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Day 52: Friends, ILYSM.

This day was the first time I saw any friends IRL in months. I was so nice to visit at a safe distance to laugh, smile, and be together. It was hard to be so close and not hug each other. I love hugs.

Had a nice shower and out on a dress before heading out on a drive around the city. It was a beautiful day, I had tunes on and the sunroof open.

Michelle’s birthday is the day after mine (May 9th) and for the last couple of years, we’ve celebrated together. We will celebrate again once this is all over! I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!

Before heading back to the cottage we stopped by Jen’s place to safely say hi to her and her dad. She drew a birthday message on the driveway for me. I was so excited, laughing, and jumping up and down. I can’t wait to hang out again.

Some of my BFFs started receiving their packages and it’s a way for us to stay connected. We’re all rocking friendship bracelets I made last week. I sent each package with a little handmade card filled with good vibes.

I can’t wait to be together again. Tomorrow I’m gonna decorate for my birthday and make my own cake. I think we might do a Zoom party on Friday.

Sending good vibes. Love you xo

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