Day 618: Me & My Plants

Hello from me & my plants! To be honest, I keep wondering if I should stop counting the days but we are still in a PANDEMIC even though some things are “normal-ish”. Sometimes it feels like the pandemic is over but as of today, Ontario has a 46% rise in cases.

I don’t mind being home, to be honest. I love the slower pace of life, the excuse to not go anywhere, the opportunity to bail at any time. I also love my plants so much.

Anyhoo, saying “hi” and Happy Friday! Hope you have a great day!

Day 617: Then I Heard Clapping

A little story for ya today! I went out mid-day to grab some lunch from Gaspar Cafe. While I was waiting for my sandwich, I thought why not take a photo of my cute outfit?! Set my coffee on the table out front, leaned my phone against it, and used my watch as a self-timer. As I was taking photos I noticed a package truck and a bunch of film gear, thought nothing of it.

Took about 20 photos, need that many to get a good one lol. When I was done, grabbed my phone to see my work…then I heard clapping. ???

Turns out, the shop window beside me had a full film crew and they were clapping for ME! ? HAHAHAHAHAH.

I was slightly embarrassed but then two different crew members came out and said “that was great” and “you are so cute we wanted to show support”.

The highlight of my day.

Day 616: The Art of Browsing

Went for a long walk after work and stopped into Value Village on Lansdowne. I really missed browsing the aisles of VV and seeing what they have. I strolled the racks, scrolled my phone, and had calls with friends along the way.

Left without getting anything but it was nice to look, try things on, and put things back. Here are a few things I didn’t end up getting but enjoyed the art of browsing.

Day 608: Make A Walk Work

Dear Diary, today I went for a walk at 3:45 to pick up an order from Indestructible Mfg about 15 mins from the house. I went for a run this morning but I think I really need to stay prioritizing a walk in the day. With clocks changing this weekend I want to make sure I get some sun each day.

Having less daylight and the colder temps has gotten the best of me sometimes and I know I need to actively prepare. In 2020 I wrote a series of things to help beat Seasonal Affective Disorder, see them all here. This is the first time, in a long time that I’ve had a full-time job and don’t want to fall into old habits. When it gets dark by 6 pm, it’s easy to keep working and miss the day. Note to self: make a walk work.

Used a set of velcro rollers I ordered online and they actually looked better IN my hair than after. I need to practice and use a hair oil when I take them out next time, my hair was mega frizz.

In other news, work is going great and I’m excited to tell you (SOON!) what I’ve been working on for the past year.

Catch that sun while you can. ☀️

Day 607: Burn So Brightly

My order from Zara arrived and I’m so happy w/ my latest finds in the kid’s section.? Both this sweater and bright pink jacket are kids 11/12!

My post from November 2020 came up in my Twitter memories today, posted a Moonomens IG on that day too. Saw this post by GFDA today and absolutely love following their account, good advice, always.

“Burn so brightly that you catch the world on fire”

Day 598: Hippie Market Life

Went for a long walk to the final Hippie Market at this location. There are so many great vendors there! If you missed out on going this year, keep an eye out for their IG posts for the next event.

Day 596: Secret Location

Checked out a wedding venue w/ Brock & Lauren after work. Hadn’t been here before, a secret location, speakeasy style venue behind a small bar on King West. Perfect mirror selfie spot in the back!

Day 595: Blonde Me!

Went to Sassoon in the afternoon for a fresh round of highlights. Ready to say sayonara to my natural pandemic look and brighten things up w/ a bit more blonde.

Posted a video of my new look here!

Day 594: Full Moon, Happy Heart

Went to the Stackt Market w/ Cory before our ladies dinner date. It’s so lovely there! Took a bunch of photos, looked around, admired the sun setting over the train tracks, under the full moon.

We had dinner at Clio, the new restaurant on the 3rd floor of the old Spoke Club. Gail is a member there so she was able to book us all a table. I had the kale salad, scallops, and broccolini, all delicious.

Met up w/ Sean at the office after, stopped on Ossington for one cocktail and was in bed before 11. Nice to be out but I also love being home. ?

Day 593: Blue Is The Warmest Colour

I never used to wear blue but now I do! I always stuck to pink, yellow, red, orange, green, never thought blue looked good on me. Idk why, that’s so weird lol. I’m a lot more adventurous with my outfits now that I have long hair and am more fit. Yay me! Also, if you haven’t seen Blue is The Warmest Colour, it’s a movie that premiered at TIFF a few years back.

These new jeans were a gift from Everlane and I love them. Use this link for 10% off your first order! Cory had this gorge blue blazer in the car so I threw it on, perfect outfit! I made a Reel on IG too, watch it here.

Being a creator is a funny thing, we pick a location, change in the car, and bang out a few sets of photos. It’s ridiculously fun. It wasn’t until we got back in the car after the last set that we realized Cory locked the keys in the car! Thankfully CAA came to the rescue in record time. Went for Gus Tacos and Craig’s Cookies after, overall a fabulous day.

Hope you have a magical Tuesday!!

Day 592: Run for Your Life!

Went for such a nice run this evening and then a bike ride. It’s quite cold today but perfect for getting that heart rate up. Not looking forward to really cold temps but I love running in the winter, as long as it’s not slippery.

I usually head out in the morning but today we had contractors over to fix one of our exterior walls at 8 am and Sean was already on his run. Someone had to be home!

Planning to run the rail path before work tomorrow as I’m meeting some friends for dinner in the evening. I’ve not seen a couple of these ladies in almost a year so really looking forward to it.

Hope your week is off to a great start!

Day 591: So Lovely

Had a nice little Sunday with Cory Lee! We popped in to see Morgan Lovely and her new spot, THIC Studio, a beautiful hair salon + studio you can rent to shoot in. The space is stunning with beautiful light, great details, and lots of plants. Morgan gave me a bang trim and I got a B12 shot from the TIGHT Clinic who was onsite. Very thankful for the much-needed bang trim as I’m having colour done at Sassoon later this week. ?

Late last year Morgan created THIC, the hair inspired company and introduced a Daily Hair Perfecting Oil. I’ve been using her product since January and it is SO LOVELY. It’s really helped my hair to grow and feel healthy. I have fine hair so I was hesitant to try and oil on it but I swear it doesn’t make my hair greasy. I use it almost every single day.

Saw this little window box as we were leaving and of course, I stopped Cory to take my picture. You gotta find joy in the little things!

Day 588: Demolition of Self

This is around the corner from our house and I love it. So simple and random but yet so deep.

The leaves are really pretty right now and I’m looking forward to going back up to the cottage. Not sure when I’ll be there but it’s always on my mind.

Sending you sunshine through the internet.

Day 586: When Life Gives You Monday

After work, I biked over to a last-minute vintage sale on Queen West. April was going to meet me there but she had to work so I went solo. I wasn’t really looking for anything particular but I left with a beautiful silk blazer (with shoulder pads!) and a glass bowl I plan to use for plant propagation. Took home something for April in my bike basket. ?

It was absolutely beautiful outside and it felt great to be on my bike in the sun. I cruised down the West Toronto Rail Path, down Dundas West, and back. Loving these warm October days and hope they stick around past Halloween.

When life gives you Monday, dip it in glitter and sparkle all day.

Ella Woodward

Looking forward to an early night and my run in the morning.

Sending you sunshine through the internet!