Day 375: Healthy Meals for Me

Ya girl is kinda exhausted! I took a nap after dinner and then went for a walk before the sun went down. Moving to FT from PT is definitely an adjustment. I enjoy the job but it’s just different being on for so many hours a day. I feel like WFH vs work in an office is a bit harder to handle. In an office you have camaraderie & water cooler chats, whereas being at home, it’s just you and the computer or Zoom-style meetings.

In other news, I’ve been testing out some new healthy meals and thought I’d share! As part of my fitness journey over the past two years, I’ve moved towards a more plant-based diet. I’ve been doing intermittent fasting to curb my late-night eats and trying to up my intake of fruits, veg, and fiber. Some meals I’ve been really enjoying are smoothie bowls and these high-protein, vegan breakfast patties from TMRW Foods. I also ordered their burger & ground products to try later this week. I find that I’m less tired when consuming fewer meat-based products and my skin feels better. ?

This dairy-free coconut yogurt from Liberté is also SO GOOD in a smoothie or bowl topped with fruit, creamy coconut oatmeal, and All-Bran buds. I love how beautiful smoothie bowls look and they are absolutely delicious as an afternoon snack!

That’s all for today, going to bed early so I can get a full 8 hours. Since getting an Apple Watch I’m committed to completing my fitness and sleep goals. I’m still running each morning and it’s been so nice having warmer temps. YAY SPRING!