Day 363: Counting The Days

Socially distanced. Wearing a mask. Staying home. Staying inside. Working from home. Distanced walks. Banana bread. Zoom meetings. You’re on mute. Loungewear. Self-care.

It’s wild to think back to March 13th, 2020. I remember going to the gym in the morning, meeting friends at Drake Commissary for lunch, eating inside. Picking up beers from the brewery, walking home in the sunshine. I went for a walk at magic hour, sat inside at the bar for a pint near our house. The next day my sister came over and we watched Contagion thinking, no way this could happen here.

I’m not exactly sure how to ‘celebrate’ one year, it’s not the kind of thing you’d throw a party for. A party is technically illegal these days. I’m gonna keep counting the days until the pandemic is over. Hopefully the end is near but looking at how the vaccinations are rolling out, it might be a while.

A couple of friends in Canada got their vaccines this week and I can’t wait to get mine so we can all hang out. I miss seeing friends. events, concerts, yelling in a crowded bar, karaoke, fashion shows, press-previews, or grabbing one last drink at a dive bar.

Today we watched The One on Netflix and finished the 8 Episode series. Good show! Sean chopped wood and we had a nice fire, cozied up on the couch. Pretty sure it was only 9 pm when we both fell asleep.