Day 578: TikTok Plant Hack – Aerial Roots

Spent the whole weekend working on my room and WHOA what a job it was. On Saturday I had a bit of a meltdown once almost everything was outside on the roof, the thought of putting it back was overwhelming. Thankfully I stuck to it and am nearly done putting everything away, throwing out the carpet, and organizing my stuff. I also watched the entire season of MAID on Netflix, kinda sad but a good show.

In other news, I am SO happy with my plants. Saw a TikTok Plant Hack (PlantTok) about putting an aerial root from a monstera in a small glass jar to help them grow. It works! I’ve got two tiny glass jars on different plants and a bunch of new leaves sprouting. It took about 2 weeks to see new growth.

This monstera is the same large plant that I shared cuttings from in my post the other day.

I am yet to post anything on my own TikTok yet but I must say, I am loving all the plant hacks. Learned so much the last few weeks and look forward to growing more and more plants over the winter.

Day 569: Plant Mama – Propagation!

I’ve mentioned my love for propagating plants a few times and I am so proud of my latest creation! I have successfully propagated two different types of Monstera.

I took a few cuttings from my biggest plant, Monstera Deliciosa, the most common variety of monstera. I grew the cuttings in water for about 2 months and planted them in rich soil today. They’re flourishing!

The leaves seen here with the holes are Monstera Adansonii, a plant I picked up a few weeks ago from The Urban Gardener. This beautiful plant was healthy and primed for cuttings from the day I got her. I grew the cuttings in water + root hormone and they grew had 1″ roots in about 2 weeks.

I can’t wait to share these plant babies with friends and build my little jungle at home!

Day 235: Living in the Woods, Propagating Plants

IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL OUT TODAY! I spent most of last night preparing a presentation for a meeting and once we showed the client today, I was ready for a break from technology.

I’d been growing some pothos cuttings in water for the past few weeks and decided it was time to plant them. I took out each of the roots, potted them in fresh soil, and fertilized with banana water. I hope they all live so I can share the new plants with friends. Propagating plants has been one of my favourite things of 2020.


Gonna remember 2020 as the year we lived in the woods, I grew my hair out, started running, exercising, propagating plants, tie-dye, eating healthier, sewing again, & loving myself more. ???

Day 134: Growing Roots

Cut my own hair about a month ago and it’s growing nicely. I’m not sure how long I intend to let it go but this is the longest, strongest, and darkest it’s been in over a decade. Started using a lightening spray I found in the cottage bathroom and one of my cottage friends asked if I had my hair done! ? I’ve had bleach blonde hair for so long but I actually really like how it is it now with the roots.

Ran 4.5km in the morning and did some work for a couple of hours. Emily arrived mid-afternoon and hung out in the kitchen with me working on her crafts.

Repotted my aloe plant that was busting out of its pot, growing roots with tiny pups all over the place. Checked Pinterest for what to do and I really hope they all live through the process! I have a Plants & Garden board on Pinterest here with all kinds of resources for growing indoors, outdoors, and plant care. Over the pandemic, I’ve been propagating my pothos plants and have two that are really starting to grow in their pots after growing roots in water. Come winter, I hope to live in a greenhouse!

I’m a nature-loving Taurus and I love taking care of my plants!

Planty Places in Toronto

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Last night I went deep into a hole of finding and following Instagram accounts that are beautiful plants and planty places. Scrolling through Instagram content has become so much easier now that you can put multiple links in Instagram bio. I’m sure a lot of you at home will be desperate to do this too! Some were very easy to find because they had large followings on platforms like Instagram. Although, I did wonder if they had used to achieve such fantastic figures. Over the last month, I’ve really pared down everything I personally own and cleaned TF out of my bedroom, closet, and set up a new home office space. It’s been a lot of work, to say the least. I want to reward myself and bring life to the space with MORE PLANTS. This post is not sponsored I was just looking for some planty places in Toronto and I put them here because I found some really good stuff!

Allan Gardens Conservatory

Warm, beautiful, green, great spot to lift your spirits, take some photos, and make you forget it’s arctic outside. This place has a long history you can read about on The have 2 Tropical Houses, a Cool Temperate House, Palm House, Tropical Landscape House and the Arid House which has unusual cacti and succulents. It’ open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., 365 days/year, with free admission, and is wheelchair accessible. Super cute for dates or BFF hangs. Afternoon sun is best.

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Daycation in Toronto

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I’m sure I’ve been there since this photo was taken on a cold day in November, 2011 for FAJO Magazine. I loved those Jeffrey Campbell shoes from Nasty Gal so much.

Fav old shoes. Don’t have anymore!

Plant World

THERE IS A PLANT SALE FOR ALL OF THIS MONTH. Saw this on FB and you can find more info here. Daily in February from 10am-6pm. They have a cute IG and this place is known for haveing a big selcection. I’m going. Bye.

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  • Location: 4000 Eglinton Avenue West, Etobicoke, M9A 4M2
  • Instagram: @PlantworldGC

Ontario Science Centre

Not just plants, a full-on rainforest ecosystem. The Living Earth exhibit is warm and damp like a jungle complete with a bridge and running water. We like to go on the weekend as a family. Ticket info and special exhibition details at For access, you need to get a pass for the whole museum wich is $22 for adults, $13 for kids, and under 2 are free.


This store on Queen is so beautiful. It’s a fancy plant shop where you’ll find all kinds of beautiful indoor plants, big cacti, succulents, vintage pots, and planters. Expect boutique prices. Go in the mid-late afternoon to catch the sun coming in the front window.

  • Address: 1086 1/2 Queen St. West or new location 136 Avenue Road
  • Instagram: @dynastytoronto

Ottos Bierhalle

Across the street from Dynasty, on the ground floor of The Great Hall, you’ll find Ottos. Same cool peeps behind SoSo Food Club and the Mansion parties we used to hit. Expect lots of plants, beer, and really good food. Good people watching by the window but I suggest sitting under the plants and getting into the atmosphere. Lunch is M-F 12-5pm.

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2019 resolution? More plants ???

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Urban Gardener

This one is near my house, so I like to walk over (when I have a plant emergency haha). They have heaps of little succulents, small plants, and large ones. They also offer workshops, landscaping, and interiors. The owners Dave and Joe have been friends and worked together for nearly 20 years. Good selection of pots, soil, and gifty things. Prices are medium. Good photo ops.

Valleyview Gardens

I haven’t been here but I discovered them today and I want to go. It’s up in Markham and family owned since the 70’s. The likelihood of me driving there is looking slim right now but I’ll browse their beauty IG until it happens. The website has the current temp as 22 degrees and it looks lush & tropical. Let’s go!

I hope you enjoyed this list. If I’m missing a gorgeous green indoor garden somewhere please let me know! One of my goals this month is to spend more time in my space, around more plants, and make at least one macrame hangar. Crazy cool plant lady vibes all around. ?

If you want some inspiration here are a few posts from Instagram plant accounts/hashtags I discovered.