Day 362: The Sun Shines for You

Today was cold and so windy. On days when it’s really sunny, the sun streams into the cottage living room, casting a beautiful light onto the couch area. I was mesmerized by it today! I could feel the warm energy on my face and it gave me hope for spring and longer days ahead. Daylight Saving Time is on Sunday and it will be so nice to be able to go for evening walks without it being dark.

This week at the cottage has been so nice, calm, relaxing. I’m looking forward to being home next week, checking on my plants, and going for distanced walks with friends. Both Muskoka and Toronto are still in lockdown so there’s not much to do but with warmer weather, we can hang outside.

Please stay safe, stay home, and wear a mask when out. We’ll get through this, hang in there!

The sun shines for you!