SPF artist who is now doing semi-permanent makeup freckles. If this is something you’re interested in, send her a DM on Instagram @mistyfox and tell her I sent you.

If you’re looking for a new cut, color, or style, go see Beni! Follow him on IG at

Bend when you can, snap when you have to.

I’ve been going to yoga again since the start of January and it’s made a difference in my life. I love yoga; moving, stretching, bending, breathing. It sounds so simple but they call it a practice for a reason, you have to work at it.

For years, I had class 4x a week with Sandy, and it changed my life. Part of my ‘Trying New Things’ this year includes going to more fitness classes at different places. I signed up for a free month of ClassPass this month to experience new places. I went to Mosiac Yoga today and I was kinda nervous for a few minutes before leaving the house but once I got outside I was fine. It was great, I already booked another class. Join me for free here.

I used to have a really hard time being still, alone with my thoughts, resisting the urge to move. In 2019 I wrote a post called ‘It takes Practice” where I talked about learning how to be still, slow down. Looking back, I’m so glad I started to make changes before the pandemic. It would have been harder otherwise.

Seeing the person I was in old blog posts makes me prouder of the person I am now. It’s hard to grow & change, but so worth it when you come out the other side. This is a quote from the end of that post from 2019:

“If you’re feeling stressed or holding something inside, let it go. Write it on a piece of paper and throw it in the fire. There is no sense carrying it with you for another day, week, or year. Free up that space in yourself to fill it with something that makes you happy, with sunshine.”

CASIE STEWART, 2018 ‘ It Takes Practice

The title of this song is from ‘Dear Reader’ by Taylor Swift.

Shoppers Beauty Event 2023

casie stewart shoppers beauty ryan emberley

I recently attended Shoppers Drug Mart’s 2023 Beauty Event and oh my, there were so many great products! I came home with a bunch of goodies that I’ll be testing out over the next few weeks months. Fun fact you might now know about me, I used to work at Shoppers Beauty in my hometown while in high school/college. 🤗

casie stewart shoppers beauty ryan emberley

We got to learn about the latest product launches from top skincare & beauty brands and also a peek at the 8 new brands coming to Shoppers this month. I had my makeup and nails done, which was perfect timing as I was speaking at an event later in the evening.

It was the first time in ages I’d been to such a massive event filled with creators, beauty editors, and influencers. I loved catching up with OG bloggers and friends. One of the best parts was my friend Ryan Emberley taking photos, everything aside from my selfie in this post was snapped by him.

PRADA, casie stewart, shoppers beauty, ryan emberley

For years, I’ve been helping Ryan out at events with product shots so here are a few of my favs. We had a good laugh going around and snapping pix of the best products.

My beautiful suit is from Fitzroy Rentals, wore it for my panel on sustainable fashion & the circular economy. More on that later! Have a beautiful day!

Trying New Things: Puppy Yoga!

The other day I went to Puppy Yoga with my bff Michelle! Hosted by Toronto Doggos, pet-friendly events, Puppy Yoga includes a 1-hour yoga class, cute puppies, and a mimosa. Honestly, it was pretty cute.

Puppy Yoga with Toronto Doggos, Casie Stewart

I’m not the hugest dog person, (I get scared!) but these little furballs were just lovely. If you’re looking for a cute time with a friend, highly recommend. If you’re looking for a great yoga workout, this isn’t it! Too hard to concentrate on moves with these little cuties roaming around.

You do not need to bring your own yoga mat, they’re supplied by Toronto Doggos as the puppies have accidents sometimes. They do have a team circling to make sure there’s no mess unattended, plus cleaning supplies are in clear view.

The best part was how happy it made Michelle! She was smiling from ear to ear the whole day. It’s a great activity to cheer anyone up, especially on a cold winter’s day!

Event: Sustainable Fashion & The Circular Economy

Have plans for the day after Valentine’s? On Wednesday next week, I’m moderating a panel that brings the fashion industry together to talk about the value of goods in the circular economy. It’s been a lil’ while since I was on stage at a live event! 🤗

The event is hosted by Zane Aburaneh (founder of ZANE on Queen) and it takes place at George Brown College at 6:30 pm. There will be an interactive Q&A about how to improve sustainability in fashion by working within a circular economy. The focus is looking at how we can maintain the value of goods through restoration and regeneration.

Zane will be introducing his latest venture, Gluu, a web-based platform restoring the chain of production for after-purchase care, with skilled craftspeople in your local area to restore jewelry, leather goods, and fine artifacts.

There’s a great group of panelists who are all leaders in the Canadian fashion industry:

  • Inder Bedi – Founder of MATT&NATT and BEDI Studios – BEDI bags, knits, and outerwear are handmade in Canada with landfill-destined materials, conscious fabrics, and fair labor practices.
  • Amanda Cosco – Fashion Futurist & Founder of Electric Runway
  • Nada Shepherd – Founder of ReSuit, is a fit-based peer-to-peer clothing-sharing app that allows you to buy, rent or sell. 

A couple of fun facts, I’ve known Zane since high school and the last time Amanda and I were on stage together, she was the panel moderator. It’s gonna be a great night.

If you’re in the city and interested to join us, RSVP here. It’s free!

Art Show: The Great Wall of Love

Earlier this month, I painted two small canvasses that will be part of an art show in support of CAMH that opens next week & runs until the end of February.

On Valentine’s Day 2023 studio IDFK will launch an art exhibition called “showURheart”, a mass collaboration artwork that’s made up of hundreds of individual small pieces to create a ” Great Wall of Love“.

Each canvas will be included in a silent auction with 50% of the proceeds to CAMH.

Here’s a little peek at my two canvases while I was working on them. If you want to see MY final artwork or the rest of the paintings, you’ll have to pop by Studio IDFK next week at 190 McCaul St.

The exhibition will run from February 14 to 28, 2023

Trying New Things: Pottery

This month I started a 7-week pottery course at ArtScape Youngplace w/ Toronto Potters. I’ve spent a few hours once a week learning hand-building and how to make things on the wheel.

I’ve wanted to try pottery since I was a kid, probably since I saw GHOST w/ Demi Moore & Patrick Swayze. 😊 Before class, I thought it would be a nice relaxing experience to make some pottery, and do something creative away from screens.

I quite enjoyed the first class and building things by hand. In the second class, we learned how to use the wheel. It’s harder than I thought! In class three I made a bowl, it took almost the whole class. Learning new things can be challenging but I like it. I feel like I’m using a new part of my brain.

Pottery is frustrating, the smallest movement or too much pressure can ruin your creation. It’s a lesson in patience and staying calm. 🙏 You’re also using different muscles and strengths, felt it in my arms after our first class on the wheel.

I keep seeing inspo everywhere I go, from Chapters to small shops, and the farmers market. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to make, your guess is as good as mine. 😝 My course was covered by my work as ‘Creative Development’ so I’m hoping to make something cool I can show them.

May the Ghost of Patrick Swayzee guide me in my next class. I could use the help!