Day 56: For The Mamas

Mums, step-moms, grandmas, sisters, pet mums, plant mums, sister and friends who are there for us with mum love, today is for you.

Had a nice chat with my mum and then went to a garden centre. We Facetimed Sean’s mum and had her pick out a big beautiful hanging plant to go at the cottage front door.

In the evening, I did a self-care spa including a foot mask, face mask, and watched Dead to Me in bed while drinking rosé. It was nice! Good show.

Sending special love to my mum who had been a source of strength and inspiration every day of my life. I love you so much! She always has good advice, a creative idea, or the right thing to say when I need it.

You are a legend, Mum!
This has been on Mum’s fridge since I was in high school.
i am so proud of my mum because... | Casie Stewart - This Is My Life
Mum when she sailed to Bahamas with Steve!

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