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  • Getting Involved and Giving Back: War Child Canada + National Philanthropy Day

    Last week I attended the What If Women Gala in support of War Child Canada. Since I was young volunteering has been something¬†very important to me. In the last¬†year, I’ve donated my time with Telus, served a few meals at Evangel Hall Mission, Movember Canada, Brands For Canada, and partnered with War Child Canada. Aside from¬†the gala being super fun, it was inspiring to hear stories of survival and celebrate the incredible accomplishments¬†of women in attendance.¬†I went with Deane from Veritas as an Ambassador for War Child. I rented this beautiful dress from Studio Fitzroy, my go-to place for great dresses. I was jazzed to meet Margaret Atwood and Sarah McLaughlin. I loved that M. Atwood and her husband were both wearing Coogi Sweaters. When I complimented her on it she seemed surprised and pleased I recognized the Australian classic. I used to have one and it’s my most regretted…

    HO-HO-HO! Need a Holiday Jumper? I Got You!

    I’ve been growing my collection of holiday sweaters for years. In honour of the holidays approaching and the ease of Amazon Prime, I’ve selected a few great holiday sweaters that you can order just in time to rock that holiday party.¬† Called on Sean to model some of the sweaters I ordered. Photos were taken using portrait mode on the new iPhone 8 Plus and my new millennial pink seamless background. Ho-Ho-Holiday Sweater Fun All three of Sean’s sweaters are from Amazon, the Cash Business Wreath, Braaaaap, and¬†Go Jesus. I also ordered the Stripper Silhouette which is on its way lol. If you’re looking for something a little¬†more feminine, I’ve included a few crazy print holiday dresses you’ll be sure to dazzle a¬†crowd in. ūü§∂ūüŹľ Oh man, I can’t wait to bust all these out. I love digging out my hidden stash of holiday sweaters that’s been tucked away. One…

    A Super Good Time Celebrating Mexico w/ Jarritos!

    It was the day after Halloween, I’d been working from home, did some work, and took a¬†nap. When I woke up I was in a hungry daze. Checked my calendar and I was so glad so glad to see this dinner because¬†I love Mexican food and Marian invited me + I was really hoping we’d get to sit together.¬†¬†On the Eve of¬†Dia de los Muertos and I hung out with a bunch of bloggers and¬† Jarritos Canada eating Mexican¬†food. The night was full of laughs and a delicious menu all washed down with Jarritos. My favourite flavours are grapefruit and mango for the record. WATCH THE VIDEO Here’s a #SuperGood throwback to a night of tequila & tacos with Toronto friends, celebrating #DayOfTheDead at @La_Carnita! pic.twitter.com/lXJDJaPCVw ‚ÄĒ Jarritos Canada (@JarritosCanada) November 9, 2017   Shoutout to their photog Josh for the photos.‚Üď In this one,¬† I’d already posted something on…

    Social Media Week Kicks Off Today – Visit YouTube, Twitter, Inspiring Speakers

    Today kicks off Social Media Week in Toronto. I’ve been part of it every year since it started, in some capacity. This year I’m on the SMTWO¬† Advisory Board for my second¬†year and speaking on a panel Wednesday. It is truly amazing to be part of an industry that has grown and developed SO MUCH the last 10 years. I could go on an on about how special the start of it was and how there were so few people. Back then, the role of Community Manager didn’t exist, we couldn’t’ schedule updates, there were no analytics, no budgets, and advertising was few and far between.¬† Back then people had influence, we called them leaders. Fearless self-starters who took chances, tried new things and did things differently. We followed to see what they would do next. Influence came from their work and the impact it had on others, not just…

