Day 34: Use What You Got – Tie Dye DIY

My tie-dye yesterday turned out really good. I decided to crop this top and make a couple of matching scrunchies. I used old promo shirts I found in a drawer and made them into new clothes. ? How to Tie Die with Bleach The process was pretty easy and not too messy. It took about an hour from start to finish, including a short cycle in the wash. You Will Need: Clothes  Gloves  Bleach (you will be mixing 50/50 w/ water) Water Squeeze bottle (I used one of these) A Plate – to rest your things on Garbage bag – to set up your area Rubber Bands Paper Towel A well-ventilated space Before You Get Started It’s a good idea to make sure your fabric has been washed at least once. Decide on a style you want to create, I watched a couple of tutorials with different tie-dye techniques and went to town. It’s hard to mess this up so don’t worry. This video on Pinterest has a lot of methods in 5 min (spiral, shibori). The video below is short & sweet with 3 different ways to tie-dye. Open a window, let some fresh air in, you want to have good ventilation since you’re working with bleach. Get your gloves and workspace ready, tape the garbage bag to your space do you don’t stain ruin your kitchen table/counter/floor. ? 1: Rubber bands Wrap your garment in rubber bands in the desired design. The item on the left is has been bunched up to make a wild style, the right is a spiral. Place each item on a plate. 2: Bleach Mix 50/50 bleach water in your squeeze bottle. I like to use the lid of a storage bin and cover with a garbage bag to avoid making a mess. … Continue reading Day 34: Use What You Got – Tie Dye DIY