Day 186: Mellow Yellow

Today was a good day! I Spent the afternoon in the office then came home and spent the night hanging out at home. It was beautiful out today. Love these fall temps where you can layer but don’t need a warm jacket.

I ordered a couple of jumpsuits from Zara Kids and I’m so happy they both fit perfectly. Loves it!

Day 185: Mum’s Birthday!

Today was a great day! Had so much fun at home for mum’s birthday. Jenie and I drove to the house in the afternoon and hung out with her and Steve, ate snacks, got takeout, and had cake. My sister’s childhood bff also came over and it was like we never missed a beat. Laughed so hard, it was brilliant!

I love mum so much! She’s smart, funny, stylish, and the biggest inspiration in my life. She’s always there with wise words when I need them and I am so grateful for her love. HI MUM LOVE YOU, THANK YOU. ?

One of our fav things to do is go to Winners and look for treasures. I found this amazing merino wool sweater from Zara and my sister got one to match. It was a steal! Jenie found the yellow sweater she was wearing and got it for mum. Now we all match!

I dressed up for the day in my fav bodysuit, Pretty Denim (designed by my friend Tahnee), and loafers from Everlane. My mask was handmade in Toronto by my other friend Considerate Goods. I almost forgot how much I love wearing a full outfit, really sets the tone for your day!

Day 184: TIFF Portrait Studio

For the past 10 years of my life, early September has always been about TIFF. From working at Much/MTV, to the early blogger hay days (ayooooo!), media events, screenings, so much fun. I was also in a documentary about the festival that’s now on Amazon in the US/UK. TIFF has been a huge part of my life and something I always look forward to.

Yes, this year is different but watching from home is pretty great too. No shoes, comfy clothes, and you can eat/drink/do whatever you want!

We watched Concrete Cowboy starring Idris Elba and Caleb McLaughlin from Stranger Things. It was good, the story, the music, real people. I loved the cinematography and Shazammed a few songs. Found out today that TIFF is offering a free digital screening of this film to 500 essential workers in TO. ??

Thank you Nespresso for the digital tickets, goodies, and snacks. Nespresso is a long-standing supporter of film/arts and Official Coffee Sponsor of the Toronto International Film Festival®. If you’re in Ontario, they have a contest rn where 30 people will win a machine, pods, AND A FREE PASS to Bell Digital Cinema. I wish I had a pass! If you win, please enjoy. Pre-COVID, I’d typically ask you to invite me over when you win!

? This VIP PORTRAIT STUDIO was so exclusive, I was the only one invited! ????

P.S. How great is this dress? It was in my donate pile but I decided to bleach it at the start of Covid and now I love it so much!

Day 183: You Don’t have to Monetize Every Hobby

I’ve loved sewing my whole life. I also have a new sewing machine that I’ve hardly used for about 8 years. I want to sew, but never had the time or made the time to do it. As a kid, I spent heaps of time sewing with mum. I even started my first business in grade 3 sewing gym bags for classmates.

Early into quarantine, I took the time to make things for the pure enjoyment of making them. I did heaps of tie-dye, turmeric dye, made friendship bracelets, and practised line drawing on iPad. The art of creating gives me so much joy. It inspires creativity in other areas of my life. I loved sharing the things I made on social media and mailing some to friends. I was reminded you don’t have to monetize every hobby, it’s incredibly freeing to create for the sake of creating.

This weekend, I started sewing again. I took a few items of clothing that were ripped or on their way to donations and made a few scrunchies. The big pink ones are a soft rayon fabric and flop when you doa top know. they used to be part of Joe Fresh shirt from years ago that had a mark on it. It was so fun to make them and patch together my old clothes to make new patterns. I spent most the day sewing, listening to music, watching Netflix, and letting my creative juices flow.

Cut up scraps that will become cute mis-matched scrunchies!

After posting my creations, I had a few people saying they want to buy or ask where to order. I’m not there yet, I might never be! For now, the Quarantine 2.0 version of me is Casie Sew-Art.

I’m back at my machine baby, who knows what I’ll create next!

