Day 353: Can’t Break My Stride

Feeling good this week. It’s like that full moon energy is in my blood! I’m on a 3-week Peloton streak and have been running each day. It’s still cold but I don’t even mind. Fresh air and exercise are something I look forward to each day.

I am SO looking forward to warmer days. I went through some summer clothes the other day and can’t wait to put away my winter gear and bust out the fun stuff. I know it’s gonna be a while still but I love having something to look forward to.

It looks like our lockdown order is going to be extended next week. We’re moving from Stay-At-Home order to Lockdown which means just about everything is still closed. Sean and I will be spending next week at the cottage. I wanted to be there to mark 1 full year of the Pandemic. So crazy it’sa been this long. I hardly remember pre-panini life!

Hang in there! We will get through this. Look for little things in your day to bring you joy. This song is my whole vibe today, can’t break my stride! Put it on and have a dance party. I promise it will make you happy! I love rapping along w/ the lyrics, can you believe I still remember them from the 90’s?!