Day 349: Talk To The Moon

Met up with Michelle to go for a nice walk in the sun. I was thinking of taking the King Streetcar from Bathurst back to Dundas West but changed my mind. Decided to follow the sun and head west on foot, picked up some flowers, and walked home. Went through Trinity Bellwoods then along Dundas, when I passed Lansdowne, the sunset lined up perfectly with the bridge at Sterling Road. Got home as the sky turned to night.

Was feeling big moon energy and said my 6 wishes under its bright light. Learned this manifestation from mum and always go out and talk to the moon, tell the universe exactly what I want. It’s amazing how fast the universe responds if you go confidently in the direction of your dreams, leaving doubt behind.

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For the full moon, I attended on an online sound bath hosted by Sound Meditation Presents. A sound bath is an opportunity to travel inward, explore your thoughts and feelings through sound and breathing.

In January 2017, after 3 crazy days of CES in Las Vegas, I drove to LA. I offered to drive a friend back and he brought 2 friends for the ride. I was on a solo mission so didn’t mind the company. One of the friends was Suzy, who invited me to join her for Sound Bath LA. Had no idea what it was but I went. We grabbed blankets and pillows and drove with her friend to a dance studio. It was such an incredible experience, I wrote about it here.

I left that night feeling like a different person, I’d changed. Spent the next week in LA, alone, staying at different Airbnbs and going on adventures. There is nothing like traveling by yourself to rediscover who you are. I was forever changed by that trip and made some life changes the moment I got home.

Tonight’s sound bath was hosted by the same group that did one I went to in LA. The man making music in & hosting is Guy Douglas aka The Gong Guy.

This is what the livestream event looked like:

This practice has also been known as “Sound Healing” or “Sound Baths”.  The beautiful sounds brings balance and harmony to the body, promote positive energy, and is a powerful way to cultivate a sense of well-being. 

Sound Meditation is a very effective form of meditation, and as such, can help ease depression, anxiety, and addiction. 

Guy Douglas & Simona Marie Asinovski

I put the sound bath on tv for Sean and went upstairs to listen in dim light with headphones. I wanted to go deep in the sound, it was great. I ended up falling asleep after 20mins and woke up just in time for the last 10 minutes. Had a lot of thoughts flying around and needed to calm the mind.

This is a quote from the Sound Meditation newsletter, I love it. They also have an app & if you’re looking to join one, visit

“We are going to the moon that is not very far. Man has so much farther to go within himself.”

― Anaïs Nin

Day 348: Clubhouse Prom 2021

I attended the first-ever Clubhouse Prom and it was so much fun. Your girl even won Offical Clubhouse Prom Queen 2021!

The prom was hosted by Club F_ck It, the official home of Clubhouse’s longest-running party show. I’d joined the party a few times and was so happy to be included in the prom gang!

You might be thinking, isn’t Clubhouse an audio-only app? Yes, you are correct. I don’t really know how to explain it, but Clubhouse Prom was a real event, part performance art, drama, improv, and comedy. It was such a memorable experience. Virtual events have become our reality these days. As we’ve seen with Clubhouse, audio is emerging as a seriously cool way to connect.

On Wednesday before, there was a ‘Promposals’ room where people asked each other to prom. Before the night started, all the girls joined a room while getting ready. Before leaving to go to the actual event, we changed our profile images to hot pink Hummer limos. That way, we’d all show up in limos and reveal our outfits one by one. It took some time to coordinate the couples and order of guests on stage but the Mods did an amazing job.

I loved getting fully dressed up in an outfit with hair and makeup, it’s been so long! It was recommended that everyone dress up and change their profile photo to their look of the night. I picked up some drinks earlier in the day and was ready to party!

Pin on December16

Prom dates had the same photo for most of the night, then changed them again to share stories about snacks, drinks, accessories, or just about anything else. At one point the room was at 1,200 people but it was a revolving door of Clubhouse users popping in and out from 8 PST until I left at 4am EST.

My fav matching photos of the night belonged to my IRL friends Affan and Meg Button, who captured the ‘Betrayal Under the Sea‘ theme perfectly. Runner up was Daniella and Diego!

Aside from dance breaks, I spent most of the night smiling and laughing into my phone (like this ⤵️). I was anxiously waiting for the next PTR (Pull to Refresh) to see people’s new photos. IT WAS HILARIOUS.

Over the course of the night, people requested songs via IG DM to the hosts or on Twitter with the #ClubhouseProm hashtag. Everyone voted for prom king and queen at a specific URL. Around 3am, the winner was announced…..

The official Clubhouse Prom hosts were Marlena Rodriguez, Broadway B, Daniella Norling, Alana Nguyen, Minh Do, Eugene Baah, Ivy Astrix, Owen Ngángá, Cianna Costa, and Victor.

A special congratulations to Adi, my reigning Clubhouse Prom King 2021! We had so much fun! Aside from being a super nice guy with a great accent, I think he secured his King status when he revealed a new painting he did for Prom in his PTR.

