Keep Going

This week has been pretty good. I’ve been out running every day except Monday when we had a massive snowstorm. I find it really helps my mental health. I remind myself daily to KEEP GOING no matter how cold it is or if I’m tired. I miss going out and seeing people but I’ve also made new routines that include making nice dinners, taking better care of my skin, and going to bed early.

On Sunday I met up with some friends for a hike around High Park, it was cold but refreshing. Didn’t realize there was a skating rink there! My skates are at the cottage and since I broke my collarbone a few years ago, my skating skills are not what they used to be. I’m scared of falling!

Trying to not let the winter SAD get me down and am working at finding joy in little things. If you’re looking for some ideas to boost your mood, I wrote a few posts about beating winter SAD.

Happy Friday & have a great weekend!

2022: Be Consistent

Well, well, well, guess who’s back? I really jumped the gun when I stopped counting the days about a month ago because shortly after, Omicron took over our lives. December feels like a blur, I was mostly at home, Sean was up north. I hung out with friends, went to an event, things started to feel normal, right before they weren’t. Covid was everywhere.

Sean and I were both sick over the holidays and spent Christmas alone together in the woods. I really enjoyed a break from work, life, and the city, even though I was sick for 90% of the time. The past year has been exhausting for a suite of reasons and it was nice to check out for a bit.

I have opened this blog to write something more than a handful of times but I just couldn’t do it. I haven’t felt like myself and I haven’t felt like sharing. Up until this week, I still had a brain fog that left me feeling like a dull pencil needing to be sharpened. I took a break from running and didn’t start the New Year with goals and aspirations like usual.


This year I commit to ‘Be Consistent’, that’s my theme. I will keep running, eating well, drinking less, and working on myself. I am going to come out of this damn pandemic a better person. ARE YOU WITH ME?

Over the past week, I’ve been back to my morning runs, got my hair done, and have been cooking great meals in our new air fryer. I’ve not been doing much other than watching Amy on Jeopardy, finishing 3 seasons of Succession, taking care of my skin, and going to bed early. I also started a class on crypto with a friend. It’s boring-ish life but I like it.

We will get through this and hopefully, come out stronger. I’m determined to look back on this pandemic time and see how it changed me for the better.

Sending sunshine through the internet.☀️ Hang in there, 67 days till spring. 🌼

That’s a Wrap!

I’m done counting the days and as we say in film “that’s a wrap”! This panini may never be over but I want to focus on the future, the positive. There’s no way possible of knowing how long we’ll be wearing masks, need vaccine passports, and have the threat of Coronavirus. As the holidays approach, people are getting together, things are opening up, I’m calling quits on my daily pandemic diary. Back to regular blogging! It’s been 600+ days since I started counting and to be honest, pretty proud of myself for keeping it up this long.

Looking back through the posts from the last two years is pretty emotional, to be honest. Day 1: Social Distancing was on March 13th, the last day I went to the gym. I shared a lot of myself during this time, the good days, the bad days, the crafts, the fun, and the anxiety. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with all these posts but it’s a nice time capsule to keep memories of this moment in history. I’m basically a historian haha.

I got a new Apple Watch charger today finally.

Today, I’m writing this from a restaurant, after work, while having a glass of wine. Mask off as per regulation, Vax Pass scanned. Our lives will never be the same but maybe they can be better? I’ve changed so much through this experience, today I feel stronger and hopeful for a bright future.

Behind the scenes of what you see here or on social, I’ve been working on some really cool stuff and I’m excited to share it with you.

With love,

Day 626: Even the Sun Takes A Break

I spent the entire day in my new pyjamas and it was glorious. Was feeling pretty burnt out from the week and needed to charge my batteries. Ordered this set from Indigo, they’re a collab by my friend Sasha Exeter x Love & Lore. 😊 Sasha got this mug for me years ago in LA and it’s my favourite one.

There was a bit of snow in the morning but it didn’t last the day. It was pretty gloomy but made for the perfect weather to laze around and do nothing. People often call me a sunshine for shining so bright but I have to remind myself that even the sun takes a break.

Day 620: Capable of Force

Got this in Co-Star today and it’s amazing how this little app can read your mind or tell you what you need to hear. Say what you want about Astrology but if the moon can move the ocean, it can move me too. This serves as a reminder that I have all I need to make my dreams come true, I am capable of force. You are too.

Day 618: Me & My Plants

Hello from me & my plants! To be honest, I keep wondering if I should stop counting the days but we are still in a PANDEMIC even though some things are “normal-ish”. Sometimes it feels like the pandemic is over but as of today, Ontario has a 46% rise in cases.

I don’t mind being home, to be honest. I love the slower pace of life, the excuse to not go anywhere, the opportunity to bail at any time. I also love my plants so much.

Anyhoo, saying “hi” and Happy Friday! Hope you have a great day!