Telus Day of Giving 2014|Garden Paint Party!


Last weekend EmBot and I volunteered at the ninth annual TELUS Day of Giving w/ 15,000 TELUS team members,  who took part in 700 activities in local communities across Canada.


We worked in the garden area painting signs for the community planters. at the Harbourfront Community Centre. It was really fun painting these, thinking about picking some up for the cottage and painting on the dock.



Some of the team with us that day cleaned up the garden area in the middle of the centre. It was lookin’ pretty shabby when we arrived and by the end of the day is was beautiful! We all had lunch in the courtyard to finish the day. 🙂


Until early July, Canadians who share their community giving photos and stories at and on Twitter/Instagram using the hashtag #givewherewelive will have the opportunity to receive up to $50,000 toward the cause of their choice.  For more info visit on

Thanks Emma and the Telus TO team for inviting us! Been working with Telus since 2009 and my first mobile phone was on Clearnet back in 2000. How can you not love their ads? This little guy has great hair.



Emily’s Ice Cream + Canon’s Blogtography Program

Emily’s Ice Cream + Canon’s Blogtography Program

emily ice cream

Last night I had dinner with the other 4 Canadian Canon Blogtography Ambassadors and some great people involved in the program from Edelman Toronto and Canon Canada. We arrived at The Drake Hotel not knowing what they had planned for us. Each of the Canon sessions we’ve attended over the past six months has had a different theme where we learned tips and tricks from professionals similar to what video production companies austin texas employ in their work to try with our cameras.

Over the last six months I’ve really learned how to take photos. I mean, I’ve been using a camera as long as I can remember but snapping shots is different than knowing how to use a camera outside of the auto. I took that photo above.

We were on the trolly in High Park this summer and Emily had just gotten this massive ice cream with sprinkles, it was hot and about to drip everywhere. I cropped it and used one of the filters in my Canon Rebel SL1 then sent it off to Canon as part of my 20 favorite photos. Last night they gave each of us one of our prints, blown up and in a frame. The image was printed using a Canon printer which, in true Oprah style, we each got one. (Imagine “You get a printer and you get a printer”, it was kinda like that.) We were all amazed by the high quality, shocked by the generosity, and extremely grateful. As you already know, Canon is very famous and has been loved by many people over the years. You can look for Canon printer cartridges compatibility online at stores such as Toner City so that you are never without cartridges to print off all your amazing pictures.

After almost a decade of blogging, the world of social media has blossomed and I’ve been fortunate to be part of many ambassador programs over the past few years. I’ve carefully only chosen to take part in ones that offer products or services that I honestly like and have purchased or would have given I had the money. This is most certainly the case with Canon (and of course Ted Baker!). Back in 2004 I shipped off to Australia for school, I got my first digital camera ever, a Canon Powershot. I loved that little thing and took it everywhere. I’ve never owned a fancy camera and my Rebel SL1, the worlds smallest, lightest DSLR is my very first. I’ve always wanted one and more than bring an ambassador for a great brand through this program, I got to learn how to shoot.

I’m extremely thankful to have been in unofficial photography school over the past few months. Now that I have a pinter you can expect to see more prints of my photos as I perfect my craft. It’s also what everyone on my list will be getting over the holidaya!

Canon and Edelman, thank you.

Check out my posts from the last few months and feel free to share your photo tips and tricks below. I’m always up for learning and sharing!

Have an awesome day, soak up some of that sunshine. 🙂


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Frank & Oak for Little Burgundy Launches by the Fire

Frank & Oak for Little Burgundy Launches by the Fire

ON Tuesday I skipped out of work to hit the tents and watch a few WMCFW shows. It’s nice to see everyone there but the fashion has actually been quite underwhelming. I want more energy on the runway, excitement, fashion should be fun and not so serious. I saw socks and sandals on the runway too which I can never seem to wrap my head around. I just won’t!

After shows I went with Lauren to the Frank and Oak for Little Burgundy party. It was so fun! They had Parts & Labour catering, PBR, bourbonade, and a campfire outside. Heaps of plaid and beards around too. Saw a bunch of friends there along with some of my crew from Community. I love the Frank & Oak style. Thinking I’ll subscribe for my BF at Christmas (let’s just hope he doesn’t read this!).


Check out the Frank & Oak for Little Burgundy collection on their website at Happy hipstering!


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WMCFW: Tips on Shooting Fashion from @SteveCarty & Canon Canada

WMCFW: Tips on Shooting Fashion from @SteveCarty & Canon Canada

I recently met up with the Canadian Canon Ambassadors for a professional photo session with Steve Carty (you’ve seen him here on the blog before!). I’m really getting the hang of using my DSLR! It may sound silly but it took me a while to get shutter speed and aperture.

After the last session, I finally hold my camera like a professional and not a n00b. No really though!

In this session we learned how to shoot moving subjects on the runway, portraits, and about the built in filters on our cameras. To be honest, I discovered  the filters in my Canon Rebel SL1 right away! I’ve been using Canon since I got my first digital camera pre-blog back in 2004 and I’ve  always loved the creative filters. [Way to be ahead of Instagram guys!]