Thank you to all the hosts for a great event and to everyone who voted for me. I’ve met so many really great people on this app.

I can officially add Prom Queen to my list of accomplishments!

Day 347: Toronto Creator Power Hour

Went for a nice walk went near High Park today. It was so lovely outside, felt like spring.

Last night I was a co-host of Toronto Creator Power Hour, a Clubhouse room hosted by Joëlle Anello, Casey Palmer, Solmaz Khosrowshahian, Trisha Enriquez. I pitched the idea to have a chat about blogging and we had Hawley Dunbar from Sidewalk Hustle join us.

We had a GREAT chat about blogging and how as a creator, it’s important to have an online home for your content that you own. When it comes to social media, it’s more like renting space as you do not own the platform and you can’t control what happens on IG, Facebook, etc.

After work, I listened to my latest book on Audible, ‘Quit Like a Woman: The Radical Choice to Not Drink in a Culture Obsessed with Alcohol‘. This is the viral book Chrissy Tiegen read before getting sober. I also made a delicious sandwich, I love sandwiches. ?

Testing Embeds



Twitter Embed

Day 346: The Rebel Mama Hotline – What’s Up with IG Filters?

This week I was a guest on the Rebel Mama Hotline podcast where I talked about Instagram filters. I love these ladies, their group is the one for ‘mom group’ dropouts, the badass, rebellious women out there like us. They’ve also got two books The Rebel Mama’s Handbook for (Cool) Moms and Get Your $hit Together: The Rebel Mama’s Handbook for Financially Empowered Moms.

I started creating IG filters about 2 years ago using a free program from Facebook called Spark AR. I made a beauty filter called LoLo Lash, inspired by my bff, Lauren O’Neil. I drew the lashes in Procreate with Apple pencil using a face mesh rentering then created the filter in Spark AR and added skin smoothing.

This filter has 2.2M impressions, 99% of them are women aged 25-35. I understand this is (prob?) the biggest demo on IG but it also goes to show who is using beauty filters the most. In this ep of The Rebel Mama Hotline, we talk about how filters can create unrealistic beauty standards especially when the filter drastically changes your face shape.

People are now going to beauty clinics with a filtered image of themselves saying ‘can you make me look more like this?’. I have a filter on this post from Day 341 and deff thought about how botox or filler could enhance my face to make it more like this ‘pretty’ filter. One of my filters that is just the smoothing effect bumped way up (Smooth AF) has almost 400K impressions. I often use filters and other beauty filters, I like the way they look, the creativeness of them, and a lot of them hide when you look tired…or feel old.

Tap the play button below to listen to a snippet of the podcast or hit play below the phone to hear the whole 20 min episode. There are a few great experts including someone who worked at Snapchat and a doctor talking about the effect filters have on body image.

Listen to the whole ep below!

Day 345: Stop and Stare At It

I turned right from our walkway to the path and heard the loudspeaker with messages about wearing a mask in both English and French. The rail path is extra busy today at magic hour with the air at a warm 5 degrees. Everyone keeps their distance, some people smile. I’m in my own world listening to classical music, taking in every detail, dressed in all black with a fur coat. It was my second walk of the day, I love getting fresh air. In an effort to avoid other humans I zig-zag the streets, taking breaks to walk on the road just avoid people on the sidewalk. This practice would have been so rude two years ago but it’s common now.

I didn’t bring my phone because despite being home all day, I seem to have let it die. I’ve got music and route tracking on my watch so I’m blissfully disconnected from wifi & LTE. Out of reach, on DND.

The sun is so beautiful setting over Dupont, I always stop and stare at it.

This week I’m feeling more content than I have in a while. Have been getting 8hrs sleep pretty consistently for about 3 weeks and although I’m still tired, my body and mind are rested. Drinking less and working out more also help. I track everything these days on my watch or phone; sleep, meditation, breathing, steps, stairs, workouts, period, heart rate, oxygen, fasting, and when to water my plants.

In other news, I’ve noticed I’m consistent with updating the blog for a few days, but if I skip a day, I skip a few days and batch update before my fear of forgetting kicks in. I take photos every day in an attempt to keep more memories and often upload them to a draft so I don’t get too behind.

It’s hard to believe we are almost at one year from our first lockdown and the start of how this whole thing changed our lives forever.

What a time to be alive.

Photos were from my first walk of the day.

Day 344: My Things and Thoughts

Since Friday (Day 341), Sean has been up at the cottage solo and I’ve been home alone. It’s actually been really nice for both of us to have the time and space to be alone and do our own things. He loves being up at the cottage, chopping trees with the chainsaw, doing woodsy things. I love being home with my things and thoughts. I had such a relaxing weekend and felt refreshed and ready to start the day today.

After work, I had A&W with April and it was so nice to laugh together. I decided to get ready for bed nice and early after a bath and a full face care routine. I’m still working my way through  Younger on Prime and have been REALLY enjoying going to bed early.