Day 182: When in Doubt, Go Out

Go outside, beneath the trees, listen for wind dancing in the leaves. Look at the sky, breathe in the air. Throw your hands up, like you just don’t care. ✌️

Hoodie: Superette Shop – Sherbet

Glasses RayBan

Studio: Mother Nature

Day 181: Recharge Your Batteries in The Sun

I worked most the morning then met up with Michelle near the office. We had lunch on the Queen Mother back alley patio then took a look around Black Market vintage. It was so sunny, we were both wearing layers and cute outfits.

It felt so good to hang out together, laugh down the street, stopping to take photos, and making memories. It’s amazing how a carefree afternoon with your bff can lift your spirits! Love you Miche!

Gonna miss these summer temps when they go but we still have time to make the most of each day before that happens. If there’s no sunshine one day, you have to be the sunshine!

Day 179: Dress Shoes, I Missed You

Different taking the subway these days but I like being back in the city. There are fewer people and the seats are marked for distancing.

Felt so good to put on regular clothes and spend a few hours working outside the house. I miss being in that type of environment. Sean picked me up on the way home from 1188 and I made fresh pasta from Pusateri’s.

In other news, I started watching Away on Netflix starring Hilary Swank, good show. Hooked!

Day 178: Remember The Leaves

Took the boat out of the water this morning after taking Sean for his last rip on the lake. I don’t think we’ll be putting it back in this year. We’re on our way back to the GTA after sending the long weekend up north with Emily. Sean has buyer for his classic 1982 Stingray Corvette so we’ve got it on a trailer and and we’re dropping it off in Oakville. 

Our next stop is Emily’s mum’s place to drop her off, she starts a new school next week. The kids have to wear masks all day and they’ve got a bunch of social distancing procedures in place. We know it’s good for her to be back in school but it’s also stressful knowing we are potentially putting her and ourselves at risk. 

I’ve had a lot of anxiety over the past few days. It’s hard not to have anxiety with everything going on. Watching the news is intense and just sitting alone with your own thoughts can be overwhelming. I’m behind on my blog diary (again) but I also haven’t had my computer since September 3rd. I finally dropped my MacBook Pro off at the shop after months of using it with a broken keyboard. Found out today it’s going to cost $$$ and I think it’s time to get a new laptop. I’ve been using my old MacBook Air and it’s so s-l-o-w. Tbh I’m glad it’s a short week and it will be the weekend again before we know it.  

Sean and I are planning to come back to the cottage together on Friday. I love summer but fall weekends in Muskoka are so charming. Relaxing and romantic. The leaves have only just started to change and over the next six-8 weeks they will transform to a rainbow of colours.

I think that’s what I need to remember today, things change, we change, but like the leaves, there’s beauty in the growth and the stages we go through. 

Remember the leaves. xo

Day 177: The Reality

On days I don’t document in real-time, I often go back and try to remember what happened that day. If there are no new photos, I hardly remember what happened, I have to really think about it. If you are reading this diary in daily order, I am writing this to you from the future on Day 183, September 13th, 2020. It’s Sunday, we’re getting ready to go back to the city from the cottage.

I recommend watching The Social Dilemma on Netflix, it’s good, you’ll find it interesting.

Day 172: Welcome to The Matrix

The year is 2020. We wear masks inside public spaces and outside in crowds. This is my first time visiting a client office after six months of lockdown. Haven’t worn a hat in a while either! Mask fashion is on the rise and today I’m wearing Toronto based designer Considerate Goods with a mask chain from an old purse.

Met up w/ Talia & had a snack on Yorkville patio. Hardly anyone eats inside these days. I still eat Avocado toast & drink kombucha.

Sean and Emily picked me up and we went straight to the cottage for Labour Day Long Weekend. Here’s hoping we have good weather this weekend!

Day 170: It’s September

Spent most of the day at my computer. It was really hot today. Whenever I opened the patio door, I was instantly hit with a wave of heat. I’m not ready for summer to be over. I love fall fashion but cooler temps gets my mind thinking about winter. It’s already such a hard time with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) that a pandemic sends my mind swirling with ways to try and cope. If a second wave comes, (and it looks like it might), should we go back to the cottage, or can I run away to Costa Rica?

Hard to believe this is Day 170 of my daily pandemic blog diary, where did the time go?

