Day 378: Home Studio Setup

This weekend I’m taking it easy and spending some time doing things around the house. Last week was pretty busy so I’m looking forward to recharging my batteries and prepping for the week ahead. Brought home some of my photo equipment from the cottage to shoot a campaign I’m working on with Clover Botanicals. Got a nice little home studio setup going!

A couple of weeks ago, they sent an amazing package filled with their organic teas and the box was made with recycled boxes (see below!). It was one of the most creative and 100% the most sustainably made press package I’ve ever received. I grew to love their products and was 100% attracted to their bright coloured branding. This week we have a giveaway on my Instagram so make sure you are following @enjoyclover x @casiestewart.

Their certified organic teas are crafted with adaptogens, antioxidants, and superfoods. Each tea has targeted benefits and my favs are Energy in the afternoon, Rest at night, and Cleanse anytime. I’m excited to share the final result with you when it’s done!