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Day 106: The Hummingbird Bar

What a difference a day makes. 

Your heart breaks, your body aches, you need rest. 

It’s a test, a level you have to pass. 

The feelings you’re having won’t last. 

Get some sun, read a book.

Find a mirror, take a look. 

Like hummingbirds at the feeder, 

Tomorrow’s sugar will be sweeter. 

We have hummingbirds and they drink the sugar water, they’re realllly into it. Making a mess, drinking, coming back. Closest to a bar I’ve been, cutest birds I’ve ever seen. Hard to get a good photo of one, they move so fast! 🤳🏽

Been writing a lot more lately, little verses here and there. I love to write, to rhyme, to take inspiration from things I see and hear. I made this video last week and wasn’t sure it turned out so I chopped it up and gave it an edit,. took a page from my own talk to ‘use what you got‘, I think it turned out pretty good!

Day 105: A Fear of Impending Doom

I took a selfie and didn’t realize how dark the sky had gotten. Sean is inside Canadian Tire while I wait in the car. We’re meeting someone at McDonald’s in 20 min to buy some lights for the cottage. 

I’ve felt anxious for days. I’m tired. Yesterday I napped for almost four hours, today I napped for one. I hardly ever take naps, I guess my body is exhausted? It’s Pride today and it’s gone online like everything these days. Last year we were in the parade with Telus. A couple of years ago we were on the Netflix float with the cast of Orange is The New Black.

I’m finding it hard to locate happiness, I have to actually put down my phone and look for it outside in the world. The phone is full of things that stress me out. I watched CP24 today and there is a lot of gun violence, riots, fighting, sickness, and death. It’s hard to handle.

I’m grateful I saw my family on Friday. It makes me smile just thinking about hugging and laughing together in the sun. 

Jen Kirsch published an article in The Star that pretty much summed up how I’m feeling. Been thinking about how she mentioned the anxiety we feel with this pandemic, the risk, the guilt, sadness, regret. Going out, seeing people, did we say/do the right thing?


I feel some guilt that after about 80 days of blogging, I’m behind on 10 days. But then again, that’s pretty amazing I blogged that much at all! Can’t feel guilty, gotta let it go, it’s ok. 

The sky cleared up a bit and the sun is out. Sean is walking to the car and we have 7 min to meet the guy. 

Everything is gonna be ok.

Casie Stewart, signature, iPad Pro.

Day 104: Saturday Drive

Left early in the morning to come back to the cottage. There was a bit more traffic than we’ve seen the last couple months. Passed a few sweet hot rods, I always send photos like this to my dad.

Was so tired when we arrived, I napped for almost four hours. I hope I’m not sick! It’s so nice to be back, maybe it’s the clean fresh air making me sleepy.

The water level is quite high, while I was away sean had to prop the dock on cinder blocks to keep it out of the water. There was some serious rain last week!

Day 103: Mum’s Retirement!

MUM IS RETIRING TODAY! I am so excited to see her after months. She’s worked hard her whole life and today we celebrate her retirement.

If you know mum or want to send a message, photo, or video, please do! I’ll do a dramatic live reading for her this afternoon! 😄

Image may contain: 2 people, living room, shoes and indoor

Also if you are in the area, she’s still at the same house, drive by and honk your horn or come say hi in the backyard! 🎈


Day 102: What Would You Do If you Were Free?

I worked in the morning and then went out for a bike ride to meet Miche & Jackie in the park. Wore one of my fav bathing suits from Bathing Belle as a bodysuit with these old American Apparel shorts. They used to be so tight and now they’re a bit big. Haven’t been running as much this week but the bike keeps me moving.

Saw this on Sterling Road as I was heading downtown, stopped to take a photo up close. Been thinking about this statement, what would you do if you were free?

Day 101: Creativity & Content

Today I spoke about Creativity & Content at the FreshBooks #IMakeaLiving 5-Minute Mentors conference. I was the first speaker to kick off the morning and talked about my life over the past 4 months, uncertainty about work, and how we can all use creativity to think about business differently.

If you’d like to watch the stream you can see it here on the #IMakeALiving Facebook page. This video has only one view that includes the speakers and doesn’t include slides. Here’s a couple of slides from my presentation if you’re curious!

Remember, you don’t have to monetize every hobby. Creativity is a powerful tool to OPEN YOUR MIND. You might learn a new skill, something about yourself, or find inspiration for another part of your life.

Have fun creating, step out of your comfort zone, that’s where the magic happens. I drew this about 10 years ago and always look it up to remind myself, and you, to find that spark.