Winterviews RendezViews 

Imagine a retreat that’s part cottage escape, part Winter Wonderland, and right downtown, let me introduce you to Winterviews, presented by RendezViews. A unique experience that brings the best of Canadian winter traditions to the heart of our vibrant city.

We stopped by to check it out and it’s so fun! You only have a couple more weeks to get in all the winter activities so scroll down for more info or tap the link to book.

This one-of-a-kind destination boasts 10 private dining cabins, a snug communal lodge, and a synthetic skating rink that’s set to be the largest Glice® Eco™ Rink in Toronto this season. Thanks to the support of the Toronto Downtown West BIA, this eco-friendly marvel works in all weather conditions, using zero water, requiring no energy, and emitting no CO2. 👍

But that’s not all – the culinary delights from the talented team at Selva (amazing food!) take this experience to a whole new level. Picture yourself sipping on specialized hot drinks and indulging in a full spread of mouthwatering food while surrounded by a magical winter landscape.

Booking Details for Winterviews

You can book these cozy cabins online for up to 9 people. The packages are as enticing as the experience – there’s one that includes a feast of food, drinks, and even s’mores (just $75 per person + gratuity & tax). If you’re in the mood for a more casual get-together with friends or a date, there’s a package with a $50 fee and a $200 minimum spend for the group, + gratuity & tax. All the booking details are right here, so you can plan your perfect winter escape hassle-free. Winterviews is open Wednesday-Saturday 5pm +.

Can you guess which hand is mine? Sean’s?!

Hold on to your toques, there’s more…they now have a karaoke cabin! Follow @rendezviewstofor other announcements and updates. (I gave them a few ideas for random cabin parties! 🤗)

Whether you’re a winter sports enthusiast, a foodie looking for a unique dining experience, or just someone who wants to enjoy the season with friends, stop by and check it out.

Embrace the magic of winter, you only have a couple weeks left!

Cheers to the Winterviews team, thank you for having us!