Are you the next #HTCone Influencer?

Are you the next #HTCone Influencer?

Have you seen this yet? Clicked the fancy ad in my sidebar for the new HTC One? If you did, you’ll notice it’s for a big contest with HTC  to win a phone and social + blog mentorship from none other than yours truly! This is my second partnership with HTC in the last couple years.

I was given the phone a few weeks ago and almost all the photos I’ve published here since have been shot with the HTC One. The selfie cam on this lil’ thing is the best I’ve seen and the reviews of it are great! I posted a bunch of photos over the weekend and a collection in this post here. The phone itself is made of aluminium and the home screen is a feed of all my social activity and news.

HTC is looking to help someone take their blog to the next level by offering them mentorship from a famous successful blogger. You’ll win the HTC One, mentorship, and you’l be published right here on THIS IS MY LIFE.


To enter, click the ad in my sidebar and follow to the box that says “ARE YOU THE NEXT INFLUENCER?” For hard core tech info about the HTC One, visit It’s now available in Canada 🙂

Good luck! Contest closes on MAY 30th, 2013!

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  1. May 22, 2013 / 1:01 pm

    I so want to win. The phone is a bonus it’s the mentorship and publishing that would be awwwwwwesome!!! Entering 🙂

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