Day 421: That Magic Hour

We went to a garden center today and got some things to grow herbs. We have a tradition of going to one every Mother’s Day weekend to get a nice big plant for Sean’s Mum.

We were only out in the world for about an hour but were both so tired when we got home. Why is everything exhausting these days? Sean had a nap and I went for a walk then watched my show. Listened to one of the Peloton walking workouts and took a bag with me to pick up some trash. Our area is pretty clean but after winter, there’s always a few bits on the road.

I’m working with Telus again this month for their May ‘Friendly Futures‘ contest where they’re giving away $100K in charitable donations. For my contribution, I made a donation to Tree Canada and committed to doing a community cleanup. This is some friends and I and in Vancouver (2018) with some of the Telus team for their Telus Days of Giving when we made care packs for local schools. Read more about Telus Friendly Future days here.

In other news, I looked outside as the sun was setting and couldn’t believe it was 8pm! Love it. Morning is my fav time to get things done but right before sundown is so beautiful, that magic hour. The sun goes down across the lake, shining her colourful light, nice and bright, right into the cottage.

Hope you had a nice weekend. ?

Day 419: Thirty-Eight, Feeling Great

Tomorrow is my birthday and I usually have a lot of anxiety leading up to it but this year, it was ok. I think it’s due to the fact that we’re used to lockdown, the pressure is off to do anything, and I’m quite happy for a quiet weekend up north. Last days of being 38 & tbh, I’m feeling great.

Sending love from the woods, hope you had a good week!

Day 417: Taurus Twins

Saw Michelle for the first time in ages today. We’re born one day apart and usually spend our birthdays together, Taurus Twins. It was nice to sit outside, dance in the sun, and laugh together. Our last hang was back in March 2021 when some patios were open for about five minutes. It’s crazy to think how social life was before the Panini, I was a few events each week, it was normal to see hundreds of people, sometimes thousands. I feel like it will be ages before that happens again and just thinking about it gives me anxiety. It makes me feel nervous/excited about all the people/seeing everyone again. Most people have only seen me though a screen for 400+ days, a lot of people I haven’t seen at all.

Feeling grateful for warmer temps and longer days. This week at work has been pretty good but I’m looking forward to the weekend. Sean and I are going up North for my birthday and I can’t wait to get back to the woods.

Day 416: Toronto Lockdown, Locktown

Feeling much better overall today after a good 8hr sleep and a run this morning. This lockdown is really weighing on everyone. Even the most positive people I have been feeling down lately. It’s great to see more and more people being vaccinated but everything is still closed and cases are high. Today I heard that two people I know have Covid and two others are recovering. It’s all around us and doesn’t discriminate. Life before covid seems so long ago. I’ve love to hug my parents or laugh with friends but it doesn’t look like that’s anywhere in the near future. I keep seeing photos of people in other cities and countries out living their best lives while Toronto lockdown lingers on. This weekend is my 2nd covid birthday and hopefully the last.

Today I went to the dentist for the first time in ages! I’ve had a sore tooth that hurts every now & then for about four years. Now that I’m a full-time employee, I have benefits! Feels so luxurious to go to the dentist and finally have my tooth fixed. I’M A NEW WOMAN. Ok, same woman, new-ish tooth.

Sean and I ordered sushi for dinner and started watching Them on Amazon Prime. Good show so far but scary! It’s a horror-themed series about a black family that moves from North Carolina to an all-white Los Angeles neighborhood in 1953. I hope I don’t have nightmares.

In other news, this week my blog was awarded Best Website by The Good Estate. ?

Toronto Lockdown, Locktown

Day 415: Case of The Mondays

I usually look forward to Monday but this week I was struggling. I had a relaxing weekend but a bad sleep Sunday night that left me feeling down and out.

Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays!

Thankful for my job and working with great people, a good dose of motivation when you’re feeling off. The best part of my day was a visit from friends who dropped off one of the new branded hoodies we ordered. It was the perfect pick me up on a rainy day! I put it on right away and heated up a bowl of lentil soup I made on the weekend.

It’s been ages since I watched Office Space but I’ve probably seen it 100 times. I used to meet up with my college girlfriends and we would watch it all the time. Highly recommend it if you’re looking for something funny to watch. A true classic!

Day 414: Sunday Kinda Love

Had a nice Sunday at home. Sean and I went to another garden center today before coming home to work on the patio. I shot some content for my friend Tahnee’s brand, Pretty Denim. Excited to share it later this week!

Sending you some smiley faces and good vibes for a great week!

Sunday kinda love!

Day 411: The Low Down

Today we have good news about vaccinations, finally! Looks like next month anyone over 18 in Ontario will be able to book a vaccine appointment. This is a relief! Sean got his last week and since we’re don’t live in a Hot Spot area, I’m not eligible for mine yet (still under 40 ?).

This is the first step to this whole thing being over-ish and finally getting back to some kind of normal. Who knows what post-pandemic life will be like, but I am dying to get back to doing things and going places. I miss my friends, family, especially mum and dad. I also miss influencer events, random friends, acquaintances, and loud, packed spaces. Can’t wait to go to concerts, fashion shows, and media launches again.

In other news, I ordered myself a birthday present, Apple AirPods! I’ve wanted a pair for ages and finally pulled the plug. I had them engraved with ‘CASIE IS THE BEST’, a reminder, and self-care, lol. I felt like getting my initials was too common so I went for something a little more personal. My Zoom meetings and workouts are about to level up. My over-the-ear headphones have been great the last two years but they’ve been taped up with duck tape for a few months and I was due for an upgrade. Please send me good vibes that I don’t lose one or both.