I’ve always loved September, the last decade has meant returning to events post-summer relaxation, TIFF, Fashion Week, seeing all my friends at once. I feel sad for the times we won’t have but grateful for the memories, all mostly documented here or on Instagram. I’ve got tickets to one TIFF screening so far and we’ll see how many more tickets I can snag for my at-home TIFF experience.

Over the past month, I’ve been a bit slack with working out and keeping track of the days. This month I’m sticking to my goals. A fresh stary of sorts and there’s a full moon tonight. I didn’t run today but I did 100 situps and 10 pushups before bed. A small feat but one I’m trying to make a routine. I put some water and my crystals out last night, made 6 wishes at the moon and stared at it or a bit. Does the moon see me?

I’ll do whatever I can do bring good vibes right now!

Day 169: Cute New Masks from Considerate Goods!

This past weekend I met up with Anela who reached out to me over IG. We met pre-pandemic at a bar in my neighbourhood, late one night. She said she’d remembered my outfit and had been following m on IG since! ? Over the past few months, she started sewing masks and has a background in fashion & design. Her new company Considerate Goods is based right here in the Junction and she makes super stylish masks.

We sat down (outside & distanced) for a coffee chat and she gave me a few of her new designs. These masks are so CUTE, breathable, and fit well.

In an effort to be more sustainable and have less waste, she’s been making scrunchies to use up as many scraps as possible. I love this idea! My new scrunchie matches 3 of my masks, perfect for upping my mask game.

The Considerate Good website just launched and you can check out all the designs at If you’re making a purchase, use code CASIE15% for a discount!

I absolutely love supporting local & new friends. Thank you Anela and congrats on your new venture!

considerate goods

Day 168: Rules for Photo Taking

There’s only one rule, TAKE A LOT. Lol. Went for a nice bike ride yesterday and saw Andrew in the park then ran into a couple of other friends. I biked over to visit April and went for a little walk. She wanted a photo here so we both took a bunch. There are about 45 in my camera roll haha. So fun! See them in a video here.

Holding on to the last beautiful days of summer! I’m still in the city this week before heading up to the cottage for the long weekend.

April ILYSM. Thanks for a fun hang!

Day 163: Visit Spain w/ Do Rueda’s Online Wine Event – Sept. 22nd!

Last summer I went on a press trip to Spain where we did something like 13 wineries in 4 days. It was awesome! Our adventure took us all over the Do Rueda region where they specialize in white wine and 1,000-year-old indigenous grapes (Verdejo). A wine tour here is a good idea if you plan on visiting Spain!

2019, Do Rueda Wine Tour, Spain

Since you’re most likely not heading to there anytime soon, take a virtual trip to Spain’s Do Rueda with an online wine class and wine & snacks inspired by the region. I received a box to try, everything paired perfectly with the wine. See my video here!

Learn about wine this week in Do Rueda‘s online wine class with Master Sommelier, Bruce Wallner (Sept. 22), and mark October 5th in your iCal for Wine Night Instagram Live with wine expert, Angela Aiello (@superwinegirl).

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Day 162: BFF Park Hang

Finally had a park hang w/ some of my BFFs this week. It was so nice to be back on my old stomping grounds! Forst real park hang of the summer. The park is a bit different these days with people in masks, lots of tents, fewer people crowding, socially distant circles. There was a yoga class taking place, so we moved out of our spot when they arrived, it was a bit of a weird vibe. I loved that they had Tibetan singing bowls but it was right in an area where people were having picnic dinners and there were tents set up. Might have been better suited for a less crowded area!

We’re drinking bangarang a new malt seltzer made in London, ON during the pandemic. I’m one of their new partners and was happy yo have the gang try it.

Day 160: Where Did August Go?

Wow, this month has really flown by! I’ve been working a new gig for the last couple of weeks and have been really slacking on blog updates. I’m still here but I’ve been finding it harder to update and have also not really felt like sharing too much.

This weekend we came back to the cottage to get it ready for Sean’s sister and her fam to have a week here. On Saturday we had a nice distanced hang with our cottage bubble, floating in the lake and enjoying the sun.

It’s crazy that August is almost over. March and April felt like they were never-ending and somehow, we’re near the end of summer.

