Bisha Toronto: Work, Stay, Play

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I’m back with updates! Events have definitely returned and summer is here. Earlier this month we celebrated the official opening of the Bisha’s summer season, poolside on the roof. If you’re looking for a place to work, stay, and play, this is the place to be. I’ve stayed here a few times and the hotel is amazing.  

Hand fun seeing a bunch of familiar faces, many I’d not seen in 2+years, and having drinks with Miche & Nadia.

Saw Bretty Boop IRL, such a cool babe. Girl crush! Have been following her on IG for a while, check her out at @bretttyboop and find her DJing around the city.

Thank you Lori & team for the invite, hospitality, and gift bag! Had a great time and look forward to my next visit to Bisha, especially the rooftop pool. Next time I’m bringing my swimsuit!

Photo credit: @arthurmola 

May Long Weekend in Muskoka

We drove up to the cottage on Thursday night to spend the May long weekend in Muskoka. I haven’t been up North much this year but was really looking forward to a few days out of the city. It was meant to rain all weekend but Friday was a magical sunny day. I took FULL ADVANTAGE.

Went for a nice 7K walk/run in the middle of the day and it was beautiful. At Funday, we get a bonus vacation day during our birthday month so I booked mine to make an extra-long weekend.

We took the boat out and Sean wakeboarded even though the water is still pretty cold. I don’t mind being captain lol. Fun times!

With love from the woods!

Friendship Like This is a Magical Thing

Met up with Carmela for a much overdue catch-up. We met in high school and were the best of friends. One summer she spent almost the entire 2 months at my house. We danced, had parties, and got up to some mischief haha.

The last time we hung out was about 20 years ago but as soon as we saw each other it was like we never missed a day. Both of us recently got a jumpsuit from Zara kids so we wore them to match, just like old times!

Friendship like this is a magical thing. We literally laughed together from the moment we got there to the moment we left. It was nice out so we walked home and I got to see where she lives. LOVE YOU CARMELA!

Ok, I Like It, Picasso

The weather has been kinda nice and that makes me happy. Can finally wear cute outfits & transitional coats. Totally forgot about this stunning pearl duster jacket I got in New Zealand a few years ago.

Had a pretty good week. Spent Thursday/Friday at the Hvr office and Nelson and I are really getting things together for the podcast. I can’t wait to start recording!

Shoutout to Flow Water for sending over a case in honour of earth month. Flow has saved 150+ million plastic bottles from entering the environment and they’re focused on replacing plastic bottles with mostly renewable-resource-based, recyclable cartons. NICE WORK. GREAT WATER.

Saw this on my commute to the office, ok I like it, Picasso.