Day 373: Social and Culture

Today I started my new FT role at Funday Agency as Social & Culture Manager. My job is focused mostly on internal communications & operations relating to building company culture. Last year I came to the realization I didn’t want to work specifically in social media anymore. I was looking to expand and do more things related to general marketing. That beung said, it’s been 5+ years since I’ve worked FT and I expect there will be a *bit* of an adjustment.

Today’s lunch was provided by Do Rueda in Spain who sent over a delicious selection of Spanish tapas and wine to taste. I saved the wine for after work but tuned in for a lunchtime seminar with several sommeliers from the region. Back in 2019, I went on a press trip to Spain where we spent a week visiting 13 wineries in Do Rueda, Spain’s top region for verdejo & white wine. See those posts here!

Another great surprise today was the delivery of new blue light glasses from gry mattr, a new company from Joe Mimran (the founder of Joe Fresh). I picked this design on a whim without realizing they would look almost identical to my old fav glasses I wore when I first started Twitter (see small image here).

I had this same black & white photo as my Twitter image from 2009-2012. Back then, I used to wear glasses ALL the time and I absolutely love these new ones from gry mattr. Thanks Joe!

A BIG thank you to everyone who reached out via social or LinkedIn to congratulate me on my new gig. Excited for the future! Have a great week!

Day 371: First Day of Spring!

Today is the first day of spring! Guys, we made it through the winter, congratulations!

I went to the garden center at Canadian Tire and cleaned up our patio. I finally planted all of the Pothos cutting I’d been propagating over the winter.

After my gardening expedition, I went for a nice long walk with Michelle and we had a drink on a patio for the first time in MONTHS. It was so lovely to be outside and enjoying the sun!

Day 370: Sunrise Cold Plunge in Lake Ontario

This morning I woke up nice and early and went to Humber bay part to meet some friends for a cold plunge in Lake Ontario. The sun was just coming up over the horizon and it was cold but beautiful. It was the first time IRL meeting Amy Shio, aka Les Best the wonderful woman who has been a big part in inspiring me to run daily.

Megan, Amy, Eric, Phil, and I ran into the water just after 7:30 am and stayed in for about 45 seconds. I wasn’t expecting the waves to be SO HIGH but it was still fun. When I came out of the water, it was so cold that part of my hair was FROZEN!

I reckon next time we’ll pick a spot that has less waves and rocks because it was a little scary! Hoping to go back in the water again next week.

Happy Friday!

Day 368: Think About Perspective

I do a petty good job of sharing positive stories, sunshine, smiley faces but let me remind you, once again, what you see on the internet is never the whole story. Some days are hard, messy, or just plain garbage. Life is hard and we are living through a deadly global pandemic. We’ve learned a lot after one year of this but that doesn’t make it easier on the day-to-day. I try to find joy in the little things, stand and face the sun, and get out fresh air to clear my head.

The past year has really taught me about perspective and I try to keep that in mind when I’m faced with it a challenge. No matter how much I try tho, I can’t help but feel sad or angry sometimes, both made more difficult if you’re tired. This week has been a mix of awesome and shitty, a real rollercoaster.

It’s important to remember that a bad day isn’t all days, you are strong, you can handle this. Take some deep breaths, a walk outside, or even take a little nap. There’s no sense in letting a bad day ruin everything and with each new morning, we have an opportunity to find some good in the day.

Today I was having a hard time when I decided to stop everything and go for a long walk. The air was cool but the sun was out, by the time I got back home, I felt better.

I love this reminder shared by Amy Shio on Instagram, a good one to keep.

Day 367: Making Fun Happen

Had a great run this morning and found some street art on the way home. Can you guess what I drew here? The sun of course! Love seeing people out here making fun happen.

I received a fabulous box from the tourism folks in Stratford, ON filled with all kinds of goodies from local retailers. It was so fun to open! [WATCH THE VIDEO HERE] I grew up in the 519 and Stratford has so many memories for me. We used to visit all the time with my parents and I spent few weekends going there for dance competitions.

To help support local businesses, they’ve created this lovely box filled with local Stratford treasures. Purchasing one is not only is a great gift, you’re supporting local shops in an Ontario tiny town. Check out @visitstratfordon on IG or visit their website to order. Each box is $100+HST (includes free shipping across Canada). My last visit there was in 2018 and I made a guide of things to do when you visit, in this post.

The shirt I’m wearing is my OWN vintage from 1989. I used to go to heaps of car shows w/ the family as a kid. I was playing with the mirror and found it hilarious to see my reflections multiply. 🤣 Just’ making my own fun over here.

This week I also received a package I ordered from a childhood friend’s new biz, The Curator’s Shop. They created it during covid and ship boxed full of all kinds of luxury goods that make great gifts. I purchased the Hinza Tote, a green plastic, sustainable multi-use bag made from sugar cane, a renewable resource. For over 50 years these bags have been produced in Sweden.

Finished the day with a long walk from Junction downtown to Queen & Bathurst with Michelle. It was so sunny and I loved seeing random friends along the way. She had these photos made for me at Christmas and I just picked them up. So fun. I need to print more photos!