This time of year I’m usually gearing up for a busy September with TIFF and Fashion Week. Not sure what the next few weeks are gonna look like. I did, however, book a hair appointment for this week and I am so excited. Not planning to change the cut or colour too much, I’ve really grown to love this darker, covid shag.

Heading back to the city for a bit and will be back to the cottage for the long weekend. Here’s to a great week!

Day 156: Shaggy Covid Hair

It was nice waking up in my own bed and get ready in my room this morning. The water at the house is different than the cottage and it makes it my hair so soft. I’m really growing to love my shaggy Covid hair, it’s the longest hair I’ve had in over a decade! In the past, I would probably be freaking out at how long my roots are but with all the things that have changed, and how I’ve changed, I’m cool with it.

Tonight I’m meeting a friend for dinner and can’t wait. Looking forward to bike riding in the sun!

Day 151: Take A Break At The Lake

Sean took his new bike for a rip in the morning but only on our road hence the no helmet. He’s getting one tomorrow!

Day 150: Search & You Just Might Find It

Went for a run today and did my fav Abs & Arms workout on the Nike Training app. I worked in the morning and by the time 4pm rolled around, I was ready to switch in to my suit and spend some time in the sun. Took my latest read outside and had a beer on the dock.

Sean and I went on an adventure in the evening to go look at a motorcycle in Gravenhurst. He’s been looking at a few different used ones over the past few months and he finally got one! I love it. Maybe I’ll get my M1 licence?!

In other news, I’ve been doing a bunch of website updates on the backend for security and functionality. I’m way overdue for site maintenance! If you’re looking to find out a local Toronto web design company, check these guys out!

Day 149: Feels Like September Energy

It was pretty chilly this morning! Warmed up in the day but I can feel change is coming.

For the past five month’s I’ve been on CERB and this month, I’m back to work. I’d been feeling a need for change for a year and I think I’ve finally figured out that I want and where I’m going. I’ve taken a gig with a studio doing social media and project management, all remote. Today was my first full day on the job and I really liked it!

I’m not certain what the future holds but I’ve got a plan for now. I was texting a friend saying ‘I’m back bitchessss’ and she said “this feels like September energy“.

Been wondering if it’s time to stop the daily diary on Day 150? I know the pandemic isn’t over, maybe I should keep it going? Tomorrow will tell!

ALSO: I changed the home feen on to be blog posts only, no sidebar. Do you like it? Is anyone reading this? The sidebar is there if you click on an individual post!

Day 148: Young, Restless

I was not very productive today. Tooth was really hurting, took some CBD and Aleve to take away the pain. It was super hot out but I stayed inside all day. I didn’t work out, super lazy. Sean went to town in the afternoon and then I took him for a long rip on the wakeboard. He’s so good at it, blows my mind!

For dinner, I made our new fav dish, avocado pesto pasta. I throw a handful of basic, a couple of garlic cloves, one avocado, salt, pepper, and olive oil in the food processor and voila, a deliciously creamy pasta sauce. It’s so good right out of the pot or the cold from the fridge.

In other news, the YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS IS BACK ON TV. I can’t even tell you how much I missed the show. I know it might seem silly to love it so much but I’ve been watching it my whole life. When the show stopped due to COVID, that regular part of my day at 4:30 pm, when I wrap up work and wind down, wasn’t there. It’s a small step to normalcy and I’m glad to have it back.

Day 147: Ok One Moment, Over It The Next

I was dead tired today and spent the whole day watching Netflix on the couch. I also ate all the snacks I could find. I needed rest. I’ve had a bit of a sore tooth that acts up every now and then. I know I should get it fixed. Maybe I will next time we’re back in the city. I’ve been watching Good Girls S3, it’s ok. We also started The World’s Most Wanted but tbh it made us both fall asleep.

I haven’t run in a few days and I feel like a slug. Hopefully this week I find my mojo and get back to it. These times are so weird. I love this post from @internetstacy, it’s ok to not feel ok all the time.

We’re all just trying to get through this, hang in there.

Day 146: Sean’s Birthday!

A little bit of a different birthday than previous years but we made the most of it! Last night we had a family sushi picnic. It’s been over 6mo since I had sushi and it was delicious!

I packed a cake and sparklers and we sang to Sean in the park. I biked home with the cake before the picnic so it was a little dishevelled but still tasty!

