Day 360: Wednesday Workout

Today was a good day. Went for a guided run on the treadmill with the Peloton App. I love their fitness trainers and music. I also did a barre workout and it reminded me so much of ballet as a kid. From 3-13, I spent heaps of time in the studio with multiple classes each week. I learned so much from Ms Lisa, not just about dance but strength, persistence, hard work, and how to stand tall, walk with my head high.

Took another short dip in the ice today, a cold plunge hurts but feels great after. I didn’t last too long today, it was windy and that makes it harder. I’ve got some friends in the city who want to give it a try so we might find a spot in the city next week.

Looking forward to our weekly trip to town today, Walmart here we come. Wonder if they’ll have any plants in yet? Last year I got a beautiful Monstera and a Fiddle Fig at Bracebridge Walmart, each for $25. In the city I paid $80 for a Fig tree the same size!

Sending you good vibes through the internet, hope you’re having a great week!