    Winter on the Outside, Summer on the Inside

    Oh man, did you get a shock when you woke up this morning? I opened my curtains to see that the patio door had a layer of icy frost! Damn. It’s cold out there. Broke out the winter boots and warm jacket. Here we go guys, it’s winter. I’ve been a little off my game this week. Maybe I’m coming down¬†with something? Slept in more than usual today and went to bed at 10 last night which is pretty early for me. I didn’t even make yoga once this week. I also ate so much¬†crap I probably gained¬†5 damn pounds! We’re closing the cottage this weekend and I’m not looking forward to it. I wish we¬†could keep it open all winter! I know I said I like the closing duties but once winter hits, it’s all bittersweet. I’m heading to have lunch with April and I¬†always feel energized when we…

    It Pays To Have Friends! Use Booking.com & get $40

    Some people like aisle seats but I always pick window if I can.¬† I like something to lean on and I love staring out the¬†window. Takeoff is one of my favourite parts. I love being on planes, it means you’re going somewhere! I’m deep in planning my winter vacations and couldn’t be happier, it’ all starting to come together!¬† I leave for New Orleans in 2 weeks, then for a big 21-day adventure in December. I can’t wait. Nothing like knowing you’ve got sunshine in your future! If you’re looking to get away soon, I’m sharing this link for you to get some $$ back on your accommodation. Use¬†Booking.com and they’ll reward us both with a $40 CAD gift if you use¬†this link.¬†Once you check out of your hotel, the reward¬†from booking.com¬† will show up as¬†a refund on your credit card. If you have questions about how it exactly works,…

    Weekend Workshop + Book Recos + Monday Motivation

    This weekend was fun.¬† I went out for one last kayak before we put all the stuff away. It was surprisingly warm, but damp, great weather for getting things done. Although it’s a lot of work, and I can feel it in my arms today, closing the cottage is something I kinda look forward to. Sean and I do together as a team; heaps of lifting, holding the ladder, carrying the canoe, putting away¬†the outside stuff, and family trips to the dump. We had Embot with us and her fav part was deff packing the trailer then chucking everything into the huge garbage at the dump. For years I’ve been wanting to make cutting boards from some of the beautiful wood laying around and we finally did it! I marked and measured, Sean put them through¬†the planer, then cut them into pieces. I spent ages with the sander making¬†them night…

    5 Things To Do In Prince Edward County

    Last week my sister and I went on an adventure to Prince Edward County. PEC is¬†southern Ontario with a coastline on Lake Ontario‚Äôs northeastern shore. It’s been about 20 years since either of us were in The County. I have fond memories of Jenie and I¬†camping at Sandbanks Park with our parents, playing on massive¬†sand hills, making things with clay. Our trip was courtesy of The Drake Hotel and their PEC property, The Drake Devonshire. We were there to experience Countylicious, similar to Winterlicious/Summerlicious where restaurants¬†feature 3-course prix fixe menus for¬†$40/pp (+ tax & tip). In 24 hours we did so much more than just eat great food.¬† The County has so much to offer so here are a few thing I recommend for your PEC road trip. 5 Things to Do in Prince Edward County Visit Wineries There’s 40+ wineries in PEC and a whole bunch of breweries. If…

    My Job Rocks: It Finally Happened, I’m On A Kids Show!

    Ok so, for years Sean and other friends have said I’d¬†be great on a kids show. I’ve never disagreed and this weekend, although it was only a one episode interview, I was on a kids show! I love doing tv. It’s so fun and being on camera is something I’ve always been into. A post shared by CASIE |Writer Speaker Director (@casiestewart) on Oct 28, 2017 at 12:27pm PDT You might not know I was first on stage at 5 years old and pretty heavy into dance competitions growing up. I performed heaps as a kid then spent a few years as a teen model before shooting my first commercial in high school. Watch the Video: My Job Rocks – S2 E8 The show is called My Job Rocks and it’s on Rogers and Bell Fibe. My episode will be out in March and I’ll keep you posted when I…

