Tomorrow’s Sugar

What a difference a day makes. 

Your heart breaks, your body aches, 

you need rest. 

It’s a test, a level to pass. 

The feelings you’re having won’t last. 

Get some sun, read a book, 

find a mirror, take a look. 

Like hummingbirds at the feeder, 

tomorrow’s sugar will be sweeter.

I don’t know if it’s all this rain or a phase but I’ve been feeling down. I’m ready for spring and sunshine, long walks, bike rides, and park hangs. Maybe it’s the universe reminding me my birthday is days away? Every year, no matter how much I try to deny it, I get this feeling leading up to May 8th. I look back, I look forward, I look around, and feel each moment with my head and my heart.

Trying New Things: Decorating w/ Cry Baby Cakes

Image via Toronto Life

Had an absolutely lovely afternoon last week! On April 20th I was invited to a cake decorating class w/ Firebird Delivery and Cry Baby Cakes. I discovered Brooke Cowitz, chef & owner of Cry Baby Cakes, a few months through my friend Charley and I’ve been obsessed ever since. Her cakes are incredible, each one is a work of art. Look at these!!!

Firebird Delivery brought together a stellar group of women to learn from the best and decorate with Brook at her Cry Baby Cakes studio. The space is so cute, it’s full of light and filled with carefully curated new & vintage. And lots of plants!

Cry Baby Cakes Workshop

Brooke took us through a workshop and Firebird delivery provided us with everything else we needed to celebrate 420 together. It was perfect. 😎

I really wasn’t sure how to decorate mine so I scrolled crybaby.cakes Instagram for inspo and decided on a flowery design with pink & yellow buttercream. It got more elaborate as I went on, I added pink gumballs, a ribbon of vintage-inspired icing, edible flowers, and glitter. Voila!

There were about 10 of us there and each cake turned out so unique. Highly recommend following Cry Bay Cakes and keeping an eye out for her next workshop! If you’re looking to get anything cannabis delivered to you fast AF, check out 👍

I cut into my cake when I got home and it was delicious. Gave a few slices to friends so I didn’t eat the whole thing!

CN Tower Climb: 1,776 Steps in 21.5 Mins!

This weekend I did the CN Tower climb for the World Wildlife Foundation! I made it to the top of the tower in 21.5 minutes. It was hard but I was really determined to beat my last time of 23 minutes.

Some of the fastest times I saw were around the 14-15 minute mark, the fastest of the whole climb was 11 minutes. I don’t know how that is humanly possible! They must have run the whole way, 2 steps at a time!

I probably could have done it a little faster if I wasn’t out late the night before but oh well! 🍻 Happy with my results and tbh idk if I’ll ever do it again. Twice is enough for me!

Overall, proud of myself for doing it. Thought I would be sore the next day but I was totally fine. Running has clearly paid off! My next big fitness activity is the Toronto Marathon on Mother’s Day in May (I’m doing the 5k!). 😁

In other news, check this out! I had a shoot a couple of months back for my gym, The Body Engineers, and I’m on the poster for the new challenge that starts this week. If you’re interested, sign up here.

In the last challenge, I came in 2nd place out of the whole gym and was the only woman in the top 3. 🎉

She’s a fitness girly now!

The Artist Project Toronto: Feel It For Yourself

Went to opening night of The Artist Project Toronto last night, one of my fav events of the year. I can’t believe how many friends, artists, and people I knew, it was wonderful to see so many familiar faces.

Wore a cute outfit, a see through dress with daisies, and my fav hat from Lack of Colour Australia. I’ve been living in my new platform Vans lately. Have always been a Converse girl but, these little shoes go with everything and they’re so cute.

The Artist Project is on all weekend and 100% worth checking out. It’s happening at Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place from April 14-16, and there here are 250+ independent artists. So many nice things to look at. Grab your friends, go on a date, take the whole fam, it’s great.

“Explore thousands of artworks, large scale installations, enjoy curator led art tours and take home that special work that truly resonates with you.”

The Artist Project

Here are a few of my faves from opening night. There was so much to see, this is just a small sliver of all the things to look at. Get a ticket and go. This post isn’t sponsored, I just truly love supporting independent artists and fun events! I came home and blogged it right away so you could know about it!

Feel it for yourself. Discover original works of art.

A couple of nice pix of us by Ryan Emberley.