Mentioned in @Marketing_Mag re: Nordstrom + Pinterest

Mentioned in @Marketing_Mag re: Nordstrom + Pinterest

“U.S. retailer Nordstrom has upped its social game by turning its in-store displays into real-life Pinterest boards.”

My Quote:

As an avid female Pinterest user in her early 30s who loves style and shopping, I think it’s great. By tapping into Pinterest in-store (which has a high female user base) they are connecting where customers hang out online to where they go offline. There’s a good chance customers who notice this type of promotion will take a picture and Pin an image making it a 360 social shopping experience. I think it’s good for certain brands with mass appeal, but as a shopper I don’t want to buy that one item that everyone else has.
Casie Stewart, director of social media at Community

Read the full article here. 

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