Day 359: Welcome to Ice Beach

It was so warm today, almost 10 degrees! Sean came into where I was working and said ‘let’s go tanning!’. We sat outside in the Muskoka chairs, in the snow, and soaked up the sun. If you squint a little the ice almost looks like sand. Welcome to Ice Beach!

Can you believe we’ve been at the cottage for almost a whole year? This week in 2020 was the last week before everything changed. I have learned so much in the past 12 months, especially about myself. I’m grateful for the experience of being here with Sean, connecting with nature, and learning to appreciate a slow living.

I am loving this weather so much. It’s incredible how warmer air and a touch of sun can boost your whole vibe. Feeling more creative this week than I have in a while. This jacket is one of my most treasured vintage finds, I got it at Curries’s Music in Gravenhurst, they have a great section of clothes in the back.

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