Day 110: Full Moon Energy

Went to a garage sale in the morning and found a few treasures! I got a new mirror for the bedroom, a great picnic blanket, a couple of baking pans, and a super cute pair of black/brown cowboy boots. We met a few more neighbours who just purchased their parent’s cottage on our road. We’re really settling into cottage life and living in the woods.

We drove to Haliburton in the evening to have dinner with April and her family at her aunt’s cottage. They have a great beach and we shared lots of laughs over dinner on the patio.

We talked about taking this photo before we got there and couldn’t stop laughing when Sean was taking it. The moon was shining bright and the sky was so clear for our drive home.

Looking forward to the hot weekend weather, lots of sunshine, and visiting another friend tomorrow.

Day 109: You’ve Got A Friend in Me

Today I had a great day. I went to visit Talia at their cottage about an hour away and Elise was there too! We swam in the pool and it was so nice to have a girl hang. I was so excited I didn’t even take ANY PHOTOS. I don’t know what I was thinking! Over the past month, I took a step back from posting to give space to creators of colour and support Black Lives Matter. the ripple effect sharing and documenting less on social media has directly changed my behaviour. I’m spending more time enjoying the moment and less picking up my phone to capture everything for the ‘gram.

I spent some time reading a new book in the afternoon and when Sean was done work, our friends surprised us with a visit on their boat. The boys went skiing and we listened to music on the lake. Sean, what a dreamboat!

This has become my new fav outfit, I got it at Joe Fresh a couple of weeks ago and used Sasha’s SASHA25 code for a discount. It’s totally wild and so comfy.

I love being here so much. We’ve been meeting more neighbours on our road and the lake, everyone is so nice. Tomorrow there’s a garage sale at the Mayor’s house down the road. ?

Day 108: Canada Day ??

Woke up to find a copy of the Dockside Muskoka magazine left on the dock. I love that they’re delivered this way!

Been doing some research on Canada and the history of today. I’d like to acknowledge we are on the land of the Anishinabewaki ᐊᓂᔑᓈᐯᐗᑭ, Huron-Wendat, Haudenosaunee territory. Treaty of Williams (1923), Robinson-Huron (Treaty 61, 1850). If you’d like to see the history of your land, visit

The day was pretty relaxed, Sean worked and I read outside for about 3 hours in the afternoon sun. I finished  The Three Mrs. Wrights by Linda Keir, it was so good!

Felt a bit weird about doing fireworks given everything that’s going on in the world but then again, they bring joy to us and other people on the lake. Sean set up the camera to do some photos and only set off one before bed. I took these on my phone and ran them through the Huji Camera app.

I am forever grateful my parents decided to immigrate to Canada and NOT the USA. Growing up here has provided us with a world of opportunity, education, safely, and healthcare.

I am proud to be Canadian!

Day 107: Take a Break, Read a Book

Today I did some work in the morning and then I read my book on the dock. I’ve been reading an advance copy of The Three Mrs. Wrights by Linda Keir and is SUCH a great summer read (release Sept. 29, 2020). Three wives, one man, a thrilling story of their escapades, deception, lies, and love. I started it Monday and will finish it tomorrow for sure. It’s the kind of book I wish were longer because I don’t want it to be over. It would make a great movie!

If you’re ever looking for book recos, check out my reading list on Amazon. I’ve been adding books as I read them and still have a couple more for the list. I love a psychological thriller or fun chic-lit summer read. Another great book I finished last month was Big Summer by Jennifer Weiner. Eventually, I’ll get them all in a blog post with some reviews!

Tomorrow we have a boat parade at 2pm and Sean got a whole bunch of new fireworks for Canada Day. We are also getting 5G internet! LOOK OUT!

Day 106: The Hummingbird Bar

What a difference a day makes. 

Your heart breaks, your body aches, you need rest. 

It’s a test, a level you have to pass. 

The feelings you’re having won’t last. 

Get some sun, read a book.

Find a mirror, take a look. 

Like hummingbirds at the feeder, 

Tomorrow’s sugar will be sweeter. 

We have hummingbirds and they drink the sugar water, they’re realllly into it. Making a mess, drinking, coming back. Closest to a bar I’ve been, cutest birds I’ve ever seen. Hard to get a good photo of one, they move so fast! ??

Been writing a lot more lately, little verses here and there. I love to write, to rhyme, to take inspiration from things I see and hear. I made this video last week and wasn’t sure it turned out so I chopped it up and gave it an edit,. took a page from my own talk to ‘use what you got‘, I think it turned out pretty good!

