Day 548: Cloud Storage

Read a lot of my book today! Currently reading You Love Me by Karoline Kepnes, the third book in the YOU series. I thought S3 of it for Netflix was candles but it’s not. Kinda wish I hadn’t read it now!

Day 547: Bon weekend!

I am so ready for the weekend. I can’t wait to cook food, read my book, try to sleep in, and spend time in the sun.

We’ve been thinking about painting the bathroom with the Chantilly Lace that’s leftover from the bathroom renovation at home. It will be a big change but a nice refresh! Sean’s mum said we could paint it last summer but we’ve not taken the leap yet. 😬

Bon weekend!

Day 546: Currie’s Music in Gravenhurst

Sean and I went on an adventure to Gravenhurst after work. One of our fav spots to visit is Currie’s Music & Antique Goods. They’ve got heaps of music equipment, records, and in the back, there’s a section with vintage clothes. I’ve gotten some real gems here! Today picked up this lovely red hat with a sequin star.

Stopped into a Rustix for a coffee and since it was closing time, they gave it to me for free! I also found a Fiddle Fig for $15 (50% off!) at the grocery store which is a steal because I’ve paid over $50 for one the same size. Overall a great time!

Also, we have so many peppers from the garden!

Day 545: Up to The Cottage

We drove up to the cottage after work and I am so incredibly grateful to be here. The last week is really catching up with me, physically, mentally. Feel like this is the best place to be right now. I have Friday and Monday off for the long weekend and am looking forward to charging my batteries.

In other news, I’m a millionaire in Animal Crossing! I got this game in the spring and didn’t think I would play much but I’ve been playing for a few minutes almost every day. A nice break from everything to step into another world. 🌎

Day 544: Growing Up The Wall

Took a break for a week and I’m back in action. Tomorrow we’re heading up to the cottage for a few days for the long weekend. I can’t wait to be back up in the woods. It’s so magical up there. The last few days have been pretty stressful and to be honest, I’m totally exhausted. Between, work, family, the pandemic, it’s hard to not feel tired.

In other news, my Monstera is growing up the wall so much! I’m really happy with how my plants are doing at home, it’s been such a joy nurturing them the last year. Received a really cute package from Pure Sun Farms today, thank you!

Day 537: In A Fairytale

Have you ever been somewhere that makes you want to run away?

I was looking back at photos from a shoot at OBJX Studio last week and I forgot how dreamy it was. I’d love to live somewhere like this, feels like a palace. A penthouse castle, a warehouse filled with light, plants, and beautiful furniture. I can’t wait to go back

I’m wearing a dress from Never Fully Dressed (Thanks Cory!) and the new shoes I picked at Door Number Two vintage last week (Day 525).

brb dreaming of living in a fairytale xo