Now We’re Soaking Up The Sun

Can you believe it? It’s already mid-June! This year is flying by! It feels like we were setting our New Year’s resolutions just yesterday, and now we’re soaking up the sun, savouring long days, and making the most of every beautiful moment.

Summer is in full swing, and I couldn’t be happier. There’s something magical about this time of year that brings out the best in all of us. My favorite thing to do is simply be outside. Whether it’s a long afternoon walk or an impromptu picnic with friends, being outdoors is my absolute favorite. There’s nothing like the feeling of the sun on your skin and a gentle breeze to remind you of the simple joys in life.

Have been doing a lot of 5K+ walks lately. I love exploring new neighborhoods and rediscovering familiar ones. There’s always something new to see and appreciate! Walking is a great way to clear my mind and get some exercise. Parks are another perfect spot for summer, I like to bring a blanket, snacks, hydration, and lounge in the sun.

Summer is all about creating memories with people you love. As we dive into the heart of 2024, let’s make the most of every sunny day and warm night. Embrace the spontaneity, cherish the laughter, and soak in all the summer goodness.

Here’s to an amazing June and an even better summer!