Day 105: A Fear of Impending Doom

I took a selfie and didn’t realize how dark the sky had gotten. Sean is inside Canadian Tire while I wait in the car. We’re meeting someone at McDonald’s in 20 min to buy some lights for the cottage. 

I’ve felt anxious for days. I’m tired. Yesterday I napped for almost four hours, today I napped for one. I hardly ever take naps, I guess my body is exhausted? It’s Pride today and it’s gone online like everything these days. Last year we were in the parade with Telus. A couple of years ago we were on the Netflix float with the cast of Orange is The New Black.

I’m finding it hard to locate happiness, I have to actually put down my phone and look for it outside in the world. The phone is full of things that stress me out. I watched CP24 today and there is a lot of gun violence, riots, fighting, sickness, and death. It’s hard to handle.

I’m grateful I saw my family on Friday. It makes me smile just thinking about hugging and laughing together in the sun. 

Jen Kirsch published an article in The Star that pretty much summed up how I’m feeling. Been thinking about how she mentioned the anxiety we feel with this pandemic, the risk, the guilt, sadness, regret. Going out, seeing people, did we say/do the right thing?


I feel some guilt that after about 80 days of blogging, I’m behind on 10 days. But then again, that’s pretty amazing I blogged that much at all! Can’t feel guilty, gotta let it go, it’s ok. 

The sky cleared up a bit and the sun is out. Sean is walking to the car and we have 7 min to meet the guy. 

Everything is gonna be ok.

Casie Stewart, signature, iPad Pro.

Day 104: Saturday Drive

Left early in the morning to come back to the cottage. There was a bit more traffic than we’ve seen the last couple months. Passed a few sweet hot rods, I always send photos like this to my dad.

Was so tired when we arrived, I napped for almost four hours. I hope I’m not sick! It’s so nice to be back, maybe it’s the clean fresh air making me sleepy.

The water level is quite high, while I was away sean had to prop the dock on cinder blocks to keep it out of the water. There was some serious rain last week!

Day 103: Mum’s Retirement!

MUM IS RETIRING TODAY! I am so excited to see her after months. She’s worked hard her whole life and today we celebrate her retirement.

If you know mum or want to send a message, photo, or video, please do! I’ll do a dramatic live reading for her this afternoon! ?

Also if you are in the area, she’s still at the same house, drive by and honk your horn or come say hi in the backyard! ?


Day 102: What Would You Do If you Were Free?

I worked in the morning and then went out for a bike ride to meet Miche & Jackie in the park. Wore one of my fav bathing suits from Bathing Belle as a bodysuit with these old American Apparel shorts. They used to be so tight and now they’re a bit big. Haven’t been running as much this week but the bike keeps me moving.

Saw this on Sterling Road as I was heading downtown, stopped to take a photo up close. Been thinking about this statement, what would you do if you were free?

Day 101: Creativity & Content

Today I spoke about Creativity & Content at the FreshBooks #IMakeaLiving 5-Minute Mentors conference. I was the first speaker to kick off the morning and talked about my life over the past 4 months, uncertainty about work, and how we can all use creativity to think about business differently.

If you’d like to watch the stream you can see it here on the #IMakeALiving Facebook page. This video has only one view that includes the speakers and doesn’t include slides. Here’s a couple of slides from my presentation if you’re curious!

Remember, you don’t have to monetize every hobby. Creativity is a powerful tool to OPEN YOUR MIND. You might learn a new skill, something about yourself, or find inspiration for another part of your life.

Have fun creating, step out of your comfort zone, that’s where the magic happens. I drew this about 10 years ago and always look it up to remind myself, and you, to find that spark.

Day 99: Covid But Make It Fashion

Today I spent the morning working at home. We had a test run of the speaker software for the FreshBooks conference on Wednesday. I had a package at the postie so put on something cute and biked over in the afternoon. My mask is brought to you by Evan Biddell, I ordered a 4-pack of animal print masks from him last month.

On my way home, I stopped by Nadia’s place to go for a little walk with her and her pup. It’s nice to be home and see friends at a distance. I ended up biking through Liberty Village, Parkdale, and then home.

I wasn’t planning to join Vinyl Night w/ the gang from the Communist Daughter bar on Zoom but I popped in for a bit and had a great time. I miss hanging out at bars with friends and talking loudly.

#IMakeALiving MicroConference w/ FreshBooks: June 24th, 11am!

