Spring Isn’t Far Now!

In just a few days the sun will set at 7pm, and we’ll be one hour ahead. I can’t wait. Have been loving the sunshine and warmer temps lately. Spring isn’t far!

Here’s a few things I’m Enjoying:

  • This tiny portable tripod has been so useful! Fits in your bag, is sturdy and you can pop it up easily for photos. Who needs a photographer!
  • If you’re looking for a little something to boost your mood every single day, check out the Smiley BB ring by Santa Isla. I met the founder when I was a speaker in her college class, we stayed friends, now she has this amazing company. I wear my smiley almost every day!
  • I used to spend $$$ on my gym each month and discovered I could do the same classes, plus yoga + more with ClassPass. I’ve been using it for about 6 months now and seriously love it. If you wanna join me for a class sometime. Sign up here for a free month + 20 credits!
  • While I’m here sharing the goods, if you’re shopping online and don’t have Rakuten, what are you doing? Sign up here and get cash back on purchases. It adds up!

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