Gave Emily one of my Masks for Music by Melanie Goldman. She’s created hundreds of masks and raised over $15,000 for the Unison Benevolent Fund’s Covid-19 Relief Project. Learn more or donate here.

This morning we drive back up to the cottage and there was so much traffic. Sean and I were both pretty exhausted and fell asleep in the afternoon watching Netflix on the couch. Woke up to a beautiful sunset over the lake.

At night we heard pretty loud music and a cottage down the road had a live band! We were just about to head over when our friends rolled up in their boat to check it out from the lake.

A bit hard to see in the photo but the music was great!

There were about 20 boats in the water jamming along to the tunes. We also did a few fireworks on the dock and everyone in the boats cheered.

It was a nice ending to a few days of celebrating Sean’s birthday! HBD ILY!

Day 145: Best Buds! Superette Shop Store Visit

Today Miche and I went to the Superette Shop. You might remember I went to a party here around the anniversary of legalization and was in Superette’s bowling tournament in February. Well, this cannabis store like nothing you have ever seen before. IT’S SO CUTE.

I absolutely love the ‘flower’ display where they have containers in the flower display allowing you to see & smell each type of cannabis. It’s such a creative way to display the buds. ?

The massive store has everything from dried flower, to oils, drinkables, edibles, accessories and merch. Miche and I both picked out matching pink hoodies and I purchased a few goodies for Sean’s birthday.

There are heaps of really rad accessories. Back in the day, I remember making a bong similar to this water bottle using things around the house, however, this 2020 version is GLASS. The merchandising is so creative, they have these little banana pipes in a banana basket. Love it!

There’s a really neat menu where you can place orders that resembles an old cigarette-style vending machine. If you need a hand with what to purchase, they have colour coded baskets at the entrance to show that you have questions or you’re good on your own.

Watch My First Instagram Reels Video Here:

I felt like such. dork because I kept saying ‘omg so cute‘ whenever I discovered something new. Miche and I got these little 10mg THC shots from Aurora and enjoyed them when we got home.

The new Superette Shop is located at 1073 Yonge St, Toronto, and they’re open 10 am to 8/9 pm most days. See store details here and follow them on IG @superette_shop for updates.

Thank you Thaomy @ Superette for the shop tour! ILY and can’t wait to come back!

Day 144: Jumpsuit Heaven

Nothing too exciting to share today! Spent the morning wrapping up that client project and I then to Walmart to have a few photos printed to give to a friend for her birthday. This jumpsuit is now one of my go-to outfits. I’ve been collecting jumpsuits in every colour and they’re just the most comfortable thing to wear. Had a quiet night at home with a bath and reading my book in bed.

Day 143: On A Wednesday

Today was a pretty chill day. I spent most of it working on a new client project then had a massage at night.

Was excited that my latest delivery form the Zara sale arrived. it’s nice to be home! This bodysuit is one of my most fav items in my closet now!

I visited Ani at Holistic Body Contouring in Vaughan to have a Lymphatic Drainage Massage and WOW it was amazing. It’s kinda like a natural butt lift, I could see the difference in one cheek to the other when compared in a photo. This type of massage treatment is very popular with celebrities and in Europe/Russia. If you are interested to learn more, visit @HolisticBodyCountouring on Instagram to see some videos/images. I’ve already booked another appointment to back for Lymphatic Drainage on my face. I can’t wait!

Day 142: Rain On Me!

We made it, we’re home! After almost a full month at the cottage, a weekend in Stoney Lake, we arrived mid-afternoon. I can’t explain how good it feels to be here! I missed my bed, the AC, our kitchen, our books, my clothes! The last few months have made me appreciate so many more of the little things no matter where I am.

Sean and I made a plan for a romantic walk to get takeout tacos. I said ‘maybe we should drive, it’s gonna rain’ and he said ‘no I wanna walk‘. What do you think happened as soon as we got to the taco place? Torrential downpour! Luckily it was still warm so we grabbed our order and walked home in the rain. It wasn’t what we planned but I soaked up the moment.

I am starting a new gig this week and won’t be on CERB anymore. I am really excited to get back to work after not doing much the past sis months. here’s to a great week!

Catching up on the last few days of posts this morning!