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Day 446: Live Music in the Sun

Biked over to Christie Pitts after work last night to meet Natalie in the park. It was so nice out! I am living for these hot days.

I didn’t get to see her around my birthday so she packed a nice little picnic and we listened to live music in the sun.

I biked home to meet Sean around 8 pm and we watched something on Netflix. I decided to use my vacation days to take Friday afternoons off for most of the summer. Looking forward to driving up to the cottage a bit early and spending the weekend there.

Hope you are having a good week! Nice to be back to the blog. Sending love!

Day 445: Sometimes I Don’t Feel Like It #21

It’s been a little while since I updated and to be honest, I just didn’t feel like it. Over the last 20 days, I often opened WordPress to write so many times but ended up saving drafts, only counting the days. The last 2 weeks have been hard, we’re still in lockdown, I haven’t been vaccinated, I miss my parents, going places, doing things.

Sometimes I just don’t feel like it, being on the internet, sharing my life. Over the years I’ve written 20 posts with this same title, you can read them here. Work is going good and I’ve finally gotten into the groove of being an employee, it took 8-10 weeks. I hadn’t worked full-time since 2013 so it was quite an adjustment. I really love the work I’m doing and can’t wait to share an exciting project. I’ve been riding my bike a lot lately, and going for walks after work, seeing friends in the park. It’s the only thing keeping me sane!

With the pandemic, work, relationships, family, and general anxiety, I haven’t felt like sharing here. I still post something to my IG Stories most days, Instagram, or pop up on Twitter but each time I went to write, I couldn’t do it. I’d been on such a good run with blogging for the past year and was feeling down about not posting. I really enjoy blogging but I feel like this year caught up with over me the last few weeks. I missed a few days, then it felt like a lot to catch up on and before I knew it, it was almost a month. I’m keen to update the last couple of weeks so I have memories to look at. Journaling is such a beautiful thing and once I started writing this, I was reminded how much I love it.

I think a key takeaway is to not be too hard on yourself. If you need to sleep, sleep, get takeout, leave the laundry pile, skip a workout, or take a day off, it’s OK. We will get through this pandemic and won’t remember the individual days but how the experience changed us. I think it’s changed me for the better.

Day 431: Mellow Yellow

Had a nice park date w/ Chloe after work/ So nice to see her, it had been ages. Opened a few packages on Stories this morning and they were all so nice. Lays sent a box of chips and I got a huge box of goodies from Sitti Soap. Their annual box goes to support refuges and is a BIPOC + woman-owned business. Check it out here.

425: Better Days Are On Their Way

Had such a nice bike ride today after work. Went over to see April and hang out in the backyard. I’ve been loving these warmer temps and wearing cute clothes. We walked about 5km from her place, up to Dundas, to Bathurst, and back along Queen West.

The trees are all starting to bloom and it will be summer in no time. Don’t lose hope, better days are on their way. Sending you love from the internet, have a great day!

Day 422: Ray of Sunshine

Had a nice dip in the lake this morning. Things are in bloom; trees are growing leaves, flowers blooming, birds singing. 🌳

This is my absolute favorite mug, Sasha got it for me ages ago in LA. The compliment I love most is being called a Ray of Sunshine or in this case Ray of F**king Sunshine. 😁

We’re still at the cottage and gonna stay a few more days. Sean got a new wireless router that will make it easier for us both to work from the cottage. Hoping we can spend a lot of time up here this summer. ☀️

Hope your week is off to a great start!