In other news, I re-pierced my own nose today. I had this piercing for AGES but took it out a couple of years ago. I also have a septum piercing in the middle cartilage of my nose but rarely show it. This little stud is barely noticeable and I like it. I’m dying to get a new tattoo and might buy a stick poke kit. I did a tiny one at the start of the pandemic but want to try something more artistic and professional.

343: Sunday Self-Love

After a great sleep, I woke up energized and motivated. I ran 5k as part of Amy Shio‘s birthday run challenge in Nike Run Club. I am so grateful for her inspiring me to run since January 2020. Running has changed my life and I look forward to it now!

In the afternoon, I got through another season of  Younger while making white bean soup w/ cilantro & jalapeño and a fabulous quiche with leftover roast vegetables. Around magic hour I went for a nice long walk, it was brisk but refreshing. I had a full day of doing things that make me happy! Had some soup for dinner, a nice bath, a face mask, and went to bed early. ? Nothing quite like some Sunday self-love!


342: Watching Trains and People

Absolutely love that Saturday sun, it feels so nice. Natalie and Chloe (her dog!) came to my neighbourhood for a distanced walk today. We walked the neighbourhood and sat on the wooden platforms, watching trains and people as they walked by.

Before meeting up, I’d been so lazy, eating snacks, and nearly wasted the whole day. I slept in till 8:30 (late for me!), took a slow morning, did some things around the house, finished some work, and watched a few more eps of Younger on Prime.

In other news, last night I watched Barb & Star Go To Vista Del Mar and IT WAS HILARIOUS. Highly recommend! Earlier this week I won an Instagram contest for a free code to watch it from the ladies at Auburn Lane. THANK YOU!

Day 341: Fresh & Happy

Woke up feeling fresh & happy it was Friday! Sean left for the cottage after dropping Em to school, she’s with her mum for the next week and I’m home alone. ?

I had such a great workday today. In my afternoon meeting, we were chatting about branded products and it was a great opportunity to show some I’ve made over the years. I pulled out the stickers, note cards, and of course, the pillows I had made years ago. We all had a good laugh!

Sending you good vibes today for a nice restful weekend. Get outside, feel the sun on your face, call a friend, support a local restaurant.

Do something, do nothing, do whatever makes you happy!

Day 340: Finding Hope

Went for a walk this morning and wowwweeee it was brisk. Decided to take take a different route and pick up a coffee somewhere in the neighbourhood. As I turned onto Dupont, I noticed a cafe with this big heart out front. Finding hope. ?

The coffee was good. I shared a laugh with the barista. Such a simple interaction but it set a good vibe for my day.

It made me think about mum and when my sister and I were very little. As an immigrant to Canada with no family here, she didn’t know many people at first. Mum used to go into shops just to talk to shopkeepers just to have conversations. I can just see her kind face and warm smile lighting up conversations and charming people with her accent.

Remember, a smile and short conversation can really turn someone’s day around, even your own. We need connection more than ever these days, call a friend, smile at a stranger. We’ll get through this. xo

Day 339: Self-Reflection

A meeting was canceleled this afternoon so I decided to take advantage of the time and go for a walk. It was so nice and sunny today, cold, but sunny. I did about 10km and by the time I got home, was freezing and tired. I’ve really been trying to get outside for a walk each day despite feeling kinda lazy. I haven’t been running much the last month as I am terrified of slipping on ice after my injury. I really can’t wait until winter is OVER.

In other news, have you watched the Free Britney documentary ‘Framing Britney Spears‘? It’s good, will leave you feeling sad/angry about her life and how she’s been treated. I’ve always loved Britney, my sister and I went to her concert as teenagers, the first big show we ever saw!

Hope your week is going well!

338: There’s a Match

Today one of my work friends and I came on the call and we were dressed the same! We were both wearing a bright yellow sweater, almost identical. It was cute.

I originally posted this on Instagram Stories as a video but then saved it, reuploaded it to IG, added animated text in Stories, saved it, then converted it to a gif. I am smiling to myself at how good the text goes with my words, it’s not perfect but it ends at the same time. So simple, a good feeling, I love when there’s a match.

Highly recommend putting on bright yellow if you need some sunshine in your day.

Day 337: Family Day 2020

These photos were taken last year on Family Day. Michelle and I went on a big walk and decided to stop into Allan Gardens to feel the warm air and smell the flowers. We both kinda forgot it was Family Day it it was busier than usual, filled with families, couples, and the same idea.

I was looking back on old photos and it really made me miss going places and doing things. Going on a walk with your BFF, stopping into planty places, grabbing a cocktail, shopping. Y’know, the things we used to do.

Finding this third wave of the lockdown much harder than before. I have less energy than I’ve ever had in my life. My temper is short, my emotions are high, and I’m not nearly as active as before the panny. Winter is always a hard time but without the normal things we used to do to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder, it’s so much heavier.

I guess the other thing making it hard it we really have no idea how long this will last. I’m really looking forward to spring, the snow melting, patios opening, and being able to hang out in the park. Even if we have to wear masks for another 365 days, at least we won’t be in a Stay At Home Order.

Sending you love, we’ll get through this. Only a few weeks until spring. ☀️