Day 366: Big Spring Energy

I’ve been waking up so early this week and I’m not sure if it’s Daylight Saving Time or general excitement. Knowing spring is around the corner has me feeling some kinda way and I’m working on a couple of projects that have me BUZZING.

Last year when I was off work for a couple of months, it made me think about life and what I truly wanted. I’ve been working in social media for so long and felt like I needed a change. I joined the Advisory Board at Hvr then took a contract with Funday Agency. I’ve been so inspired by the work I’m doing, it’s transferred to everything I do.

I spent years not being *truly* happy and I think this past year really gave me a chance to revaluate what matters. I reprioritized a few things and through that gained a new perspective on life. I am truly excited for the next year and what I might can accomplish.

Here’s to BIG SPRING ENERGY. ☀️? She’s ready to BLOOM!