I made the BOSSOME List w/ @SaulColt & @ChrisBrogan!

I made the BOSSOME List w/ @SaulColt & @ChrisBrogan!

I got a nice little surprise the other day when I received an email from Clarity that I had made their Independence Day Bossome List. Out of their archive of 14,000+ experts, I was chosen to be featured! This post is a selection of 10 Clarity Experts they feel are a miss between BOSS and AWESOME. It’s an honor to be featured in this group as both Chris Brogan and Saul Colt are people in the world of social media  I look to for inspiration.

Clarity is a marketplace for business advice. They make it easy for you to find, schedule and pay for expert advice over the phone to grow your business. I’m a verified expert in branding, social media, and marketing. You can call me anytime! View my profile on Clarity here and book a call today.

Check out my little blurb below and read the full July 4th Bossome list here.

Clarity’s Bossome List  – Casie Stewart

Top reasons to call her…

  • Public Relations
  • Social Media
  • Social Entrepreneurship

Why we like her…

Adventure capitalist Casie Stewart has documented her adventures across the globe at her blog, casiestewart.com. Currently working as Director of Social Media at Community, Casie has worked as brand ambassador with companies like Ted Baker London, Thomas Sabo, HTC, Canon and Telus. And she has impeccable funky fashion sense. Which is bossome.

Talk to Casie Stewart on Clarity

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