Sailing in Bahamas 2024

I went sailing in Bahamas! Earlier this month I flew south to spend a week with mum on their boat in the Exuma, Bahamas. It was so beautiful! From the moment I saw that blue water I knew I was somewhere special!

I flew from TO to Atlanta then landed at the Exuma airport on a sunny Friday afternoon. My driver was there waiting to deliver me to the parents in George Town, Bahamas. They picked me up and we took the. little dinghy over to their sailboat.

The next day we sailed 4 hours to Lee Stocking Island to spend a few days in this stunning + remote location. It was stunning! We went to an island with iguanas and then to another island where we had the beach all to ourselves!

Grateful for my friend Danica, designer of Bathing Belle swimsuits for hooking mum and I up with these GORGEOUS swimsuits. Every suit I wore on this trip was by Bathing Belle, her shop is is in Roncesvalles, Toronto and you should totally check it out.

She’s got tons of prints & styles, you can get a custom suit, or have your suit adjusted to be the perfect fit. Highly recommend! I’ve posted about Bathing Belle before here.

I spent an afternoon at the world famous Chat n’ Chill bar and definitely got a photo on the swim that’s all over their instagram.

We had such a great time. I loved everything about this trip. Thank you mum & Steve for hosting me for a week! I came back with a great tan & feeling refreshed.