    Celebrating the Power & Promise of Women! #Whatifwomen

    #WhatIfWomen is a fundraising event for¬†War Child, an organization that helps children in war-affected communities get back their childhood by giving them access to education and opportunity. On Monday I’m excited to celebrate The Power and Promise of Women with War Child Canada. You can get a ticket here.¬† Growing up, my mum really instilled in me that I could do anything and be anyone I wanted when I got older. It wasn’t easy and there were struggles but nothing like growing up in a war-torn¬†country like Sudan or Iraq. For the past couple weeks, I’ve been working with the War Child team to join a group of incredibly inspiring women in this campaign. When they approached me about volunteering it was around the day when all the ‘Me too’ posts hit the internet and I nearly broke down talking about how important it is for women to support other…

    Make It A November to Remember: #NaNoWriMo + My Next Travel Adventure

    The other day I scrolled an article on Vogue w/ Wes Anderson’s best interiors and discovered¬†Hotel Chevalier. I’m¬†obsessed¬†now,¬† watched it 5+ times. It’s a 13min American-French short with Natalie Portman and Jason Schwartzman, set in Paris at¬†Hotel Raphael.¬†I have not been to Paris¬†yet but I will go to this place one day. The more I learned about the film the more I wanted to know. Wes Anderson is so creative with the minute details of everything and I love it so much. Have you seen Grand Budapest Hotel?¬†In Hotel Chevalier, Natalie Portman¬†was cast after W. Anderson get her email from Scott Rudin, the producer of Closer. [Another movie I totally love and it super weird.] This movie is only 13 minutes but is so beautifully written and styled, it inspires me. I love it. I love the colours, directing, script. It’s great.¬† This month I’m heading on a week-long vacation…


    Happy Halloween¬†weirdos! I wasn’t really feeling in the ‘spirits this morning but Sean asked what I was dressing up as so I started into a ‘little’ Halloween¬†lewk. Well, about 45 minutes and huge coffee later, VOILA! This¬†haunting¬†creeper was born out of a desire to make a cute skellie¬†with pink and sparkles. I love looking like this so much. I also really adore this wig (from Amazon) and will likley wear it more just for fun. BTW, superzoom¬†in Instagram is so much fun. See video below.¬† I tried it out finally. I’ve been a but quiet the last couple days dealing with some family things but I’m a-ok. I’m working on a HUGE adventure for December and I¬†want to tell you about it so bad but it must wait. Be safe out there and let your freak flag fly! A post shared by CASIE |Writer Speaker Director (@casiestewart) on Oct 31,…

    Casie & Emily’s Review of Prodigy Game on iPad

    On a rainy day last week I was almost late to pick Embot up from daycare so we decided to go for burgers and test out Prodigy Game.¬†Em spent hours playing over the next few days. In that time she created an avatar for herself, explored Prodigy Game‚Äôs world, enhanced her math skills and even described it as ‚Äėreally fun.‚Äô Prodigy is a free math game with over 20 million students, teachers, and parents using it worldwide.¬† It combines gaming and education for students in grades 1-8, alleviates math anxiety and teaches valuable math skills aligned with the student‚Äôs curriculum at school. Prodigy Game was also recently¬†named by Canadian¬†Business as one of the top 10 fastest-growing start-ups in¬†Canada. Companies like this are educating our young people and also providing¬†cool jobs for our tech sector! I wasn‚Äôt very good at math in high school and did summer school or night school…

    Helping Communities Grow w/ the TD Common Ground Project

    This post is sponsored by TD and¬†the¬†TD Common Ground Project On a sunny Sunday afternoon, I took a drive to¬†Morningside Park¬†in Scarborough. This year as part of Canada 150, TD is revitalizing over 150¬† community green spaces across Canada. It‚Äôs so nice to adventure and stroll through a new park discovering things along the way. I took some time to sit in the sun, watch the water, and admire the light shining through the trees in the middle of the forest.¬†ūüĆ≥ūüĆ≥ūüĆ≥ūüĆ≥ When I was a kid in Cambridge, Ontario¬† I spent heaps of time at Riverside¬†Park near our house. Playing there as a kid, volunteering for summer camp in high school, riding bikes, and watching friends play baseball when I was a bit older. To this day I always take a drive through the park when I go home to see how it changes and go for a walk if…


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