Day 365: A Year of Cottage Living

Living in the woods for a year will change you.

I remember when I started dating Sean and spending time at the cottage, I dreamed of us running away to live in the woods. I’d eat healthily, build a garden, go for long walks, and letting my hair grow out.

Today marks one year since we packed up our essential items and moved up to the cottage to wait out the Covid-19 Pandemic. We thought it was a great opportunity to open the cottage a little early and get some jobs done around the property. We had no idea it would last this long.

The first few months were filled with online workout classes, dance with Ryan Heffington, and long runs outside through the woods. Over the summer I read a bunch of books, perfected my tan, and safely hung out on the water with cottage friends.

In August, I spent a week in the city and it was so nice to walk with friends, sit on patios, or hang in the park. I started a new job in August we both worked from the cottage for most of the fall. I was starting to miss home and good wifi, I wanted to get back to some kind of normal routine.

In December, we had our first family Christmas at the cottage complete with a tree, presents, and fireworks. Sean and I spent a nice 7-day stretch at the cottage the week before NYE. We came back to the city on January 1, 2021.

Sean spent most of January and February 2021 at the cottage alone or with Emily while she was doing home school. I wanted to spend some time at our house in the city, I missed my stuff, my closet, and the comfort of our space. I love the cottage but I also miss my old life and seeing friends, even at a distance, seeing them brings me so much joy.

Although the pandemic has been a tragic year for us all, I’m extremely grateful for a year of cottage living. I learned a lot about myself living up north, isolation in the city is one thing but isolation up north is even more distanced.

You have time to be with your thoughts, nature, your feelings. We learned to use what supplies we had on hand and I discovered a love for propagating plants.

Here’s hoping this summer we can have people over and enjoy lake life together. Miss you.

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