Kickoff to Summer – GrillzJam

This weekend, Shark|Ninja invited us to the incredible home of Toronto based artist Charles Pachter for a kickoff to summer. Panoramic views, great people, and the centrepiece of it all – a Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Grill. They were also giving away custom grillz onsite from Cappd. I didn’t win a custom grill but I would really like to have this outdoor grill on our patio. Especially Sean lol.

Had a great chat with Charles about his career and beautiful home, both a private residence and gallery museum. He purchased the lot 1996 and there was a Jewish funeral home in the back, “I really took a chance with this place when no one else wanted to“.

It was nice to see friends and eat snacks on the rooftop, just as the sun was setting. I had so many laughs my face legit hurt. Loved exploring the art, glass elevator, studio, and multiple patios.

I first visited this house in 2010 (see below) and to quote myself, “Honestly, the place is stunning. If you ever get to go there, go. Actually, find a reason.”

When I saw the theme was ’70’s mod/cool’, I knew my outfit right away. This silky jumpsuit has been sitting in my closet for months and I was waiting for the perfect moment to bring her out.

Thank you CappdNinja Kitchen CanadaDM Public for a great time & Charles Pachter for having us in your home. All photos by Nick,

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👩🏼‍💻 According to the archives, I first visited this same home in 2010 for a Toronto Film Fest party. Reading old blog posts is such a trip. It’s like an old diary, written by you at some point, yet you don’t remember writing it, but it’s you, it’s your life. Looking back sometimes brings up memories and feelings, that are hard to face. Dwayne, who is mentioned in this blog post has since passed away, I hadn’t thought about him in a while. That was a good night tho. I’m pretty sure the paper wrote about the party. This post is a bit of a rollercoaster because I wrote the quote below which is cute, not cute, is the mention of a problematic former radio host.

“I would really like to star in a film, there is no doubt that I am a great actress. Ask Mum!”

Casie Stewart, blog, 2010