A Word About Fashion GIFs

I really love GIFs as you know.  I took all these photos the night of our fashion photography session with Carty and made them into GIFS to see the differences with using the Canon filters. Please note, photo quality was drastically reduced when I put these together. I need a photoshop session before I learn to make high quality GIFs! I think they’re fun. I love when designers and bloggers put out GIFs from runway shows so I wanted to test my skills.

Scroll down for some tips from Carty and Canon!

1. Try Canon’s Creative Filters

  • Canon’s Creative Filters can be applied both before and after shooting and can take a photo from average to spectacular
  • You can also stack the filters and create your own unique combinations like Miniature Effect + Soft Focus or Toy Camera + Grainy B&W (The order that you apply the filters also makes a difference in the final output!)
  • If you’ve snapped a photo that seems unsalvageable, try out some Creative Filters and see how it changes it image – you might find an unremarkable picture has been saved!

2. Shoot on the step

  • To capture the most natural looking fashion photos, shoot when the model touches his/her foot down on the runway, not mid-step
  • This elongates the body and will make a real difference in the photos
  • Shoot vertically to see the whole model, if you shoot horizontally, remember where the magazine “gutter” would be in your image and ensure your subject isn’t “in the gutter” (middle of the frame)

3. Focus on the details

  • If you’re unable to get a successful full body shot, look for detail opportunities
  • Focus on the shoes, a belt or a collar
  • 4. Having a hard time shooting all white or all black outfits?
  • Focus on an area of contrast, like a strap, a shoulder or the neckline
  • Consider using AI SERVO AF focus tracking mode. In this mode – the focus continuously adjusts based on the motion of your subject as long as you hold down the shutter button halfway.

5. Stand back

  • Even though most of us want to be in the front row, it’s not always the ideal shooting location
  • Sit or stand a bit further back so you can show more scope
  • Arrive early to get the best shooting locations

6. Shoot in both JPEG and RAW

  • JPEGs are great for uploading quickly to the web, but when you want to edit the file they can lose quality
  • RAW files can be edited again and again while staying crisp and clear
  • When shooting continuously with RAW files the number of shots in a burst is significantly reduced – switch to JPEG if you need more images in a burst

7. Don’t delete!

  • If your memory card is big enough you don’t need to delete files on the fly
  • You don’t have time to delete photos during a fashion show, so shoot as much as possible and edit later – bad photos can be fixed in post-production

8. Focus Tricks

  • If you are having trouble with focus, focus on a spot on the runway where the model steps mid-stride by pressing the shutter button halfway down and listening for the beep. After you hear the beep, flip the AF switch on the side of the lens to MF
  • Wait for the model to walk to the point you where pre-focused on the runway – and take your picture.


Big thanks for Canon, Carty, and our model Tiffany. I learned heaps and I’m stoked to shoot  this week. I’ve actually never been so excited for Toronto’s Fashion Week. Show invites started rolling in today and I’ve got a full calendar from Monday to Friday.

It’s my first time (after five years) shooting with a real camera. I’m excited to share it all with you!

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Mastercard Stylicity Celebrates the Canadian Tuxedo at The Room

Mastercard Stylicity Celebrates the Canadian Tuxedo at The Room

Mastercard Stylicity Celebrates the Canadian Tuxedo

Fashion week events kicked off last night with Mastercard Stylicity at The Bay on Queen Street. The fashion community gathered for an exclusive event seeking to redefine the eye catching denim-on-denim Canadian Tuxedo. Special guests included The Coveteur’s Stephanie Mark and HBC Fashion Director Suzanne Timmins.


I rolled up with Brock Mclaughlin and we were up to are usual shenanigans of course. I picked up these glasses from Top Shop. They reminded us of Andy Warhol.


These book trees are beautiful. I wish I had room for one at the house.



Thanks Mastercard Stylicity and The Bay for the gift card. We all got to pick a card from a magical bowl and although they each had  some value, there was only ONE with a huge payout. Mine was $10 which I appreciate!


Blogger discount? No, JK.. It was an error but I had a LOL.


Where do I order these socks or high heel feet? Um, hello!


She looked Emo to me.



Christoper (@turnstylin) introduced to me his friend with these AWESOME nails.


Pose for the camera girl.


Totally blending.


New glasses and bird on a wire tights from Top Shop.


Blog Off tee by Noisy May. Love this brand, heaps of nice things at a good price.



OOTD: Gap jacket, Joe fresh pants, Ted Baker London scarf, Top Shop glasses, Noisy May tee, Thomas Sabo pendant, TOMS wedges, HTC one, smile



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Ted Baker’s Dozen: Meet Redge Blaker #TedtoToe

Love the latest  campaign from Ted Baker London with their new sartorial hero “Redge Blaker”. You may recognize him as Gavin McInnes, ex-co-founder of Vice. See my previous posts with Vice Magazine here and as  Ted Baker Ambassador here.

Redge (aka Gavin) is the lead in the Baker’s Dozen videos, Winks, and of course Teditorials (Ted’s take on street style) all dressed #TedtoToe. Can’t wait to pop into the Yorkdale store this week and pick up myself something from the AW collection in time for World Mastercard Fashion Week. It’s <7 days away!

Some of my fav bits from the new campaign below! Check out the website. The animation above is a combo of some of Ted’s. gifs I love this brand heaps, honestly. So cheeky!

The Devil is in the Details

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