410: Bad Girl’s Club

Another transitional jacket! This is one of my absolute favorites, it says ‘Bad Girl’s Club’ on the back and my name on the front. It’s from the Varsity Collection by Canadian designer Hilary MacMillan. It’s from a couple of years ago but a piece I’ll have forever. Last September, I visited Hilary’s Studio in Cabbagetown and wrote about it here.

Posted a short Reel in the jacket on IG, click the video below to watch on Instagram with music.

If you’re ever looking for a great place to take colourful photos in the city, this wall is on Orfus Road near Yorkdale Mall.

409: Like Plants, We All Grow

This week has been hard, I feel so drained and tired. Maybe it’s the rain, or the lockdown, I’m not even sure anymore. Work is good and I look forward to laughs with colleagues. I’ve been going to bed early but skipping my morning run to catch a bit more sleep. I’ll get back to it next week.

A new month always feels like a new start and May is my fav month. My birthday is May 8th and I think Sean and I will be sending the weekend up north.

In other news, my plants are FLOURISHING. I love tending to them and watching them grow. I’ve got a bunch of cuttings growing in water. Like plants, we all grow and I’ve changed heaps over the last year too. I trimmed my Monstera about a month ago and the new roots are about 2″ long already.

Hang in there, we’ll get through this NEVER ENDING LOCKDOWN.

Day 408: A Bike and A Bowl

I haven’t been taking as many photos over the last few days. I feel like my life is so boring these days! With everything shut down, there’s nowhere to go, nothing to do, and we’re not allowed to hang out with friends. I can’t wait for this damn lockdown to be OVER. It’s still going to be a few weeks before I get vaccinated. I really hope Ontario gets it together, we’re all getting so sick of this.

So today, I share a photo from my bike ride and a beautiful smoothie bowl. Hopefully, the next month brings some excitement. I have a couple of campaigns coming up so those will be fun to share. ?

Day 407: Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday, spent at home, it’s just me here, all alone.

In the house, I will stay, lazy lockdown, day after day.

Day 406: She’s Only Happy In The Sun

Had a quiet Friday night after a long week. Sean got his vaccine yesterday and we spent the night watching The Serpent on Netflix. Idk why but just love a serial killer story, thought the show was really well done.

This morning we cleaned up the roof patio, tossed a few old things, and packed some in the truck for the cottage. I biked over to meet April at Dundas & Ossington in the afternoon. we walked to Kensington picked up ome groceries and got coffee. It was so nice and sunny out. Felt great to be outside the house and in a different part of downtown. I biked back home and spent some time reading on the roof. I am loving these warmer days.

I was planning to do some work on the garden but I sliced my hand pretty bad with a bred knife making breakfast so I’ll have to save that for another time. No plans tonight, I’m sure we’ll find something to watch.

Title is a song from Ben Harper that always makes me think of my sister. ?

Day 404: Error Spring Not Found

This happens every year so we shouldn’t be surprised! Still, every spring we hope, we truly hope that warn sunny days will arrive by May. The long-term weather has us above 10 degrees next week and into May, so I feel pretty good about that. My birthday is Saturday, May 8th and I would love to tan outside. Just throwing that out there to the universe!

Today is pandemic diary day 404, in website owner/internet terms, a 404 error is when a website doesn’t load. It indicates that the server is reachable but the specific page is in error.

You’ll most often get a 404 when the page name has changed or the URL was typed in wrong. Since we had snow yesterday, ‘Spring Not Found’ is an homage to a 404 error where you’d get a message like ‘Page Not Found’ or ‘Server Not Found’. I thought it was funny. ??

Day 403: In The Worst of Weather, Dress Appropriately

April is rainy and cold, we know this. Like winter, spring can be a sad season but if you have the right thing to wear, it’s not so bad. ? I wrote about my love for Transitional Coat Season (spring moody temps!) last month on Day 374 and my love for ‘coat season‘ back in October (Day 205), another transitional month. Remember, in the worst of weather dress appropriately, layer, accessorize and wear the right shoes.

When it rains, I have two fav coats depending on humidity. One of my favorite raincoats is a rubberized cotton number from Stutterheim in Sweden. It is easily one of the most $$ things I own and cherish it! (I found out I’m 10% Scandanavian shortly after getting this jacket so maybe that makes me love it more?)

My ‘Stockholm Red‘ jacket was a gift via my friends Leslie & Lindsay of WRG (What’s Really Good Studios) in Montreal back in 2015. This coat is MADE TO LAST and only gets better with age. If it’s realllllly raining and I have to face the elements, I also have cute rain boots and a nice umbrella. A wild weather day is an outfit adventure opportunity, or a reason to stay home, you decide.

This is a photo from 2015 on the bridge near our house. It’s crazy to go back and read my own posts, memory is weird. I look at the photos and I read the post in my voice, but I don’t really remember the moment. The title of the post that day is “The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.

I dunno what it is about this time of year of this weather but it’s really got me down. I was feeling so meh today I could have just crawled into bed and played on my phone for 2 hours until I fell asleep.

2015 Casie, I feel you girl, same.

The thing I really love about Stutterheim is their motto ‘Swedish melancholy at its driest‘, my coat is called ‘the melancholic heart of Stutterheim‘. Maybe I’ll start writing more stories about my clothes like Worn Stories on Netflix. Good show if you haven’t watched it yet.