Day 57: In Transition

This week, for the first time since the start of Iso, I really fell behind on my daily diary. From 2008-2012 I blogged pretty much every single day. I enjoy the routine of doing things, documenting them, and writing it down. It’s amazing how therapeutic a diary can be. So many times I’ve gone back to a special day, a keyword, a month, an image, to remember the moment. I love to see how things have changed, how the world was, or to reflect on who I was at the time.

I have grown and changed a lot over the 15 years I’ve had this blog. I think I’ll change a lot through COVID-19 too. The current situation is forcing us all to reevaluate what matters, who matters, and how we can be better humans.

We all have the ability to take a birds-eye view of our lives right now. The world is in transition and so are we.

Side note, I learned how to do a hair wrap with a t-shirt thanks to my friend Jak! Grab a large shirt and check out her DIY on Instagram!

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