Hi, I am doing a short talk at an online conference on Wednesday, at 11 am. I’m the opener and will be chatting creativity, content, & social media tips. I think it will be fun! ? It’s the shortest presentation I’ve ever done and it looks kinda zany as a visual!

#imakealiving By FreshBooks presents 5-Minute Mentors

Signup is free and there are 9 great speakers each talking about business for 5 mins + Q&A.

Get To Know The Other Speakers:

  • Jon Rettinger is a tech YouTuber w/ over 15M views/month
  • Lisa Carmen Wang is a former USA National Champion and Hall of Fame gymnast turned Serial Entrepreneur
  • Dr. Nicole Garner Scott is a highly sought after serial entrepreneur, finance expert and coach.
  • Mark Asquith, ‘the British podcast guy is a U.K. podcast expert and CEO & co-founder of Rebel Base Media, a podcast tech and strategy company.
  • Dani Nagel is the owner and designer behind popular art apparel line Dazey LA (@dazey_la), a brand with a mission to empower people through conversation. Follow her! I am obsessed with her whole social media presence and style!
  • Neal Schaffer wrote ‘The Age of Influence‘ and I am really looking forward to what he has to share.
  • Corissa Saint Laurent is a serial entrepreneur, professional speaker, and trainer on entrepreneurial wellness, marketing, and branding.
  • Elaine Pofeldt is an independent journalist who specializes in small business and entrepreneurship. She is author of The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business, a look at how solopreneurs are making bank.
  • Meghan Telpner is a Toronto-based author, speaker, nutritionist, and founder of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition. Forbes, and ranked her as one of the top 100 female entrepreneurs in Canada! I’ve been following her for years!


Day 97: City, Here We Come!

Today we’re heading back to the city, Sean is dropping me off for the week and picking up Emily. I’m speaking at a conference with Freshbooks on Wednesday so I want to be home where we have good internet.

Sean put the Corvette on a trailer and took it up to the cottage. It’s a beautiful champagne colour but you can barely tell here, it’s so dusty from the garage. We’re gonna keep it at the cottage and give it a good clean. She still runs!

I went for a nice bike ride to watch the sunset in a park near the house. I love the energy of the city.

Day 96: Today is Juneteenth

Today is Juneteenth. Not sure what that is? Look it up! Educate yourself! Freedom Day, Juneteenth is the celebration to commemorate the end of slavery towards black people in America.

Today is my last full day up here for a week. Tomorrow Sean is taking me to our house in TO and picking up Emily. I’ll be spending the week there to do some work and then go visit mum on Friday for her retirement. I can’t wait to see her and my sister, it’s been months!

Day 95: Where I Need to Be

To be honest, today was not great. I spent most of the day in a bad mood, filled with anxiety, feeling stressed, snapping at Sean for no reason. I had drinks last night with some girls from the lake and one of them fell on the boat, cut her arms, and had to get stitches. Luckily, no permanent damage and everyone was ok but it had me in my feelings all day. You really have to be on your toes and keep one hand on the boat at all times, an accident can happen in a split second.

Later in the day things turned around and Sean & I decided to take a road trip together. We picked up takeout from Pie Muskoka and drive through Bala, to the Wahta Reserve, then back home through Gravenhurst. Sometimes you just need to shake it off and change your surroundings.

The journal above is a gratitude journal gifted to me by Cheryl, the owner of Please Notes. She has some really great affirmation filled goods you can find here.

We met last year when we were both speakers at I Make a Living last year hosted by FreshBooks. I’m speaking at their next online event on Wednesday 24th, 11am. Sign up here!

Day 94: Smashing Records in Style

Today I smashed my own 5K record and completed my 55KM challenge for the month. I am so grateful for these challenges hosted by Amy aka @lesbest. It’s really kept me motivated to get my shoes on and hit the road.

When I got back to the cottage a package was there, it’s was like a reward for hustling hard. The PR team sent the Hayley X Coors Slice shorts and shirt. Sean is wearing the set in a size small, looking like a supermodel! He’s been a really good motivator for my running doing does 4-10K a day on his morning runs. We’re both feeling so much better since we stopped eating so much crap and started moving our bodies.

ILY. Thank you for supporting me my love! Idk if he will see this bc I’m pretty sure he doesn’t read my blog, he gets enough CASIE IRL haha.

I hope you are having a good day! ?

