Day 33: How to Dye Clothes with Turmeric

After getting heaps of comments and questions about my turmeric dye, I’m writing this post for you! It’s very simple to turn your clothes a beautiful bright yellow. THIS TURNED OUT SO GOOD. It has faded with a couple of washes but it’s still a nice yellow. There are lots of tutorials on Pinterest, I checked a few and went for it. I made a COVID19 board that has a couple DYI videos if you’re looking for more info. I am so happy with the final result. I worked with a white hoodie, a leopard print top, and a vintage tank top that was a washed-out yellow. You Will Need Clothes – Older stuff that has been washed works best. Gloves – Otherwise you will have yellow hands! Turmeric – Find in the spice section at the grocery Big Pot – To boil water Tongs – To transfer the hot fabric Roasting Pan – To rinse/transfer to sink/drying area Sink – To rinse clothes Water How to Dye with Turmeric Step 1: Soak Your Clothes in Hot Water Soaking your clothes before you dye them will loosen up the fibers so the colour can really soak in. I soaked my hoodie in a roasting pot in the shower. I didn’t soak the leopard print or tank top before dying them. Step 2: Boil Water & Add turmeric Grab a huge pot and fill 3/4 with water. Bring to a boil. Once boiling add the turmeric. I eyeballed it and didn’t use a specific amount, kinda like my cooking haha. I started with about 1/4 tablespoon and then added about 2x more. The water will turn a bright amber. Step 3: Add Clothes & Soak Transfer the clothes to the pot and you will start to see the colour right away. … Continue reading Day 33: How to Dye Clothes with Turmeric