TIFF | Film To Watch: Northern Soul

TIFF |  Film To Watch: Northern Soul

World-renowned photographer Elaine Constantine makes her feature directorial debut with this invigorating coming-of-age film about a working-class teen in 1974 Lancashire who finds liberation in the area’s burgeoning soul-music scene. [TIFF |IMDb]

Last week I went to the premiere of Northern Soul a British Film directed by Elaine Constantine regular photographic contributor to Vogue, W, and The Face. She’s  also directed music videos and commercials, this is her first feature.

It was good. I loved the music. Made me wanna get up and dance. I Shazammed a few songs during the movie tbh.

It plays in Toronto at TIFF on Friday, September 18th and Saturday, September 19th. For tickets and info see here.

The film offers an extensive look into the underground soul music scene in the UK during the 1970s, a scene that Constantine is personally familiar with. As a much-needed escape from the realities of working class teenage life, John (Elliot James Langridge) and Matt (Josh Whitehouse) fall in love with soul music with the intentions of travelling Stateside in search of rare vintage vinyl in the pursuit of becoming DJs.

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Photoset | YYZ Magazine: Issue 7 Launch Party

YYZMAG_Brian Hamilton, Casie Stewart

Here’s a few snaps from the YYZ Magazine Issue 7 launch party last week. See the full gallery here. Above is Editorial Director Lonelle Selbo  with (my man crush) model and man about town, Paul Mason.

The digital issue was released mid November and you can find the print version at Chapters and select stores around the city. I wrote about Dundas West in this issue and you can find my photo by George Pimentel on the masthead.  Photocred to Brian Hamilton for the photos in this post. Love this one of me! Thanks Brian. LMK what you of the issue, read it here.


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Travel |My Stay at Trump Toronto w/ HotelTonight

#OvernightHotelTonight - My stay at Trump Toronto


On Friday night I stayed at the Trump Hotel and booked my room using Hotel Tonight. I’ve known about the app for a while but was yet to use it. I was contacted to take part in an exclusive influencer event where a group of notable Torontonians met up for cocktails with HotelTonight co-founder Jared Simon.

We were asked to pack a bag and come to the event where we’d leave to stay in a hotel later that night. Exciting!  We were each given a unique code that allowed us a stay that night at one of Toronto’s best hotels. I was gunning for the Trump Hotel as I’ve never stayed there before and it’s oh so fancy. Others in the group stayed at The Gladstone, The Beverly, and the Thompson Hotel.

Earlier in the day I chatted HotelTonight co-counder & COO Jared Simon about the app and what’s next. HT is the world’s leading last minute hotel app with a rotating selection of rooms made available each day with bookings open until 2am. After working in the travel/hospitality industry they were inspired to create HotelTonight, knowing that most hotels operate at a 60% occupancy.

I personally think it’s an awesome idea and recommend the app when someone visits my city or when friends are looking to do something special with their partner.  It was very easy to book my room using the app; pick a hotel, add credit card, book, arrive at hotel, checkin, stay, checkout.

I asked Jared what’s next for HotelTonight and he told me expanding to even more than the current 500 cities, growing consumers (like us!), and innovating the app experience. I love adventure so next time I travel somewhere I’m gonna wing it and book a random night w/ HotelTonight. Jared dared me!


HotelTonight is one of the first brands to launch a campaign on Instagram. I love seeing brand get creative with their marketing on such a popular, visual platform.  

It’s called #tonightiam and ‘the campaign juxtaposes mundane everyday situations (painting a house, waiting for the subway) with the potential of where you can go and who you can be with HotelTonight (“Tonight I am Starlet; “Tonight I am Surfer”). ‘ Read more about it here.

Have you used this app before? Love to know your thoughts!


TURONNO: Where It’s At!

Turonno shirt by The Button Machine via @casiestewart

Turonno shirt by The Button Machine via @casiestewart


I came across this beauty and just had to have it! They were out of stock when I placed my order so I kinda forgot about it, then when I came home from vacation, it was here. ‘Turonno’ by Button Machine calls to how us Torontonians say ‘Toronto’. Nobody says ‘Tor-onto’ we all say Turonno.

I absolutely LOVE when brands send it little ad-ons when you buy something online. They included their ‘Ol’ Dirty Rob‘ sticker. Thanks guys!


In other news, I really hope we get a new mayor when the election rolls around. Our choices aren’t that great, but just about anyone is better than RoFo!


You can get your very own Turonno shirt or tank here.



Happy Birthday! The Drake Hotel Turns 10!

Happy Birthday! The Drake Hotel Turns 10!

Last Thursday The Drake Hotel celebrated it’s 10th birthday. I started the night on the roof sipping cocktails and catching up with some of the girls I used to work with at Community. BTW the lobster poutine and popcorn shrimp are both SO GOOD.

Before heading home I joined in the birthday celebration fun that filled the building. Here’s a sneak peek into the festivities! All photos by Becca Lemire for She Does the City. See the full set here.

Me & Tanvi

HBD! The Drake Hotel Turns 10

Fonzy rocked the stage w/ his new band

HBD! The Drake Hotel Turns 10


There was a huge cake piñata

Love his makeup tho

Can you believe I’ve been GOING to The Drake Hotel for almost ten years!? It’s always a place you can go for a good time to start your night or finish it off. I’ve certainly closed down the place a few times. It’s a spot I always run into a familiar face or make new friends.

Happy Birthday Drake Hotel, you’ll always have a special place in my heart.


#TBT Liberty Village | Inspired by Andy Warhol

#TBT Liberty Village | Inspired by Andy Warhol

A Throwback Thursday Story

I was browsing tumblr last night and I came across this photo of Andy Warhol and was instantly reminded of this old photo of me by Kelly Kruschel from years ago.

It was taken in Liberty Village before all the condos were built, before all the shops, and people took over the neighbourhood. I worked in Liberty Village from 2008-2009  inside the Carpet Factory lofts. I spent lots of time then building my blog, doing events around the city, and making friends. So much time that I used to get in trouble from my boss for blogging at work, and I even took date stamps off my posts so he didn’t know ‘exactly’ when I was posting.

I was determined to get into a media job and applied for a gig via Workopolis w/ MUCH + MTV  and knew I was right for the job. I ended up beating HEAPS of people for the role of Social Media Coordinator and started at 299 Queen street in September 2009.

It’s crazy to think about all the things I’ve done since then. Places I’ve travelled, brands I’ve worked with. At the time these photos were taken all those things  seemed only possible in my dreams.

Just goes to show you really can do anything you put your mind to.