Day 93: We’ll All Float On Ok

Today was pretty quiet. I spend the morning working, as I usually do then set out on my paddleboard for nearly two hours. I packed some water and my Kindle and floated and read in the sun. I have been reading a couple of books from Netgalley, a medias review site for authors. My two most recent reads are Coming for You Deborah Rogers, The Dead Girl Under the Bleachers by Donna M. Zadunajsky, both linked here on Amazon. Find more book recos in my store!

I typically read the same type of books with a female lead, there some relationship/family drama, at least one murder. I hardly ever read self-help books, I like to escape reality in a book, take my mind on a suspenseful & thrilling adventure.

In the afternoon, I went to town and stopped by our cute little post office to pick up some packages. I look forward to visiting Judy at the Postie each time and try to take her a little treat as a way to say thank you.

I was happy my order from Biddell arrived! Canadian designer and friend Evan Biddell has been making stylish masks you can order online here. I happened to have a swimsuit to match one of them, safety but make it fashion! For $45 you will receive a 4-pack of animal print masks. They fit great!

4 Pack of Masks

Thinking of this jam, always loved this song.

Day 92: Find The Magical Moments

This afternoon, while Sean was wakeboarding our neighbour (who has a plane), landed on the lake. It was so magical so see them plane fly over our heads before touching down on the water.

I went for a long walk & talk and was feeling pretty happy in the sun. This shark print is one of my fav suits from Bathing Belle. It has a matching scrunchie and you can now get a mask to match too!

Had an absolutely perfect avocado. It’s a small but wonderful thing when that happens. We have to celebrate the small wins today, and always!

Went for a sunset boat cruise. Sean and I try to do this each night to take a break from work, spend time together, and enjoy the views.

Day 91: Sunday Funday!

I have really come to love driving the boat to take sean wakeboarding. I was scared of it for years but after taking the Boater Exam and getting my licence, I feel more confident.

There’s a spot on the lake where boaters meet to wakeboard and hang out so it was fun to hang there for the first time. Up until last summer, we didn’t have lake friends. It’s a nice experience to have people hang with. Boating is social distancing!

Wore my fav Hayley Elsaesser x Coors Slice outfit with the bikini, overalls, and cooler, it was a hit. I’m expecting another delivery from them next week so I can’t WAIT to see what it is. If you want to check out the collection find it here.

ALSO, how beautiful is this incredible dragonfly?! It’s black & yellow with polka dots. I looked it up and I think it’s called Painted Skimmer (Libellula semifasciata). NATURE ISCOOL.

Day 90: Catch a New Vibe

Beautiful day today! Sean took Emily back to the city yesterday and I spent the night alone. I had a few drinks, talked loudly on the phone to my friends, sang old Alanis at the top of my lungs, danced around and changed outfits a few times. It was perfect. I was so happy to find these shorts in one of my bins, almost too big now and last summer they were SO TIGHT. Yeahhhh, my hard work is paying off!

Sean picked up a few packages that were delivered to the office and one was a beautiful surprise from Coach Carey & Hoame meditation. THANK YOU!!!!!!

It is always nice to get gifts in the mail, really appreciate small gestures more now than ever. I burned the rose wrapped sage right away, gave Sean the meditation bracelet, and added the crystal & candle to my window collection. I am here for changing the vibe we had over the last week with the storm, losing power & internet, then my website crashing.

In the afternoon we boated over for a safe distance hang with our cottage friends. It was so nice to laugh together, to yell, and have fun.

I miss hanging out with people. Since we’ve been at the cottage for so long, we haven’t really been around other humans for months.

Here’s hoping we can safely spend time with the ones we love soon. ?

Day 89: The Day My Website Crashed

Today I woke up feeling great, we have internet, I ran 5K, all is a-ok!

However, I sat down to update my website and THERE WAS A CRITICAL ERROR. I spent the morning on the phone with my hosting company and trying to get the issue sorted. I updated my security certificate and have someone working on a spam issue. HOW MUCH MORE CAN WE TAKE? SHEESH.

I stayed pretty calm through the whole thing, I used to freak out about little things but have been working on how to remain CALM in times of uncertainty.

It was also pretty cold out. Brought out the flannel!

Day 88: The Day We Had No Internet

I was so tired today from staying up most of the night. I couldn’t sleep with the crazy storm and we had a slight leak in the kitchen ceiling. I was stressed!

Our power came back on around 1 am but we still didn’t have internet access. We decided to take a break from work/school and watched a DVD of Edward Scissorhands. It was also a bit cooler so we made a fire and took the time to relax.

