The sun will set you free. She is there for you. She loves you. She will hug you with her warmth and shine down on you. Turn your face to the sun and let her warmth fall on your face.

It’s gonna be ok.

Day 47: May Flowers!

Today was a great day! I ran 2k in the morning and baked sweet potato brownies. Sean returned to the cottage with Emily in the afternoon.

I did some gardening in this great outfit then made a run to town for some supplies. Our friends stopped by in their boat and might take Sean wakeboarding tomorrow.

For dinner, we made taco bowls as a family, had dairy-free ice cream sundaes for dessert, then watched The Matrix.

Picked myself up some flowers at the grocery and had the nicest chat with a lovely lady named Nora who was working at the store.

It was such a beautiful day. So happy it’s MAY!

Day 37: My Blog is 15 Today!

At the start of the 2020, I’d planned that this year, finally, I was going to have a blog party. Well, that didn’t quite work out!

Today marks 15 years since I started writing ‘Casie Stewart: This is My Life‘.

My first online diary was MSN Spaces during university in Australia (2004), next I moved to (2005), and finally, found a home at

I have grown and changed so much over the past 15 years. I’m really thankful to everyone who has been part of this blog. It’s been a huge part of my career development and me growing as a person. I was in my early 20’s when I started and over the years, keeping this diary has helped me work through so many ups and downs. Glad I didn’t give up, there were many times I didn’t feel like blogging but writing was what helped me though.

Thank you for reading, commenting, reaching out, and for your friendship. Maybe next year I’ll do a Sweet 16!

2020: It’s My 15th Blog Anniversary

2020: It’s My 15th Blog Anniversary View Post


Today was a great day. Opened the windows, 8 degrees in November. Did a corporate talk on social media first thing in the morning. Rode my bike in the sun. Had a great chat with mum. Met with an author I’ve been following for years. Explored an old, recently renovated building I’ve been curious about. Had a couple great calls. Was at the gym before everything.

It’s amazing to feel so different after working out for a couple weeks, eating well, and not really drinking. Glad I didn’t wait till 2020 to kick start my glow up! I feel like a sunshine!

Rooftop at the Art of Banksy Building on Sterling

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