casie stewart yellow jacket and black hat

Some days I have it all together and others I am just a mess. This morning I woke up and started planning my outfit for Booby Ball on Friday in support of ReThink Breast Cancer. I left the house feeling positive and ready to attend a talk with the Rebel Mamas on talking to kids about cannabis put on by Drug-Free Kids Canada & Aphira.

Dropped my stuff off at the office grabbed my ‘Rebel Mama’ clutch and jotted down the street to be there for 11am and GUESS WHAT?! The restaurant said ‘CLOSED’, not like, just for the day, closed as not-yet-a-functioning-establishment-closed. Checked the email again, then the initial DM. Location changed. I could have easily gone to the right location but it was too late now. Or, had I not left the house, I could have casually worked from home until late afternoon. Urghhhhhh. And I stepped in a puddle, in Converse.

I’d planned to stop by Dollerama so I went there to get some supplies for Friday’s costume. Grabbed a sandwich. Set up my computer at the office. Stared at the screen. Felt garbadgey.


I considered going home again but I’ve got hair & makeup for the Fashion heals for Sick Kids show at 5. I stay at the office downtown. Felt distracted. I decided to look into flights to New Orleans for the group trip I’ve been doing for years. Forgot about my Aeroplan miles, booked the trip, only had to pay tax. Put this song on and wow, I feel so much better.

I love how a song can change your mood. Sometimes it’s your boyfriend bringing you a cookie from his morning meeting. Sometimes it’s finding an old gift card or remembering travel rewards. I wore a yellow shirt today and matched it with a pink-yellow camo, that usually helps too.

If you’re having one of those days, these days, know you’re not alone. We all go through them. Don’t get fooled scrolling shiny, smiling photos on the internet, its human to have emotions and no life is as perfect as it appears. You might see me smiling most the time but I swear Sean would tell you a different story! I remember years ago he said ‘you share all your sunshine with the internet and have nothing left when you get home‘ I think about this all the time. Today’s just one of those rollercoaster days. ?

Tonight I’m walking in the Fashion Heals show in support of Sick Kids and I am going to strut that runway so hard (not this hard lol).