We had a chipmunk in the cottage and they’re cute yes, but not INSIDE. We haven’t set a trap to catch him but the little guy gets in sometimes and I scream, then Sean manages to safely escort him outside.

I took a 2hr nap in the afternoon and by the time I woke up the internet was back in action. THANKFUL FOR WIFI!

Day 87: Wild Wind, Mega Storm

This afternoon we all hung out on the dock in the sun. Finally got Emily outside to have some fun! She’s been spending a lot of time on the computer. We knew a storm was on the way and stayed out to watch the clouds roll in then danced in the rain.

It was so warm but VERY WINDY (see video below haha). The storm rolled in around dinner time and then we lost power for most of the night. We sat around with candles and talked about what’s going on in the world.

Day 86: Dressing Up for Town

Today I took a trip to town and picked up my online order from Walmart. A couple of weeks ago I ordered some solar-powered Edison bulbs for outside on the stairs. I think they’ll look great! Each time I go to town, I put on a cute outfit, makeup, and pack a mask. I really miss seeing people and getting dressed up. If a trip to Walmart is my outing for the week, I’m gonna wear something nice. Celebrating the small wins these days!

Earlier the afternoon, I went out on the paddleboard for an hour and a half, circling around a few of the little islands and laying in the sun. I didn’t take my phone or anything, just me, the lake, my board, and the sun.

Saw this little guy when I came back. Haven’t seen one this big here before!

Day 85: Let’s Go Back To The Cottage

Today we are heading back to the cottage. I was up early with Sean to re-shoot the project I’m working on. It went ok. Thankful for his help, it was very challenging to do it all by myself yesterday.

I stopped by to see April and Nataleigh before we left. I really hope we have some HOT DAYS this week. I am ready for sun. ☀️

Sat outside and read my book by the fire before bed. Nice to be back. ?

Day 84: Sunshine, Bike Ride, Fresh Air Therapy

I tried really hard to do something today. I put my expectations high, I thought I could do it all by myself. I didn’t want help. I failed. I sucked at it. I had a total meltdown.

The day started well with a 3.5km run around the neighbourhood. I stopped at the OKAYOK Store to take this photo, they have a great mirror film on the window. I’m wearing the Joe Fresh outfit again bc I am 1000% obsessed.

After my meltdown, I took to the streets on my bike and discovered a great new (to me!) spot in our area. The other day mum told me how she used to love running on a track so I was so happy to find one at École secondaire Toronto Ouest.

I leaned back on my bike, called a friend, and read my book. I also did another one of Elaisha’s daily meditations. It was so nice. I traced my fingers with my eyes closed, took deep breaths, and soaked in the sun. If you haven’t subscribed you can get on her 30-day course on Your Mindful for free here.


P.S. I lost my fav Juul today, it was engraved 'CASIE IS THE BEST' ?

Day 83: New Ways, New Mask, New Look

Biked around early in the morning and met April for a social distance hang with coffee in her backyard around 8 am. We talked about life, everything going on in the world, things outside us, feelings inside us, it was really nice. She always has good advice, makes me laugh, and is there with a compliment or to a reminder when I need it the most.

It’s crazy to think back to a few months ago when everything was different and we had no idea what was coming. Things will never be the same, this is a new way of life, of living, of thinking, of feeling.

In the afternoon I walked to Danica’s Bathing Belle shop in Roncy to pick up my mask and see her new mural being painted. It looks so nice and the art is done by @Viszla_Bacon on IG. He has a couple other in the area, you might recognize his work!

Bathing Belle will be opening up soon to take appointments at the shop. I ordered the Rasta Lion mask to match my suit and scrunchie. I love it! Her suits are the best bathing suits I’ve ever owned, she makes them herself, and the fabric so nice. Highly recommend.

It was a full moon last night, I sat out and read my book for a bit. I placed my crystals out under the moonlight and made my wishes on the moon. Even though I couldn’t’ see it through the clouds, I knew it was there. I got this yellow bowl two summer’s ago from a shop in the LXMarket, Lisbon. I was hesitant to buy it but I’m so glad to have it now.

This orange outfit is my most favourite thing right now, I copped the crop/shorts from Sasha Exeter‘s post and used her 25% off discount at Joe Fresh (SASHA25). In other news, my roots are so long my hair looks brown when it’s tied back.

On the way home from Roncy, I grabbed a TOGO Margarita from a little bar. These are certainly weird times. ?