Speaking: AI’s Impact on The Travel Industry

Daydreaming at the White Lotus hotel in Maui…🪷☀️🌴 Daydreaming for real because I used photos, magic, & AI to go there!

On May 22nd during Toronto Tech Week, I’m speaking on a panel about AI’s Impact on The Travel Industry. Look forward to sharing my thoughts about AI as a marketer & content creator. Details here.

I was at the Social Next conference about a week ago and the whole theme was AI in marketing. I’m fired up for this travel talk, it’s gonna be a spicy conversation!

AI & Content Creation

Now, how did I make it look like I was in Maui using artificial intelligence and a green screen? No Gatekeeping! I started with an image of me on a green screen, grabbed photo from the Four Seasons Hotel in Maui website (where White Lotus S2 was filmed), then pasted myself on the balcony. I added a filter using InShot app to the entire image (me + balcony)to make it look more of a vibe and like it was actually taken that way.

In order to make the landscape photo fit into a square for Instagram, I used a technique called ‘outpainting’ to fill in in the top and bottom of the image with AI. The app I used for this is called Photoleap, you can also do this in Photoshop using Generative Fill.

It’s amazing what can be done, but is it cool or is it scary? What does this mean for content? Content creators? Brands? Travel companies? How can AI be used effectively for travel?

If you’d like to learn more about AI or join to our talk about AI & the travel industry, register here.

P.S. As I was checking the SEO for my post, looks like I can now use AI to write meta descriptions with the Yoast plugin. AI IS EVERYWHERE!