Empire State of Mind

Empire State of Mind

New York Bound tomorrow!

Storified by CASIE STEWART· Tue, Jan 22 2013 08:56:42

It’s quite snowy here today! I was not expecting it to be so crazy! I planned to take a taxi this morning but there was almost no chance of getting one. Wearing this angora sweater I’ve had in my closet for ages. It’s alwast been to warm, -20 with the windchill is perfect! 
My tights have a fleece lining and leather shorts are really warm. Any true fashion lover in Canada knows how to dress for the weather. Added these new Stolen Riches laces to these little leopard boots to spice them up a little. 
I’m off to new york for the day tomorrow 
I’ll be spending most of the day at DRIVEIN Studios in Chelsea. I LOVE New York in the winter. 
I’m 1 of 3 bloggers from Canada who will be on ‘set’ for the Smart Set 2013 Spring campaign shoot. I’ll also be doing a behind the scenes Q&A on camera. Just got a sneak peek of the collection and really hope I can bring this jacket home with me!
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