This Beautiful Life feature by @helloLisaNg

This Beautiful Life feature by @helloLisaNg

This Beautiful Life: Casie Stewart

My friend and fellow blogger Lisa Ng interviewed me during our recent trip to Disneyland in California (where she now lives!). Lisa is Editor-in-Chief of This Beautiful Day, a lifestyle blog for smart women, contributor @HuffPostCanada, Founder/Editor of @hipurbangirl and an Ambassador for  @AmexCanada. She’s a modern day Wonder Woman! Follow her on Twitter @helloLisaNg.

Check out my feature on This Beautiful Day!

Have an awesome afternoon and enjoy that sunshine! 🙂


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HTC One Guest Post by Vanessa Grillone

HTC One Guest Post by Vanessa Grillone

What do you value in life or in a job? What do you want for your future? What are your goals? I’ve been trying to answer these questions as clearly as I possibly can without being influenced by others. I’m finding it tougher to be authentic in my twenties, than I did when I was younger. Your mid-twenties come with a lot of second-guessing, a lot of doubt, and many many questions.

#HTCOne Guest Post by @VanessaGrillone on @CasieStewart #ThisIsMyLife

With the constant use of social media comes the pressure to conform, which is why I follow blogs that feel authentic. Blogs that aren’t solely about every single product said blogger uses. Seeing them hang their individuality proudly makes me want to be authentic, online and in person and every other way possible. That’s a huge factor in my love for You can tell that Casie doesn’t blog for the sake of blogging, she writes about things she likes and ALWAYS aims to inspire her readers to have a better day, to have a more positive outlook on life, and to LOVE their lives. She has a style all her own and an authenticity about her that shines through the screen. I can’t tell you how amazing it is to be writing on THIS IS MY LIFE. This blog has inspired me in so many ways and has lifted my spirits on even my worst mornings.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet Casie and was thrilled to see that her online personality is one in the same with the woman that stood before me. I always find it interesting to attend events, meeting your Internet friends in person is quite a nerve-wracking experience. Am I the same person that they interact with online? I get a little anxious when they ask what I’m into, what I’m doing a part from blogging. Pizza-girl Specialist doesn’t exactly light up my resume but it is a huge part of who I am and why I’ve become who I am today, and yet I’m still embarrassed about it. Why? Who is there to impress other than myself?

All of these questions have answers but they can only be answered by me, and only if I can stay true to myself. This is my life and I have to make the most of it, documenting the important things while being my most authentic self.

I’m so thankful to HTC and Casie for giving me the opportunity to have her as my influencer (helping find my online voice), to write on one of my favourite blogs, and to encourage me to document my summer with my HTC One. I’ve taken so many photos and now have a way to hold onto some memories, to remember who I was this summer and who I want to become.

Here’s to more adventures this Fall and hopefully a little more clarity in the coming months.

Vanessa Grillone
Twitter @VanessaGrillone

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It Helps to Have Good Luggage

It Helps to Have Good Luggage


We packed up to leave LA with our suitcases in the back seat of the convertible. The sun was shining bright, tanning my shoulders, and I could smell the sweet salt of the ocean as we left Santa Monica. It felt like I was in a movie.

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Ok, guys, here’s the low down… Europe’s top cosmetic brand, essence, is now in North American and on tour with Justin Bieber! As the official cosmetics sponsor of the Justin Bieber believe tour 2013, they are hosting multiple sweepstakes and contests to AND ONE OF THEM IS RIGHT HERE ON YOUR FAVOURITE BLOG.

justin bieber tour omg! #casiebieber


  • 2 tickets to see the Biebs in TO on July 25th (floor seats – within the first 10 rows)
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Contest CLOSES Monday, July 22nd at 5pm. Travel not included. I won’t be there as my friends at essence cosmetics have graciously invited me to NYC to see the Biebs and (fingers crossed) have a meet & greet on August 2nd. AHHHHHHHH!

I wanna make you one less lonely girl, enter now.


Mentioned in @Marketing_Mag re: Nordstrom + Pinterest

Mentioned in @Marketing_Mag re: Nordstrom + Pinterest

“U.S. retailer Nordstrom has upped its social game by turning its in-store displays into real-life Pinterest boards.”

My Quote:

As an avid female Pinterest user in her early 30s who loves style and shopping, I think it’s great. By tapping into Pinterest in-store (which has a high female user base) they are connecting where customers hang out online to where they go offline. There’s a good chance customers who notice this type of promotion will take a picture and Pin an image making it a 360 social shopping experience. I think it’s good for certain brands with mass appeal, but as a shopper I don’t want to buy that one item that everyone else has.
Casie Stewart, director of social media at Community

Read the full article here. 

Netflix Canada Contest: Orange is the New Black?

Netflix Canada Contest: Orange is the New Black?

OK, I started this book today. Sitting on Queen Street in the shade waiting for (rain) someone boyfriend. Netflix sent me a signed copy from the author. Autograph is orange highlighter, naturally. It sounds good, the creator of Weeds made it. Scroll down if you want the prize only, winner gets the following..


  • PS3 ($269 Future Shop)
  • Six month Netflix Canada subscription ($48)
  • Author signed copy of Orange Is The New Black book (Piper Kerman Priceless)

I love Netflix and I watch heaps of moves. Last year they sent me a FIVE YEAR subscription and I am excited because more series are being produced for Netflix ONLY. [I was a subscriber before they contacted me.]


Taryn Manning, Donna from That 70’s Show, Jason Biggs (American Pie),  and Janeane Garofalo. LOVE IT. 
I like this story, from the first chapters, because I could be this person. So could you. It’s not that hard to get trapped in a cross-border love/drug smuggling scandal. I saw Broke Down Palace, I know how this works. 

Contest: @Netflix_CA & @casiestewart #thisismylife #orangeisthenewblack

Contest: @Netflix_CA & @casiestewart #thisismylife #orangeisthenewblack


This is a totally made up contest – WHAT WOULD YOU DO TO SAVE ME IN JAIL?

Basically this could happen to anyone, right? In order to pay her debt to society (for a 10 year-old drug money thing smuggling for an African Drug Lord), Piper must trade her comfortable New York life with fiancé  Larry (Jason Biggs) for an orange jumpsuit and prison life. It’a a wild roller coaster  I haven’t read it all yet but SOMEONE LIKE YOU can have a new PS3 to watch it.

Imagine I was in jail… I’d be like a junior Martha Stewart. Naturally.

Contest: @Netflix_CA & @casiestewart #thisismylife #orangeisthenewblack

PS3 plays Blueray.  This is a fun contest. Tweet or die FTW.

Much love,